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Titleist TSi3 Driver Review

50 Words or Less

The Titleist TSi3 driver is a gorgeous club that players are going to fall in love with.  Powerful impact sound.  Forgiveness is good but not elite, so this driver is best left to lower handicap players.


Titleist makes arguably the most desirable drivers in golf.  Their “players” driver almost always has a beautiful shape, clean looks, and a wonderful impact sound.  That’s certainly the case with the new TSi3 driver, but can a weekend golfer wield it successfully?  I tested one to find out.

Check out the new Titleist TSR3 driver HERE


The TSi3 driver shows just how fine the line is between totally bland and “Holy ****, that’s the best looking driver I’ve ever seen.”  I’m talking specifically about the sole, which has almost no color and virtually no branding – the “Titleist” and “TSi3” are pushed to the far edges.  Yet somehow the geometric design and slight changes in height and texture make it look fast and futuristic.  Of course we shouldn’t buy drivers based on the way the sole looks, but, if we did, I’d buy this one.

With the exception of the “TSi” alignment mark, this driver looks equally good at address.  The shape and size are as traditional as you’re going to find in a major release.  It has a deep face which looks powerful behind the ball.

Side by side, there’s a pretty dramatic difference between the TSi2 and the TSi3 (right).  The TSi3 is much shorter from front to back.  Additionally, it’s symmetrical, maybe even slightly pear shaped, whereas the TSi2 skews toward the heel.

Sound & Feel

The TSi3 driver sweeps the subjective categories by pairing its beautiful looks with a killer impact sound.  My favorite word to describe this club is “powerful.”  On center, impact is slightly louder than average with a booming mid-bass timbre.

Through the hands, contact feels solid and, again, powerful.  Based on the feel alone, you wouldn’t be surprised to find the ball smashed into an oblong shape.  The feel of this club is also excellent at letting you know exactly where the ball met the face.


The big question I had for the TSi3 driver is, “Can a mid or high handicap player game this club?”  Titleist tips us off to the answer in their product description, stating that this is a club for “players who create more consistent contact.”  While the forgiveness of the TSi3 driver is impressive relative to its size and shape, golfers who don’t regularly find the middle of the face and fairway should opt for the TSi2 [review HERE].

Through both materials (ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium) and weighting, Titleist has made the TSi3 driver impressive at maintaining ball speed, launch angle, and spin rates.  As I worked into my testing sessions, I was pleasantly surprised at how much distance I was getting from mishits.  While it’s not going to forgive poor swings as well as the biggest, most forgiving drivers, the TSi3 is very stout for a players driver.

While Titleist has been committed to their SureFit hosel for numerous generations, they’ve shown that they’re not afraid to change weighting systems, and the TSi3 brings yet another new version of adjustability.  The SureFit CG track at the back of the head has five positions: neutral and two each toward the toe and heel.  It’s a very slick, stealthy system, but the downside is that the weight doesn’t move very far.  This means that, unless you’re a very consistent ball striker, you probably won’t see a big change in your ball flight.  If you need adjustable weighting to keep your banana slice on the planet, this isn’t for you.  If you want to turn a baby fade into a straight shot, you’ll be very pleased.

In addition to the SureFit hosel and SureFit CG, Titleist has also given club fitters a great range of stock shafts to use when dialing in their players.  In addition to the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX, there are three offerings from Mitsubishi: Kuro Kage Black, TENSEI AV Raw Blue and TENSEI AV Raw White.  This covers weights from the high 40s to the high 70s and mixes stout and active bend profiles.  For players who struggle with a slice, both the Kuro Kage and TENSEI Blue have MCA’s Straight Flight Weighting technology.  I tested the TSi3 with the TENSEI AV Raw White [review HERE].


Looking at and hitting the Titleist TSi3 driver is a joy – few drivers look and sound this good.  And for the skilled player, the results they get from this club will be equally thrilling.  However, for the golfer that needs more forgiveness, the TSi2 will deliver more consistent performance.

Visit Titleist HERE

Titleist TSi3 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. David McCutcheon

    Is the Smoke RDX in the stock offering a watered down version or is this the same as after market models with premium materials?

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t test the Smoke RDX, so I can’t say firsthand, but, per Project X, there is no distinction between aftermarket and stock in the RDX line.


      • I own the Tsi 3 and it’s very impressive with a consistent solid strike.
        I’ve found it easier to find center impact than my Rogue.

