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TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter Review

50 Words or Less

The TaylorMade Spider FCG offers golfers the feel of a blade with the forgiveness of a mallet.  Sleek looks, quality components, and three hosel options.


Chalking up tour victories on what seems like a weekly basis around the globe, the Spider X [full review HERE] has been hugely successful for TaylorMade.  But for players at all levels, switching from a traditional blade putter to a mallet has often been a leap – both in faith and feel.  Understanding golfers need the forgiveness of a mallet and the feel of a blade, TaylorMade developed the Spider FCG (“Forward Center of Gravity”).


The TaylorMade Spider FCG has a clean contemporary look befitting a modern mallet.  While the Spider X has more of futuristic look, the FCG is sleek and seemingly compact in comparison.  The black Superstroke Pistol 1.0 PT grip and black KBS CT Tour shaft look fantastic with the black/white/copper colors of the putter head, giving the Spider FCG an overall high end appearance.

The top of the putter features TaylorMade’s optically engineered T-Sightline True Path.  I found the long black line wonderful for aiming the putter and as a reference line to squaring up my feet.  Although I don’t foresee a worm-cam zeroed in on my winning putt on an 18th hole in my future, the TaylorMade logo inset on the tail end is something I can appreciate.

Sound & Feel

Although the Pure Roll design of the face insert isn’t new for TaylorMade, the use of copper is – and it produced an unexpected solid feel with the Spider FCG.  I say unexpected since if felt similar to the milled face putters I’ve been gaming as of late.  With urethane balls the sound was a firm ‘click.’

Contact towards the toe offers more of a ‘knock’ to the ear, but there’s not much feedback in the hands.  The ‘knock’ is also apparent on heel-centric putts, but the dead feel provides a clear reminder to make a better stroke next time.


Looking back at my field notes, my first entry was on sound, but the next four are testaments to the outstanding performance of the Spider FCG:  deadly, great alignment, beautiful roll, nice flow.

What I later recorded during my testing was the excellent forgiveness – one of the hallmarks of a mallet putter.  Rollout was nearly identical between centered strikes and those that wandered towards the boundaries of the grooves.   Even with an extreme heel shot, there was only around a 10% loss of distance.

TaylorMade accomplished the Spider FCG’s noteworthy forgiveness by boosting the MOI via tungsten weights in the heel and toe.  To create the namesake forward center of gravity, TaylorMade located two-thirds of the overall head weight to the front portion of the putter.

To align with different putting strokes, the TaylorMade Spider FCG is offered in three hosel types:  short slant, L-neck and single bend.  I found the combination of the short slant neck and forward weighting created a very comfortable, natural arcing flow.


The Spider FCG adds another great option to the TaylorMade putter lineup.  Visual appeal and blade-like feel make for a great first impression.  But it’s the beautiful roll and forgiveness that really grab your attention.  And if you’re wondering whether anyone in the stable of TaylorMade staffers has the FCG in their bag, look no further than 2020 PGA Championship winner Collin Morikawa.

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  1. I rolled one of these in the store and absolutely loved it. Once prices drop its going in the bag.

  2. Kevin Conlin

    I was able to demo one at my club and I was impressed. I was skeptical, but it does have the sightline of a mallet while still a bladelike toe hang and feel. If it was $100 less I probably would have bought it.

  3. Jeffrey Houglum

    I’m a fan. I game a Spider X, but this has my attention.

  4. Joseph Elden

    Playing really well lately but my putting was miserable. Went to Miles of Golf for a fitting and came away with this beauty. Tha review is spot on. Didn’t mind the price because I feel like it will be in my bag for quite some time.

  5. Vincent Witts

    Like many people have commented, when I tried this out it felt superb. But it needs to reduce in price. #GetFit2021

  6. At some point there will be used models available on eBay. When that happens I will buy the single slant. Nice putter, nice feel, too pricey for me.

  7. This putter is great.
    But the price was to high.
    I went with a competitor’s model that was priced half of what this is.
    If these golf companies want to price gouge I just won’t buy the product.
    Simple as that.

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