TaylorMade SIM Max Rescue Hybrid Review

By: Dylan Thaemert

50 Words or Less

The TaylorMade SIM Max Rescue will take over the hybrid spot in many players’ bags in 2020.  It’s the total package.


The SIM Max Rescue made golfers take notice when one was seen in Rory McIlroy’s bag early in the 2019-2020 season.  While the average golfer won’t hit it anywhere near as far as Rory does, it may be able to serve a similar purpose and deliver similar results for golfers of all abilities.  I tested it at Club Champion and found it to have a desirable blend of looks, sound/feel, and performance.


The SIM Max Rescue looks exceptionally clean.  Though TaylorMade makes it clear there is plenty of purposeful tech and design packed into the club, the eye is drawn to the contrast between the white topline portion of the club and the carbon fiber look of the crown.  The new color scheme of blue and white also has a pleasing effect.

Down by the ball, the SIM Max Rescue is more fairway wood than it is iron.  The crown is drawn back creating a low center of gravity that just makes it look like it’s going to be easy to launch.

Sound & Feel

The sound is a solid crack/boom.  It is deep and not reminiscent of the ‘ting’ of a typical fairway wood at all.  The feel of each shot off the face was solid. It felt hot but controlled.  Above, I stated its looks have more in common with a wood than an iron, but in terms of feel it has more in common with an iron than a wood.  Feedback on strike location and quality was very good


Numbers-wise, I liked what I saw from the SIM Max Rescue.  My dispersion was tight enough to make me feel confident hitting this into 200+ yard par 3s or into a green surrounded by trouble.  Peak height was also a substantial improvement on what I’ve grown accustomed to from my current (outdated) gamer.  As a natural low ball hitter, it’s important for this club to get in the air for me, especially in the aforementioned situations.

Smash factor was 1.49, which is excellent for a hybrid club hit by a golfer of my very middling quality.  Ball flight was also very consistently straight.  I prize workability with mid and short irons but when I have 200+ yards to carry, my primary interest is keeping the ball flying straight on my intended line.


Hybrid is the club in my bag that most needs replacing.  After what I experienced testing the TaylorMade SIM Max Rescue, it will absolutely be in the running to take over that spot.  The looks, sound, feel, and performance were all excellent.  My only question is whether the lack of adjustability will limit it from a fitting perspective.  If you are in the market for a new hybrid club this year, the SIM Max Rescue should be on your shortlist to try.

TaylorMade SIM Max Rescue Price & Specs

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  1. Derek Paterson

    I have just purchased one of these and as an 11 handicap it has filled in the gap in needed and is fantastic to hit and it’s so easy so a pro will love these

  2. graham patterson

    Not sure as I fight a hook especially with hybrids, so I would like something more player model with ability to open face somewhat!

  3. I dont get why they pushed the Rory use and High speed players adoption, and then don’t offer an Extra stiff shaft. I cant even demo one with an X flex, although I did hit the stiff and liked it. Just odd to me.


    I purchased a few of these. These are one great hybrid. Not only in looks but playability as well. I have tried others but consider the Sim Max Rescue’s to be the best hybrid on the planet. It doesn’t get any better than this!!!! Spider Dubiel

  5. david g. leney

    I recently bought the Sim Max OS irons which came with the 4 and 5 hybrids. Previous hybrids were Callaway epic. These TM hybrids are amazing. Long and a very high launch which settle on the green. I just orderedtoday the 3 hybrid as well, which will replace my 3 wood. Best hybrid, by far, that i ever hit.

  6. How would you compare this to the M6? Already having the M6 rescue team is it worth the price for an upgrade?

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi Kosta,

      Thanks for the question. Unfortunately I haven’t hit the M6 so I really can’t offer any insight. I’ll encourage you to get out to a shop or a fitter where you can test one and see how it looks and feels to you, compared to your current gamer.


  7. Does this club have a carbon fiber crown or is it just painted to look that way and it is metal?

  8. Josh Nordwell

    How would you gap this into a sim max irons??

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