TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus Driver Review

taylormade stealth 2 plus driver

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The 2023 TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus driver improves on its predecessor using more carbon to boost forgiveness, generate higher ball speeds, and allow for significant adjustability.

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One of the questions we get asked most often here at Plugged In Golf is whether a new generation of club is better than its previous model.  Is it worth the upgrade?  While Matt actually covered tempering expectations from clubs year over year in a recent podcast [link HERE], there are some pretty significant changes coming from TaylorMade this year.   The highlight here is the significant increase in carbon and how it is changing these drivers for the better.   Let’s take a look and see how the 2023 “Carbonwoods” stack up to the competition for the average golfer.

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Players who enjoyed the styling of the original Stealth [review HERE] will be thrilled to see that the looks of the TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus are relatively unchanged.  The all black crown and red face have returned and look great.  The most obvious change is the matte black leading edge.  I think most golfers will enjoy the reduction in glare and contrast against the ball .  A small “T” logo sits in the glossy part of the crown and acts as the alignment aid, while the compact footprint is in the shape of a “D” that slightly favors the toe.

The Stealth 2 Plus stands out from the crowd with its striking red Twist Face, customizable weights, and adaptable loft and lie hosel. Although its overall appearance and color scheme have remained unchanged, the addition of silver and chrome weights adds a touch of sophistication to its design.

Finally, the MyStealth program is back for 2023 in case black and red isn’t your thing.  You can customize the color of the face, top line, and more for an extra $100.

taylormade stealth 2 plus driver face

Sound & Feel

Having tested and played TaylorMade woods for several years, I am not surprised that the sound and feel that has given them so much success has remained consistent.  This includes the 2023 TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus driver.  It is relatively quiet and generates a solid “tick” sound at impact.  As you get away from the center of the face, the sound at impact changes to more of a “tock.”  The change in sound is just enough to know you missed the center but not enough to lose what so many golfers love about these drivers.

The feel of the Stealth 2 Plus is similar to its previous version in that it felt solid through the hands throughout my testing.   Off the face, each strike felt explosive even on mishits.  While I could distinguish impact location, the feel was very consistent across the face.


The 2023 TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus driver is a highly adjustable club that a variety of golfers could fine tune and game immediately.  TaylorMade’s slogan “fargiveness” embodies both the impressive ball speeds as well as forgiveness all across the face.  The increased use of carbon improve balls speeds by decreasing the weight of the face compared to the original Stealth.  That leftover weight has been pushed to the perimeter of the face for better ball speeds on off center hits.

Want to trade adjustability for forgiveness?  Check out the Stealth 2 driver HERE

I also saw an improvement in the launch and spin characteristics.  Each ball had a mid launch flight that penetrates any type of wind or weather while keeping the spin tuned down for peak distance and lots of rollout.  These numbers stayed consistent across the face on mishits and provided distances much further than I deserved on poor strikes.

The most obvious difference between the Plus model and the other Stealth 2 drivers is the sliding sole weight.  This weight has increased to 15 grams from the 10 gram version in the original Stealth meaning it has a larger impact on ball flight.  One important note about the sliding weight is that there are no preset weight locations.  It can be secured anywhere on the track to fine tune shot shape.

Of course, getting properly fit into the right head settings and correct shaft is critical.  To the golfer’s benefit, TaylorMade has two quality stock shaft options in the Mitsubishi Kai’li Red and Project X HZRDUS Black.  If neither of those work, there are a few extra no upcharge shafts to pick from when customizing the Stealth 2 Plus on TaylorMade’s website.

taylormade stealth 2 plus driver sole


TaylorMade took one of their most successful and sought after drivers and made it even better.  The revolutionary use of more carbon allows for an increase in MOI and forgiveness in a player’s driver.  The TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus driver provides golfers with lots of adjustability in a low spin head for extorting distance and should be on every golfer’s must test list for 2023.

Visit TaylorMade HERE

2023 TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus Driver Price & Specs

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  1. It’s interesting to read about how each of these new drivers introduce new technology which lead to higher ball speeds and greater distances blah blah blah.

    When I look at the data from the testing by Pluggedingolf for Stealth 2 Plus (Zack), Stealth 2 HD, TSR 2, 2021 PXG 0211, Ping G430, Paradym (all hit by Matt), it’s remarkable how close the results are:

    Club head speed – 105-107 mph (all Matt’s numbers) and 109 for Zack with the Stealth 2 Plus
    Ball speed – 156-158 mph for all drivers except for Stealth 2 HD (Matt) at 155 mph
    Carry distance – 260-261 (all Matt’s numbers) and 262 for Zack with the Stealth 2 Plus
    Offline – This is where there is more of a separation, G430 11 yds, 0211 12 yds, the rest 14-17 yds

    In summary then, the Stealth 2 Plus recorded slightly higher clubhead speed probably because it was Zack swinging it instead of Matt and as a consequence carried slightly further. The G430 and 0211 had tighter dispersion than the others.

    But essentially you could argue that these drivers all perform pretty much the same with the variation in results probably due to the fact that Matt was testing these drivers at different times (although it’s remarkable how consistent his clubhead speed data is) and that maybe the G430 and 0211 are a little straighter.

    So, they are pretty much perform the same is the conclusion,

    • Matt Saternus

      We state all the time that every OEM makes very good product. No one is objectively light years ahead of anyone else.
      This is also an indication of why the numbers are only a small fraction of the story. If you think all these heads are the same, you couldn’t be more wrong.


      • I bought the Stealth 2 Plus. It is more forgiving but I find it to spin more. Since different weights are yet available from TM I found my own solution to this problem.

  2. Tom McDonald

    I would love to own a stealth driver, but I’m a old age pensioner on a fixed income and can’t afford one The way things are now with the cost of living going up I’m lucky to afford a round of golf.