    • Tim Schleyer

      Tried with stock shaft reg flex. As senior would I be better with senior shaft; suggestions. 5 iron 145 yards.

    • Nick Richardson

      The RDX line is all “the real deal” there is no aftermarket offering. They are the same shaft.

  2. Hayden Harding

    I currently have the TS3, this review might convince me to upgrade interested in the sound difference. TS3 is quite loud where the mid-bass sound of the TSi3 sounds nice.

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  4. Lawrence E Siupa

    Nice driver

  5. #secretgiveaway2021 thanks for the contest

  6. Thanks for the great review. This driver looks so good and so powerful. Would love to try one someday to see if the forgiveness is sufficient for my swing. #SecretGiveaway2021

  7. Martin middlestadt

    Looks interesting. Don’t usually think of titleist for a driver but would be willing to try it

  8. I game the t300 irons and love titlest but this might be a little too demanding for my game. Love the classic look though. #Secretgiveaway2021

  9. James Knapp

    #SecretGiveaway2021. This driver looks awesome.

  10. Andrew Isaac

    Titleist are definitely winning in the looks department with this years crop of drivers!


  11. Dale Arnold

    as I look at all the innovation in these new drivers, apart from forgiveness, I am trying to see why anyone would spend this kind of money. I bought a Ping G2 , 15 years ago and at the age of 50, I still can hit a 300yard drive. My driver is probably worth nothing now, so how do these companies justify such a price tag. They give all these pro’s free equipment, and pay them for using them. We, the consumer pay crazy prices, and you would think in the current covid climate, the people who pay , ie the working man, or woman should get a bit of a break

  12. Dan Humboldt

    That’s a heck of a good looking driver. Can’t wait to try one vs my Mavrik SZ


  13. Thomas Gonzales


  14. Great info, Thanks gives me something to think about .

  15. Tim Cotroneo

    I’d love to see this driver in my bag.


    Looking forward to the secretgiveway 2021

  17. Randy Dievendorf


  18. Not sure I love the look of this, but willing to give it a try based on the review. Thanks! #SecretGiveaway2021

  19. Mike Hansen

    I love Titleist drivers and am anxious to try this out! Thanks for review. #SecretGiveaway2021

  20. #secretgiveaway2021

  21. Bob Glasgow

    Great review.. Sounds like I need to look it to up grading from my TS 3.

  22. Charles MacLellan

    #SecretGiveaway2021 thanks for the great review I feel I’m probably destined for the Tsi2 as a result but it is reassuring when title isn’t is able to come out consistently with a range of woods for all types of skill levels!

  23. Charles MacLellan

    Correction to message #1
    Title isn’t is able to display a range of woods for all skill levels!

  24. Lorway Maclellan


  25. Charlie Hofer

    Might be my next gamer! #secretgiveaway2021

  26. Kevin Brown


  27. Keith Finley

    I need one of these in my life….

  28. Love the look! I’ve played Titleist drivers since the 975D 1st came out.

  29. Interesting design, clean, reminds me of a Tesla car! Titleist always has clean looks, hope this one delivers in distance. #SecretGiveaway2021

  30. Eric Knutsen

    The TSi series are great looking clubs. Demo’d the TSi2 but very interested in hitting the 3.

  31. Kevin McGallion

    Thanks for the review.

  32. Would really like a new driver! #SecretGiveaway2021
    Your reviews can’t be beat. All the best in 2021.

  33. Jim Poelzer

    #SecretGiveaway2021 I love different putters

  34. I really like the taller face, and the more rounded backside of this club head. Plus the darker features of the face are very attractive . #SecretGiveaway2021

  35. Looking forward to trying thus driver. #SecretGiveaway2021

  36. #SecretGiveaway2021
    Hi Matt, great site. How much dif. is this than the TS3 driver?

    • Matt Saternus


      The biggest difference is the weighting system. The improvements in forgiveness are incremental, as with any year-to-year update.



  37. Mike Bernard

    Love Titleist. #SecretGiveaway2021

  38. Chris Evangelos

    Can’t wait to try the new Titleist drivers, it still winter here so it will be a couple of months.

  39. Mark Dophied


  40. Mark Dophied


  41. Tim Van Slambrouck


  42. all titleist clubs are great clubs. great design and great performance. #secretgiveaway2021

  43. Looks Great.

  44. Love the look of the new Driver, will put that on my birthday gift list also got my Secret Giveaway 2021

  45. Paul Horsecoft

    Club looks outstanding, watched all the reviews on YouTube. cannot get out to try either of the new Titleist drivers. Still in lockdown due to Covid.
    going to slog it out with my TS3 for the time being.

