TaylorMade Golf Company Launches the Latest Iteration of the Acclaimed P·790 Irons

True Beauty Lies Within: TaylorMade P·790 Irons Featuring FLTD CG™ & SpeedFoam Air™

CARLSBAD, CA – TaylorMade Golf’s P·Series irons each have their own unique artistry that positions them among the highest-performing irons in the marketplace. Today, TaylorMade announces the all-new P·790, with each iron individually designed to perform exactly how golfers need it.

With precision mass optimization in each iron, tungsten weighting and SpeedFoam™ Air, every individual iron has a unique internal structure. This AI-optimized construction is engineered to create an unrivaled blend of distance, forgiveness and accuracy.

The 2023 P·790 irons are all about what’s inside.

“P·790 is a collision of art and engineering. The allure lies not only in the clean design and visual appeal, but also in the high-performance machine that lives within. It’s the total package, an ideal blend of external elegance and internal power.” – Matt Bovee, Director, Product Creation Irons

For the first time, P·790 features FLTD CG™, a strategic design that positions the center of gravity (CG) lowest in long irons and progressively shifts it higher throughout the set. This intuitive design concept allows for easier launch and more forgiveness in the long irons, while the shorter, weaker lofted irons are designed to control ball flight and optimize spin.

In the long irons (3-4), CG has been shifted almost a millimeter lower compared to previous generations, while CG starts to creep up as you go through the set. Overall, there is a linear trend from low-to-high giving the golfer spin exactly where they need it to promote accuracy, control and consistency from top to bottom.

The internal structure of every P·790 iron was uniquely designed with AI-driven mass optimization, ensuring every gram of weight was strategically placed to deliver the best possible result with that specific iron.

The most notable visual difference from one iron to the next is the sound stabilization bar, which sits above the tungsten weight framework. Located in the three through seven irons, each bar is uniquely shaped and positioned to individually optimize feel and performance by controlling the amount of unsupported space between the internal structure and the topline of the club. The design minimizes unwanted vibrations at impact and ensures that every iron creates a premium forged feel with optimal CG placement.

In the long irons, the sound stabilization bar moves more toward the center of the club while the tungsten weight frame is positioned nearer to the sole. Mass distribution is specifically arranged to lower the center of gravity, making it easier to launch the golf ball high with low-lofted irons.

Compared to prior generations of P·790 irons, a larger face opening gave engineers more space to push tungsten weights farther towards the toe. In conjunction with a thick-thin back wall that creates additional mass savings, this new construction allows for a shift in mass that’s designed to produce more consistency throughout the set.

Moving weight lower and towards the perimeter of the club further allowed engineers to design for improved forgiveness and control CG positioning. Within the scoring clubs (8-PW), CG progressively shifts higher for more control, better spin properties and enhanced accuracy.

P·790 irons have always been revered for their clean and minimalistic appearance, and the latest model upholds that history. A band of tour satin scratch bisects the pearl satin chrome finish to create premium appeal. With refined aesthetics, P·790 irons seamlessly blend with P·770 irons in a combo set to create a unified look throughout the bag.

The 2023 P·790 irons still feature SpeedFoam™ Air, which is 69 percent less dense than the original SpeedFoam. A forged 4140 high speed face creates a hollow body construction that houses the internal technology and sustains a premium feel.

A staple of TaylorMade designs, the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ works in unison with unique internals constructions to expand the sweet spot while also protecting ball speeds on low face strikes. P·790 irons include machined grooves for precision craftsmanship, a characteristic that is paramount throughout the P·Series lineup. P·790 features a pearl satin scratch finish and tour satin stripe that runs down the middle of the club, with a sharp tonality on the polishing.

The all-new P·790 irons are available for pre-order starting 8/8 at retail and on www.taylormadegolf.com, with sets hitting the shelves on 9/1.

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