TaylorMade P760 Irons Review

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The TaylorMade P760 irons bring hollow-body distance and forgiveness to a set for better players.  Great looks and pleasant feel.


On the PGA Tour, it’s not uncommon to see players with iron sets that combine multiple models.  It makes a lot of sense: get the forgiveness in the long irons where you need it, favor a more precise club in the short irons.

TaylorMade has aimed to put those benefits into one single set with their P760 irons.  By combining hollow-bodied long irons with solid, forged short irons, they hope to create the ultimate blended set.


TaylorMade bills the P760 as “Pretty.  Fast.”  At address, I would certainly agree with the first part.  There’s minimal offset and the top line is fairly thin.  It’s noticeably thinner and less offset than the P790.

The design of the cavity has proven to be divisive among those on golf Twitter and the forums.  While it doesn’t make me weak in the knees, I like the look – it’s clean without being boring.  Others have found it to be derivative of other irons on the market.

Sound & Feel

I was extremely impressed by the feel that TaylorMade got out of a hollow iron in the P790.  They’ve stepped their game up to an even higher level with the P760.

With a tour quality ball, the feel off the face is soft and satisfying.  It’s softer than the P790 and not as springy.  The feel is closer to that of a traditional forged club.

Feedback is noticeable, but not harsh.  In the short irons, impact location is easier to pinpoint.


While the construction of the P760 long irons has more in common with the P790, the lofts spec out closer to the P770.  Translation: the lofts of the P760 are weaker than the P790.  That means the irons launch higher, spin more, and are shorter if you’re comparing 7-iron to 7-iron.

In comparing the P760 to the P770, the P760 is a bit longer and more forgiving.  Overall, I would rate the P760 as being fairly long for an iron in the “Players/Distance” category.  Similarly, I would say the forgiveness is above average.

There’s a noticeable loss in forgiveness when you transition out of the hollow-body irons, but hopefully you don’t need as much forgiveness with 8I and less.  Throughout the set, the lack of offset made me feel like the irons were easy to curve both ways and flight low when necessary.


For the above average player that struggles with the question, “What kind of iron should I play?”, TaylorMade has provided a solid answer.  The P760 iron has quality looks and feel and delivers forgiveness where it’s needed most.

TaylorMade P760 Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Got fitted for these and loved them. Still hesitant about fliers due to speed foam, which I experienced with my P790’s from time to time. They get much more ball speed than older traditional forgings, but the forgings like my Miura CB’s are so incredibly consistent, I tend to think it’s worth a bit of loss in distance and forgiveness.

  2. Matt – as always, great review. What index range would you suggest best defines an above average player? Would a 13 qualify?

  3. How would you compare these to the PSI irons from a few years back? Or the P770? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      With the caveat that the PSi was a while back and I didn’t test them head to head, I’d say the 760 is more forgiving and a bit longer. I haven’t hit the P770, so can’t offer anything there.



      • Steven Eddy

        I’ve been playing the 2017 P750 4-8 730 9,W I Love these sticks. I have recently purchased the P760’s 5-W. How do think these two sets compare?

  4. matt,

    i have a set of taylor made speed blades. i am a 18 handicap. would these clubs not be a good fit for me? if not what would
    you suggest? i prefer to stay in the taylor made family.

    • Matt Saternus


      The P790 would be closer to your SpeeedBlades, the P760 would be a step towards a more “player-ish” club.



    • im a hdcp 17. Had speed blades prior to switching to the p760s. Liking them a lot (so far) Love the feel of the P760 (forged) compared to the speedblades (cast). Distance wise range data showed a slight loss of distance (but that was with mostly crappy water-logged or hard balls) on the course though didn’t seem to see much of a difference in yardage (maybe 3yds 5max)
      Havent had them fit to my specs but so far I’m liking them a lot. got em with NSPRO 950gh stiff shafts, coming from xp105 S in my old speedblades

  5. Matt, i´m 75, hc 7, driver swingspeed 90mph .iron set xxio Graphite light weight.Have read many of your exvellent iron reviews. Which of the Ben Hogan sets of Irons could you recommend to me? May i say , the BH Ft. Worth Irons and the TK Wedges got your highest quality review? The preferred shaft is Ust Recoil 760 F2-A Graphite. Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      As a 7 handicap, none of the Ben Hogan irons are outside your ability. I think the Ft. Worth would be my recommendation, but I’d suggest finding a fitter where you could demo multiple models before buying.



