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The GAME GOLF Live shot tracking system is a solid improvement on the GAME GOLF system.  Real time syncing to your phone removes one of the major problems with the original.


Last year, recreational golfers got their first opportunity to get PGA Tour-like stats about their game with the introduction of GAME Golf and Arccos.  For 2016, GAME Golf has stepped up their game substantially with the release of GAME Golf Live, a system that syncs with your phone to make the data more accessible.

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Set-Up & Ease of Use

Setting up GAME GOLF Live is similar to setting up the original GAME GOLF.  First, charge the device in your computer’s USB port.  While it’s charging, download the GAME GOLF app to your phone and set up an account.  Once the device is charged, you’ll need to use Bluetooth to pair it with your phone.  Finally, screw the tags into the grips on your clubs.  You’ll also need to customize your set in the app if your set isn’t GAME GOLF’s standard set-up.  This may sound like a headache, but the whole thing takes five minutes, not including the charging.

When you get to the course, turn on your GAME GOLF Live device and open the app on your phone.  Use your phone to select the course that you’re playing.  While you’re playing, tap the tag on your club to the device before each shot (or after the shot, it doesn’t matter).  The device will produce a buzz-beep-buzz when you’ve made a tag.

After the round, all the data should already be synced to your phone.  This eliminates one of the major hassles of the original GAME GOLF – needing to plug the device into your computer to transfer the data.  Now you can review your round on your phone immediately and save it.

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The major upgrade with GAME Golf Live is that the data syncs to your phone immediately after your round.  You can review the data immediately and get to work improving your game without going back to your computer.

GAME Golf Live also adds a GPS feature that’s accessible within the app.

Another advantage of GAME Golf Live compared to other shot trackers it the ease of set up.  The fact that the tags have the club designation etched into them cuts down the time it takes to get started, and it makes it easy to put back together when take the tags out for any reason.  They also give you 18 tags so there’s room to have a unique set up, lose a tag, or swap a couple clubs in and out of the bag.

Finally, and most importantly, GAME Golf Live does a great job displaying the data.  The data display that was introduced last year is still there and does allow for digging into very specific elements of your game.  What’s better, though, is the new Strokes Gained statistics.  In each of four areas – driving, iron play, short game, and putting – you can compare your game to a scratch player, 5 handicap, etc and see how many strokes better or worse you are.  This is paired with some suggestions about how to improve your game, and it’s the most potent source of game improvement in the GAME Golf Live arsenal.

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Tagging in each shot it still going to be a major hang up for many players.  Tagging is far more common – only Arccos has tag-less shot tracker as of this writing – but it’s a definite obstacle to the adoption of shot tracking.  On a similar note, the need to have your GAME Golf device on your hip, and have it charged, is another hassle.

Additionally, the app is good but far from perfect.  I had significant problems editing one of my rounds and ended up just accepting the errors in the data (UPDATE: GAME Golf claims that a recent update has fixed this issue).  I also lost a round at a course with 27 holes because the system misidentified which 18 I was playing.  Finally, the Strokes Gained stats are not included on the app, which is something I hope is remedied soon.

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GAME GOLF Live retails for $300 (click the link to buy it for closer to $250).  This is $100 more than the basic GAME GOLF system, but I think the price difference is well worth it.  The real-time syncing to your phone eliminates the need to plug your device into your computer after your round, which makes it much more likely that you’ll actually use this system, and if you don’t use it, it’s not worth anything.

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Overall, GAME Golf Live substantially improves on the original and is a worthwhile option for players looking to get into stat tracking.  Being able to sync the data to your fun makes the system easier to use, and the addition of Strokes Gained makes the data much more actionable.

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  1. Great reviews, your website should be viewed more often.

  2. The tagging is actually not hard at all. I’ve been using the app alone since release and never had problems tagging shots and using the GPS feature built in. I can add penalty shots, and edit my round on the fly.

    I literally pull my phone out, hit the plus button, pick the club, and slip the phone back in my pocket, takes 2 seconds. If I want to know distance I’ll look at it a bit longer.

