TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter Review

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The TaylorMade Spider Tour putter series features high MOI mallet putters in five models, offering golfers ample options to fit their putting stroke. Premium looks, wonderful soft feel, and generous forgiveness.

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Watch a few minutes of any golf tournament and you’re certain to see a TaylorMade Spider putter in play.  Some subtle changes have been made over the years, but the shape is unmistakable.  For 2023, TaylorMade added two new models (the V and Z) to accompany the original and the X (think Rory), creating a true “series” of unique Spider putters.  And yes, I stated 5 models in the opener – TaylorMade has an oversized original designated S coming out next spring.  Each model also includes two hosel options that I’ll detail later.  Bottom line is now there’s a TaylorMade Spider Tour putter to suit the eye and stroke of any golfer.


From left to right in the photo above are the Spider Tour X, V, and Z.  Although each is distinctive in form, the common details create a wonderful, premium look.  That starts with the gunmetal grey PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition for those into details) coating that’s glare free and unassuming.  I can only imagine how much time went into determining the thickness of the black alignment line – which seems perfect to my eyes.

I love the deep, rich blue of the sole plate and the etched spider pattern.  Simple yet sophisticated.  I didn’t notice it at first, but the large embroidered spider on the nicely executed cover shares that blue color.  Add in the black KBS shaft and custom Super Stroke grip and you have an extremely well-coordinated, appealing look.

Sound & Feel

Similar to prior Spider renditions, each new TaylorMade Tour Series putter has a very pleasing soft feel.  My field note was “not hard or mushy, firm but give.”  That made more sense when I learned the white TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Pure Roll insert is made of Surlyn and aluminum, both of which can be described as flexible and solid.

But there’s more to the feel story behind the face.  TaylorMade engineers created what they call a HYBRAR ECHO Damper that virtually eliminates vibration.  The only time my hands felt some chatter was with extreme heel strikes.  That chamber also aids in creating a subtle “tock” sound that’s nicely tuned to the feel.  I found the tone a bit higher when contact moved towards the toe on the three models I tested.


My first observation was how exceedingly simple aiming the TaylorMade Spider Tour putter was – regardless of the model in hand.  TaylorMade calls the optically engineered system True Path Alignment.  If you utilize a line on your ball, you’re going to love how well it interfaces with a Spider Tour putter.

Stroke wise, the large mallet heads of the Spider Tour Series support a pendulum-like flow.  Toe hang with a small slant #3 hosel hovers around 30° for golfers like me who prefer some toe flow.  Spider Tour putters with a double bend hosel are face balanced, great for straight-back and straight-through putting strokes.

With MOIs around 5000 across the series, I wasn’t surprised at the amazing stability.  Off the face, I found tour caliber golf balls engaged in a quick end over end forward roll.  To assist in the ball engagement, TaylorMade utilizes 45° down angled grooves in the Pure Roll insert of all the Spider Tour putters.  And when my strike wasn’t pure, the ball retained almost all its prescribed distance.


My favorite model was the new Spider Tour V, with its more compact and streamline head that suited my eye best.  The feel off the face was similar across the TaylorMade Spider Tour putters, but there were definitely subtle flow differences.  But that’s the beauty of the Series – with five models, you can find the optimal Spider Tour putter for your stroke.

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  1. What features are new on Spyder series and which are carryovers from previous model;
    like echo chamber, downward facing grooves?
    I would like to see pricing info when you post reviews, just for comparison. Thanks for what you do!

    • Matt Meeker

      TM has produced various iterations of the Spider over the years, so the answer may depend on a particular model. That said, the echo chamber is new, and the insert/grooves are not.

      Thanks for reading,

      – Meeks

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