  46. Sammy Grayson

    I learned my lesson with the Titleist 909D Comp, which was a very expensive, very disappointing boat anchor! Titleist knew when they made it that it was junk, and that is why they discontinued it 6 months after its release date. I will never believe performance numbers Titleist releases on their drivers. I have tried for years to have Titleist reimburse me for the defective club they sold me but they will not communicate in good faith. Do not buy a Titleist driver!

  47. Ralph Currier

    Of course it’s perfect… it’s a Titleist.

  48. #SecretGiveaway2021

  49. Kenneth Parks


  50. #SecretGiveway2021

  51. Eugene Y Park


  52. In the market for a new driver this year. Definitely between the TSi3 and SIM2. Looking forward to doing the testing. Haven’t had a Titleist driver since the 905r. Been taylormade ever since then, so gonna take something special to get me back, and that’s saying something coz I’m Titleist through and through.



  54. Glenn Flynn

    Looking forward to giving it a try

  55. Great review. I currently play the TS3 Driver with an Oban Green Shaft. Your reviews are clear, clean and concise. Always helpful.


  56. I think the haz smoke would be my best option
    The club is beautiful

  57. #SecretGiveaway2021 Titleist have probably lost a chunk of the “average Joe” market over the last decade, if not more, to Callaway and Taylormade. Maybe this will help bring some of it back. As an aside, if you’re a shaft junkie (I am), it tends to create some brand loyalty simply because every manufacturer has their own adapters.

  58. Brent Danforth


  59. Rob Stringer

    Nice looking Driver not sure that i be able to hit it consistently out of the middle knowing my swing

  60. The driver is stunning. Looking forward to giving it a test. Appreciate your review as always. The head over is pretty classy as well.

  61. #SecretGiveaway2021

  62. need to test these


  63. David J Sell

    Love your site and newsletter ! Always refer to it whenever I am considering a purchase, and just re-read the alignment stick usage article again, very helpful.
    Looking into a new putter, so your contest may just have come along at the perfect time.
    Thanks for all your team does for all of us out here.

  64. Can’t wait to try one of these. Great review, thanks

  65. Tom Liggett

    Looking to upgrade to this from my trusty D917. #SecretGiveaway2021 (unusual putter)

  66. Chris O'Sullivan


  67. I currently play the Ping G410 and love the look and impact sound. But this new Titleist driver I’ll have to try out. #SecretGiveaway2021

  68. #SecretGiveaway2021
    Love your reviews of equipment…very helpful.

  69. #SecretGiveaway2021. Really enjoy your equipment reviews…very helpful.

  70. Gorgeous… #SecretGiveaway2021

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  72. Michael J Danielak

    Another great review Matt!

  73. Jeff Farnsworth

    Explosive unrelenting power.

  74. Joseph Cimino

    Easily the best looking driver since the 460CC era began, IMO. This is the first driver I’ve loved the looks of since my old 905 S. #SecretGiveaway2021

  75. Is that true, did titleist got back to 45″ stock length? AWESOME!!!

  76. I tried both of these & ended up with the TSi2, only because I didn’t have to try as hard to find the center. A lot more forgiving, at least in my mind. I can tell you though I step up to the tee with the utmost confidence though. These are the best Titleist drivers to date. And I’ve had every iteration since the 975D!
    #SecretGiveaway2021 #GetFit2021

  77. I played this on the course in a stiff shaft a few weeks ago, and while I love my 915 D2, I have to say that I had a very hard time elevating this driver. I struggle to do so on a regular basis anyway, but I have to think either the club isn’t for me or that I need to find a fitter to help me with a shaft that has an active tip section. Either way, I still love the club at address, but it’d be nice to get a newer model that is actually playable for me. #SecretGiveaway2021 #GetFit2021

  78. Bob Battaglia

    Tried the tsi3 and sim2 today. Ended walking out with the titliest. Just felt more solid and powerful.

  79. Hey Matt, great review as always. In terms of forgiveness, for you personally, was it night and day compared to PING or TM drivers?

  80. Ken Bolin

    Hit my friends TSi1 and thought it felt great. Will try And make it to a Titleist day to try the TSi3.

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