    The Game Golf Live device is interesting. I would be able to tag shots without the phone, but still use my phone to see my shots as I go and edit my round on the fly. This would probably cut down my time by a small fraction. However; if I change clubs the benefit is seen. I wouldn’t have to edit the shot and change club. I just tag the club I use.

  3. It would be great to have an updated Arccos Vs. Game Golf with the above in mind.

    I’m in the market for a shot tracking, stat monster. This feels like Game Golf is starting to pull ahead.

    • Matt Saternus

      We have one coming. If the other companies can get their products in, it will be out in August.


  4. Ok if you had to choose would you still go with Arcccos over Game Golf live ?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’ll be publishing a comprehensive comparison on August 25th that will answer that question and much more. It will also feature a very attractive offer on the winning unit!



  5. Is it possible to get at the raw shot data to be able to download it into a spreadsheet?

  6. Jack Blenk

    I’ve been using the basic Game Golf system for about a year now and still have trouble remembering to tag because I’m concentrating on the next shot and speeding up play. I currently use the Swami 5000 for GPS distance measurements and having to carry both the Game Golf and the Swami, frankly is cumbersome. I don’t like having too many things clipped to my belt. I don’t mind syncing with my computer after my round and my tagging is improving, although I can generally easily remembering which club I used when it is fresh in my mind. Game Golf is also good at prompting me that I missed a tag.

    I just purchased the Game Golf Live (GGL), which has not arrived yet, but I am curious about using my smart phone with the GGL. I have tried GolfLogix and Golf GPS on my smart phone, but don’t like having to put the club selection into the phone and carrying the phone may or may not be worse than carrying the Swami. We will see.

  7. I just purchased Golf Game Live and it cost me $130.00. Great price!

  8. Can you use the gps for intermediate on the course distance ( like a creek or faireay bunker) if you are not connected to the internet

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t think the GPS will work without an internet connection, but I don’t know for a fact.



  9. What happened to the Arccos vs. Golf Game Live (and other competitors) comparison you thought might be out in August?

  10. First off, great content and a great follow. Always enjoy reading
    along with all the content you and PluggedIn Golf post.

    I saw your review on the Game Golf Live tracking device and was
    wondering if you have heard more on the Game Golf Pro, or have had a
    chance to test it.

    I saw that the price went down to $99 for the Game Golf Live and I
    would love to try that out, but wondering if waiting for the Pro to
    release this month would be a better use of the money.

    Having to wear the clip and tag each club as part of my pre-shot
    routine doesn’t seem like it would be a deal breaker for me. The ease
    of that over using MyRoundPro and having to tag each shot on the phone
    is well worth the $99.

    I also like that it is a little simpler in that sense than the Pro or
    Arccos 360 as you do not need sensors with batteries that will cost
    more as well on top of the $250-$300 price tag.

    What are your thoughts on the Game Golf Live in addition to that
    review a few years back for someone who is looking to get good data on
    their game, but doesn’t necessarily need the highest model at the
    premium price?

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you!
      I am familiar with the new Game Golf Pro, but have not tested it yet.
      For $99, Game Golf Live is a great value. It all comes down to the desire to tag. Arccos 360 is great, but, as you point out, the price is substantially higher. I wouldn’t worry about the batteries, though, unless you play A LOT.
      Game Golf Live has a 30-day money back guarantee. I think it’s worth trying it to see if the tagging annoys you. If it does, return it and get something better. If it doesn’t, you saved some money.



  11. I have looked everywhere on the Game Golf website for a way to contact them. With no success.
    Would like to ask questions before buying. If it’s this much work to contact them now, what happens when I have a problem with their device.
    I’ll stick to Arccos then.

  12. Steven Cuellar

    I’ve use the product for a couple of years, and in general it does a great job. Customer support is not very good.
    The plastic end caps break or go bad after a year or two, and you can’t buy replacements. You go to buy the product,
    and they put you on an email wait list. I’m not sure what that means, but after a few more tags break or go bad, my whole
    system will be useless.

  13. I purchased and used your game golf digital tracker system a couple of years ago… tried to use again, but tapping is not responding…all is charged but doesn’t work… is my tracker too old?

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