TaylorMade RSi TP Irons Review

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50 Words or Less

The TaylorMade RSi TP irons puts slots in the 3-7 irons to improve forgiveness.  Decent looks, disappointing feel.


Great look and feel with forgiveness.  That’s the goal of every iron aimed at better players.  With the RSi TP irons, TaylorMade is using their slot technology to achieve this goal.

Previously, we found that the RSi1 failed to live up to the hype while the RSi2 did deliver improved performance compared to its peers.  Which slot will the RSi TP fall into?  Read on to find out.

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The TaylorMade RSi TP irons are decent looking for a players iron.  The top line is thin, but it’s still markedly thicker than a real blade.  Similarly, the sole is thin in the grand scheme of things, but not relative to similar irons.  TaylorMade did a good job in keeping the offset to a minimum, but the face slots, though they are the smallest in the RSi family, seem out of place on a players club.

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Sound & Feel

For me, the feel of the TaylorMade RSi TP irons was deeply disappointing.  A major part of playing a blade or players iron is feel and feedback, and the RSi TP lacks in both.  The feel at impact is dull.  It is soft, but not in a satisfying way like a Miura.  In terms of feedback, there’s very little.  This iron may say “forged,” but the feel tells a different story.

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If the forgiveness benefits of the slots were astounding, I could get past the unimpressive looks and feel.  Sadly, they’re not.

The TaylorMade RSi TP irons have slots in the sole, heel, and toe of the 3-7 irons with the goal of maintaining ball speed and improving launch conditions on mishits.  In my testing, I found that this is true only to a small degree.  Mishit shots fly farther, but still won’t get to the target.  Shots hit thin launch higher, but not high enough to hold greens.  These clubs still demand quality ball striking, but without the great subjective reward of true blades.

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If you want that elusive combination of great subjective elements with forgiveness, the TaylorMade RSi TP irons are not the answer.  There is some improvement in forgiveness compared to blades, but it fails to impress in the subjective areas.  An iron that gets much closer to the goal, without slots, is the Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 15 iron.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Jason Day really seems to like these irons. I’m surprised that they weren’t more well received.

    • Matt Saternus


      TaylorMade famously has very different gear for their Tour players compared to the stuff they sell at retail. I would bet a huge sum of money that Jason Day’s irons feel nothing like the retail version.


  2. Fantastically honest, open and OBJECTIVE appraisal. It was the feel – or lack thereof- that really struck me. Feedback leads to accuracy. Lack of feedback leads to confusion. The feedback from a purely struck iron is also one of the great enjoyments of golf.

  3. I absolutely agree! I’ve just returned a complete iron set for that reason: disappointing feel and lack of feedback.


  5. Hoping they’re an upgrade from my 2005 Taylormade RAC LT’s. No I’m not old. 28 actually and loved the RAC irons (and still do), but hoping the difference in offset and 14 years of technology updates will give me the benefit of the doubt. Just picked up a good deal on a lightly used 4-PW on eBay.

  6. Peter Rosemann

    The RSI TP irons are the best I’ve ever had. I have two sets. Great feel and distance for my swing speed. Beautiful looking irons.

  7. The RSi 1 irons are fantastic. But clubs are a subjective matter, so try for yourself!!

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