Swami GT GPS and Game Tracker Review

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50 Words or Less

The Swami GT is a combination GPS and shot tracker that works well but lacks the refinement of other products in this segment.


Izzo has long been known for making quality golf products at reasonable prices, and, of late, they’ve been particularly noteworthy for their distance measuring devices.  Now, they’re stepping into the shot tracking ring with GAME Golf and Arccos with the Swami GT, a unique device with a built-in GPS.

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Set-Up & Ease of Use

Setting up the Swami GT is fairly quick and easy.  The unit comes with 14 tags, and each one needs to be assigned to the correct club.  This is a simple, if repetitive, process that involves touching the tag to the device, and then, on the device, selecting the club that tag goes with.  I was able to set up my system in about five minutes.

At the course, power up your Swami GT and select the track that you’re playing.  Using the Swami GT is similar to GAME Golf in that you need to touch the tag to your device before each shot.  After the round, you need to connect your device to your computer to upload the data.


The large screen acts as a solid GPS.

You don’t need to have your phone out (or even turned on) on the course.

E-Caddie is a solid feature that will help with your course management.

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The unit is the largest that I’ve seen, and it’s bulky to wear on your belt.

You are required to tag every shot that you hit.

No smart phone connectivity means that you need to connect your device to a computer after the round to see your cumulative stats.

No advanced stats – just the basics like Greens in Regulation, Driving Distance, Putts Per Round.


At $200, the Izzo Swami GT is one of the lower priced units in the shot tracking market.  It’s not the cheapest, and the features it lacks are, in my opinion, very desirable.  That said, if the Swami GT’s strengths match up with your desires, it’s a good buy.

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While it’s not my favorite shot tracker, the Swami GT will have a strong appeal for those who want to golf without their phone but still want a GPS.  It’s a solid unit that does what it claims, but it lacks the finer touches of GAME Golf and Arccos.

Buy the Izzo Swami GT HERE

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  1. If I’m understanding you correctly, the unit is your gps and club tagger. Does that mean you have to continually take the unit on and off your belt during the round to make use of the gps feature? If so, that seems terribly cumbersome.

    • Matt Saternus

      The display is easily visible while it’s on your belt. Though I could imagine that for some people it’s not, if you get my drift.


  2. Just got my GT went to course, turn it on, no course. All I wanted to day was G P S tired for over an hour with no luck.

  3. Donald Goodliffe

    This product is very very bad. It is perhaps beta quality but definitely no ready for prime time. Time to get support of issues: forget it. Support, like the product, is terrible. The product freezes and you have to wait for it to loose all power to even attempt to use it. It will not download the data at times and you just have to delete all the data from the device and try again. I just can’t over emphasize that this product is horrible!!

  4. Swami GT is a great golf aid when it is working right. Had problems with mine from when I bought it. Cannot explain all the problems I had because it would take a few pages. Swami sent me another one and it did not get me through one golf season. Would not count score right and would not do distance right. Send 3 emails to the company and still have not gotten a reply. Put everything back in the box and am storing it downstairs. Will probably throw it out. Good luck if you buy one.

  5. How do pair wedges and putters? Irons are 1-9

  6. My local course is is a 27 hole track. The unit has 1-18 and 19-27 stored in it. But i quite often have to tee off from the 10th and i cant figure out how to start the unit on the 10th?
    Please help?

  7. This is JUNK, the first one I purchased the screen burned out on 8th round, IZZO sent me a second unit that was well used with several round still stored in it. It was missing some club tags and I had returned all of mine. The second unit froze up on the 10th hole of my first round and wouldn’t record markers or shots. Belt clip is a joke. Keep it in your pocket or kiss $200 goodbye when it falls off.
    I don’t like being a Beta tester and paying someone to be a test animal.

  8. What if the club you are trying to pair doesn’t show up on the screen ? I am trying to pair my 27 degree hybrid and it only goes to 24. Not a big deal just wondering.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think you’ll need to call your 27* hybrid by another name for purposes of stat tracking.



  9. Ronald Rayners ( RSG PRODUCTS CC)

    My Swami GT has just arrived in South Africa. Can’t wait to go on the Golf Course tomorrow. Feeling a little anxious about all the negative response on this site. Hope everything goes well . Have the Swami 500 also and it seems to work ok.

  10. John Riordan

    I used my SwamiGT for the first time, believing their ads that you can hook it up to your computer and review your round including a visual review of all your shots on the golf course and yardages for each club. IZZO Customer Service that I cannot get any data to review for 5 rounds. So no taking it home to review the round. I emailed IZZO, but no response.

  11. I ´ve bought the IZZO swami GT in august this year and I can’t install the GT portal on my computer. It’s written : « I can’t find the
    unit. I phone to IZZO service in NY but they can’t help me to install the GT portal.

  12. I have a swami GT , i use it all the time and absolutely love it works great never without it.

  13. Murray Wilson

    Great does every thing it says iattach to front of golf bag

  14. Edward bell

    I need to replace the caps on my clubs

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