TaylorMade Stealth Driver Review

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The TaylorMade Stealth driver is fantastic.  Excellent ball speed and forgiveness.  I love the return to a black crown.  One of the best drivers of 2022.


As soon as it was announced, I was referring to the TaylorMade Stealth driver as the most interesting golf equipment story of 2022 [HERE].  The golfing public seems to agree with me.  Our reviews of the Stealth drivers have been our most popular since they went live, and fitters at Club Champion have told me that virtually every player who comes in wants to hit it.  For this review, I tested the Stealth driver to see if the performance can match the hype.


With their return to an all black crown, TaylorMade is back to making some of the best-looking drivers in golf.  Elements of their last few generations still remain, primarily the large carbon crown, but the lack of different colors gives the Stealth driver a more traditional appearance.  There is Stealth branding on the heel of the crown, but it lives up to its name by blending in almost completely.

As I noted in my two previous Stealth driver reviews, there is barely any difference between the three models at address.  Each one is 460cc with a very slight pear shape.  This allows golfers to buy based on performance rather than looks, which I applaud.

The most eye-catching piece of the Stealth driver is the red Carbon Twist Face.  I like that it has a lot of visual “pop” without being distracting at address.  Personally, I found the red dark enough that I barely noticed the difference when I set up.

Sound & Feel

The last few generations of TaylorMade drivers have been defined by an extremely solid, satisfying feel.  That hasn’t changed with the new Stealth driver.  To me, the carbon fiber face produces a slightly softer feel, but it’s still strong and fast.  Additionally, it’s easy to feel the difference between pure and off-center strikes.

Stealth’s satisfying feel is paired with a muted, staccato impact sound.  This sound is very pleasant and consistent across all three Stealth driver models.  I found the Stealth to be quieter than most drivers which makes audio feedback slightly harder to parse.


The TaylorMade Stealth driver is really impressive.  What stood out most was the consistency of ball speed.  It took a really poor swing to drop my smash factor much below 1.45.  With ball speed being the primary engine of distance, the importance of this can’t be overstated.

That consistent ball speed comes from the stability of the head and the technology in the face.  Most obvious is the 60X Carbon Twist Face, named for the sixty layers of carbon fiber and the shape which helps keep off-center shots straighter.  The other key element is the Asymmetric Inertia Generator – the large weight at the back of the head.  This raises the MOI and keeps the head from twisting on mishits.

Higher forgiveness is one of the primary things that separates the Stealth driver from the Stealth Plus [review HERE].  Where the Stealth Plus has a Sliding Weight Track to dial in ball flight, the Stealth has a heavier Asymmetric Inertia Generator for more forgiveness.  The difference isn’t night and day, but I found it noticeable and would definitely favor the Stealth for my own game.

The other important distinction among the three models is launch and spin.  There’s a clear stair step progression from the Stealth Plus – the lowest launch and spin – to the Stealth to the Stealth HD [review HERE].  For me, all three are very playable, but the Stealth is a happy middle.  Being a lower spin player, the Stealth HD’s launch and spin could work for me, but I prefer the neutral ball flight of the Stealth driver.


The TaylorMade Stealth driver is firmly in the conversation for driver of the year and has a real shot to earn a spot in my bag.  The consistency of the ball speed is remarkable, and the Stealth also provides excellent stability.  Don’t be surprised to regularly see this driver in the winner’s circle on Tour and in fittings this year.

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TaylorMade Stealth Driver Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Great review Matt. What was the measurable difference in spin between the Stealth and Stealth plus, in the 200-400 rpm range?
    The Stealth has a 15% MOI advantage over the Stealth Plus, which is massive. With this considered , I’m very surprised more TM staffers don’t have the standard Stealth in the bag?

  2. Charlie Blackwell

    Did you use same shaft when testing the Stealth Plus and the Stealth

  3. John Pardue

    Which shaft did you use.

  4. What/if any of the subjective categories does this win over the G425 for you?

    • Matt Saternus


      I prefer the sound of the Stealth over the G425. Looks is close because I’ve gamed PING drivers for so long that they just look “right” to me, but I also really like the Stealth’s look.