  3. Looks to me that the manufactures of golf equipment, balls, accessories and anything to do with golf is only for the rich. The average golfer cannot afford todays golf equipment and you guys only enable the manufacturers to continue to raise their prices; which are ludicrous.

    • Matt Saternus


      Can you explain how we’re enabling manufacturers to raise prices? That’s a big claim; I would expect some evidence.
      I would argue that we do a lot to help golfers save money with articles like this: https://pluggedingolf.com/scratching-the-new-golf-club-itch/
      I guess this is the internet, I shouldn’t expect anonymous commenters to think before they fire off outlandish statements.


      • Matt,

        I think he’s simply expressing his frustration with the massive year over year price increases for new equipment. Not sure how you would be complicit, outside of maybe the assumption that your review is some sort of product promotion. I think people should be more empowered in questioning the constant price gouging going on in golf though, and maybe that’s something you can touch on in the future.

        • Matt Saternus


          The golf consumer had the ultimate empowerment: they control their purchasing decisions. If you feel a company is price gouging, don’t buy their products. We feature loads of products and companies that offer lower prices that they can support instead.


    • Ever heard of eBay, 2nd Swing or other secondary markets for equipment? Or maybe purchasing last year’s model, which probably isn’t that much different than this year’s one? As for balls, I personally think your a fool if you’re paying retail prices, there are SO many other options available.

      Yes, playing at a nice course is expensive, but, been to a nice restaurant lately? Sadly, inflation has affected everything. I’m FAR from rich, yet I’m a member at a very nice (some would say upscale) public course, have top-notch clubs in my bag & more golf balls than I know what to do with.

      Learn to be a “savvy consumer”.

      • exactly. my local golf track which used to be a private course in a country club costs $35 after 3pm. I bought my Sim Max 2 driver for $150 on ebay once the Stealth came out. Like you said learn to be savvy.

  4. Appreciate the continued hard work and great reviews! Zach you crushed it. I had a lot of similar takeaways when testing the Stealth 2+

  5. Zack – great review this was really helpful. Just curious what shaft and flex you used to get the launch monitor data shared? Thanks

  6. I just bought the Stealth 2 plus and put it on my Hazrdus Smoke Green 6.5 TX shaft (switching from Sim 2). This thing is easily 15 yards longer and so much easier to hit and control. Went from 3300 spin to 2300-2500 and it’s a total game changer. I’m not sure why or how it reduced my spin that much but I’m playing a whole different game off the tee now.

  7. I can empathize with the comment regarding the cost of new drivers. However, a potential buyer has to realize that driver technology has changed considerably over the last 10 years adding to the cost. Granted, I would love to be able to buy a new driver at 2013 price, but, like all else prices have risen. I am still very happy with my Stealth 2+ driver. My distance and accuracy has increased considerably. Admittedly, Fargiveness is really a corny sales pitch, but in my case it seems to be an accurate statement.

  8. Matt,

    Just want to say I enjoy your club reviews. I do wish you’d be a bit more critical, it always feels like you’re sugarcoating the negatives.

    Also, you’re kind of a defensive cry baby in your comment replies.

    Aside from that, keep up the good work!

  9. Raymond giglio

    I am a 73 year old man I currently play a ping 410,I still hit the driver around 200 yards and hit a high fade,swing speed around 90/95 and I’m a 15 handicap stand 5’7 weigh 165 what stealth model would you recommend for me ??

  10. Chris in Curry Co., Oregon

    Hi Zack and Matt, I have pretty problematic tinnitus, and not sure if worse from titanium drivers but want quieter clubs in case the high stingers are contributors.
    So, are Stealth or Stealth 2 quieter, or at least more low pitched than competitors? Heard that PXG has a low quiet thud. Any recommendations appreciated. Chris.

  11. I am a “High Handicapper”. Which is a meaningless thing when it comes to a driver. I have always drove the ball well. But that leaves me a half wedge in to most greens and short game is where the strokes are made. That being said I play a lot of scrambles and I am mostly there to drive the ball. I have been hitting a Taylormade Burner driver for the past 15 years. The Burner still works ok. I still drive better with it than the rest of the team in the scramble with new drivers. Would I see any noticeable gains with a new driver like a Stealth 2 +?

  12. Anonymous

    The reviews are fantastic. I see no promotion comments by these fellow. Do not make false accusatory statements. Thnx guys.

  13. Majong Sofine

    The part of these reviews that consistently lack is what they compare. I’ve seen ones where they compare shafts, compare heads with the same shaft but given the ability to change the loft of the club I have never seen a test with the same head and shaft being tested on the simulator using the 3 different loft settings. Doesnt it sound like an interesting test? People would know based on the results which setting would achieve what results and fit with their game.

  14. Matt, thanks again for another great review. Now, for the gentleman that is somehow blaming you guys for the price of clubs. Yes, golf CAN be an expensive hobby. It’s always been that way. I would argue, however, that these reviews can actually help buyers save money. I could certainly go and be fitted for the latest and greatest new clubs, sure. For the amount I’m able to play, and the level at which I play, the newest clubs aren’t necessary. Every one of us is responsible for spending our money as we see fit. Where these reviews are immensely helpful to me, especially for saving money, is being able to get unbiased performance information about clubs that may be a couple model years old. I use these reviews to help decide which clubs to look for on sites like eBay. I recently purchased a Taylormade Sim2 Max D for my son, based mostly on the reviews found here. A new/leftover club that retailed for $529 in 2021, I paid $225. That included shipping. The club performs exactly as reviewed, and he couldn’t be happier with it. Keep up the great work guys! Most of us truly appreciate the work you do. Thanks!

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