  6. Matt: I’m a 10 handicap with driver head speed of 120 mph. I hit my 7 iron 180 yards. Currently have Nike VR irons, cavity back. Want to switch to the Taylormade 790’s or 760’s (maybe just swap out the 4-7 irons) Thinking 760’s as I might start working the ball more both ways. I’m thinking the True Temper Dynamic Gold or Dynamic Gold 120, X100 shaft. What are your thoughts on shaft weight? Thanks, Keith

    • Matt Saternus


      I would recommend working with a fitter to find the best fit. If you’re going to spend over $1,000 a set of irons, it makes sense to spend a little money to make sure they’re the right ones.



  7. Hi Matt,

    I’m concerned about the difference in the speed foam tech Between the 8 and 7 iron. Is there a big gap in the distance? It seems like there would be knowing 8 iron and above don’t have speed foam.

  8. Hi Matt,
    Can you tell me if the they have progressive (or should I say “regressive”) blade lengths throughout the set? Meaning, are the long iron blades longer than the short ones? If so, could you tell me the blade length of the 4iron as well as the pw?
    Thank you very much!

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m sorry, but I don’t have the blade lengths available to me at this time.



  9. Matt, loved your review of the p760 irons. I currently use burner 2.0 (trutemper stiff). My handicap is 15 while I am struggling with back issues, normally around 12. I am wondering if the p760 may be ok for a golfer like me. I hit my 7 iron average 170 yards. Thanks in advance.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the P760 would be fine. There are, of course, more forgiving options, but if you’re ok with trading some forgiveness for the look and/or feel that you prefer, it’s a fine choice.



  10. Matt,
    I recently bought the 760’s. My last 2 sets have also been taylormade. R11’s and psi’s. I am hitting the 760’s almost exactly 1 club shorter. Would you recommend decreasing / turning the loft down a degree or two? Or is there a better club to play in the taylormade family? I’m a 12 handicap. I usually hit my 7 165yds but have been averaging 153 with the 760’s

    • Matt Saternus


      Strengthening the lofts is one way to get back some of that distance. If distance is a primary concern – actually, regardless of what your performance priority is – the only way to be sure you’ll get it from your next set it to get a fitting before you buy.



  11. I am looking at the P760 AW or a specially wedge such as Cleveland or Ping Glide 3.0. Any thoughts on the best way to go?

    • Matt Saternus


      How do you plan to use this club?


    • Sorry, a “little late“ on picking this up… I hit mostly full shots with it and decided to go with a Cleveland 50 degree wedge. I am 26 games into the irons and absolutely love them. Looked at ordering the attack wedge last week but not an option with TaylorMade right now due to availability.

  12. How would you compare these 760’s vs Mizuno mp20 mmc? I didn’t think the mmc were very forgiving. Thanks!


    I’m a 16 HCAP that plays about 20 times a year. I used to be better, down to a 7 at one time when playing 6 times a week. I have 12 year old AP2’s and like them when I am swinging well. Long irons are prone to missing. Do you think these could be the right iron?

  14. Also, any thoughts on Haywood & their iron sets.

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  17. Lawrence Williams

    Late to the party but grabbed a set of these irons and they are everything as stated by Matt…….excellent feel, above average forgiveness and distance

  18. I like the feel of the 760 but lost 10 to 15 yards when compared with Apex (regular).
    I am feeling lost between the feel of 760 and apex regarding distance.
    I am 8 handicap.
    Please advise

    • Matt Saternus


      What would you like me to advise on? It seems like you need to decide whether you prefer feel or hitting your irons longer.


  19. Honestly, I would like both. If I have to choose would be the feel.

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    days. I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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