      • Jonathan Compton

        Hi Matt! On a sidenote, I went with your advice about moving up a tee box and using my six iron a lot more and you were absolutely right. It’s pulled my scores down.
        Regarding the Stealth, I really like your reviews but would it be possible for one of your other reviewers who has a slower clubhead speed (like in the mid 80s to low 90s) review the drivers and other clubs? That’s more in my range and I suspect most of your senior golfers. You’re a bomber Matt and I wish I were one too, lol. But those days are long past. Thanks!

  5. Kevin Loughran

    I’ve been very pleased with my Stealth since it went into the bag. Definitely picked up 2 to 3 mphs of ball speed over my SIM2 and a more piercing ball flight. Very pleased

    Great review ew as always, thanks.

  6. Thanks, Matt. I have an acquaintance at our course who uses the Stealth, and saw him hitting it a few times. Nice ball flight, a deadish sound. Asked him how it was and he said that he is getting accustomed to it. I tried Rogue ST Max 9 but the Ping G425 Max at 9 was still the more consistent driver and as long – it was easier to get more consistent ball speed. For some reason, I can’t do TM products. I buy them and turn them back in – I may hit this in a sim but it’s still tough to beat a Ping.

  7. Perry Page

    I was just fitted last night and the Cleveland Launcher XL out-distanced the Stealth.
    I didn’t like the red face on the Stealth.
    That doesn’t put me in a positive mode to put a good swing on the club !

  8. Timothy West

    I now own the Stealth driver. Great dispersion and I picked up 10-15 yards. I like the driver.

  9. Seems like minimal change from the M6 driver of some years ago, albeit with the “ground breaking” 20 year old carbon face. The red face look horrible to my eye. Review on Youtube shows Stealth is 14 yards shorter than the old SLDR Driver from 2013. Ground breaking indeed!

    • Matt Saternus


      One guy on YouTube found that the SLDR was a better fit than the Stealth? Wow. That’s certainly definitive evidence that the Stealth isn’t good. /sarcasm


  10. Héctor R Fernández

    Thanks for the review. I tried it with my shaft, Ventus Red S Velocore, and it didn’t outperformed my SIM2 Max. Dispersion was about the same for my swing, nicely tight,, but in distance the SIM2 still gave me from 5 to 10 yards more.

    I didn’t like the sound and the red face was distraction at address. No change in this bag.

    I still have my G400 Max in a good safe place because I think that’s the best driver built in a decade.

  11. Tim Stewart


    Love the review, love the site.

    Any thoughts on long term durability versus a titanium face? Any data on how the carbon face will change over time?

    • Matt Saternus


      I have to assume TaylorMade has done all the testing to ensure that the carbon face will last, but I can’t speak to it personally.


  12. Matt – thanks for another great review here!

    Any thoughts on the Stealth vs the Sim 2? Worth the upgrade?


    • Matt Saternus


      My view is always the same: if you’re interested in the new one, compare it to your old one in a fitting. Personally, I prefer the Stealth largely for the all black crown and slightly improved forgiveness. But if I were being asked to lay down my money to “upgrade,” I’d want to see a head to head performance improvement.



  13. Michael Tesson

    How do I adjust my new driver ; for me?

  14. I am currently playing a Sim Max and thinking of getting the Stealth Plus this week. What are your thoughts? Worth the upgrade?

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice is to test your current club against the Stealth Plus in a fitting. You’ll see exactly how much better it is – if it is – and you can decide whether or not that’s worth the money to you.


  15. The Whisky Watch

    Gained about 15 yards over my PXG GEN4, but the face cracked when I hit a bit too much tee. I have some concerns about the durability of the face…

  16. Robert Decker

    I’m a 75yr old Taylor Made fan with an 85mph swing and 220 yd average carry. I got the Stealth driver with Ventus 5-A (senior) shaft and immediately added 20+ yards. Plus, off-center hits remained mostly in the short grass. Any time a driver can reliably leave you with a mid or short iron in ya gotta love it. This stick is a game changer!!

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