SuperSpeed Golf Blast Motion Speed Analyzer Review

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The SuperSpeed Golf Blast Motion Speed Analyzer brings real-time data to your speed training.  Easy to use.  Very motivating.  Many uses beyond speed training.


We all know by now that getting faster and longer is one of the best ways to shoot lower scores.  Super Speed’s training systems [review HERE] have been established as some of the best ways to gain speed, but they don’t provide feedback.  That changes now.  Super Speed has partnered with Blast Motion to provide real time data so your training can be more effective and enjoyable.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The first time you use the Blast Motion Speed Analyzer, set up will take a few minutes.  You’ll need to download the app (iOS or Android), create an account, and pair the sensor.  Also, you’ll need to make sure the sensor is given a full charge.  Finally, I’d recommend watching the intro videos, as they provide some key tips for making sure each swing gets captured.

After that initial session, using Blast Motion is as easy as opening the app, tapping “Just Swing,” and getting to work.  The sensor automatically turns itself on and pairs with the app.

The Blast Motion sensor attaches to the club with their proprietary grip attachment.  When you buy the kit through SuperSpeed, you get enough attachments to leave one on each training club and simply move the sensor from club to club.

Blast Motion’s app has a lot of depth, but it’s also easy to use.  If you don’t want to mess with it, you can leave it in the stock settings forever.  For those that like to customize, you can add, subtract, and move data around the screen to focus on the things you’re working on.  You can also capture your swings on video very easily.


In evaluating the effectiveness of the Blast Motion Speed Analyzer, I was interested in three things.  First, does it capture every swing?  This is where watching the intro videos is key, because you need to align the sensor in a particular way and swing from a full stop.  When following these guidelines, I found that missed swings were very rare.

My second question was about the accuracy of the speed readings.  I was only able to compare the blue stick to my driver readings with my GCQuad [review HERE], but for this I found the readings to be good.  In every session, there were a couple swings that were clearly off, but the vast majority were accurate.

Finally, I was interested in whether or not the data made a difference in my speed training.  I found that it did.  First, having the speed data let me know if I was making progress.  Seeing growth is key to staying motivated and continuing to follow the program.  Additionally, Blast Motion gives you a lot of data beyond swing speed.  If you want to focus on the top line number, you can absolutely do that.  If, however, you want to see how tempo affects speed, you can experiment with that.  You can monitor hand speed, backswing time, and more to learn how to fully maximize your speed.

I’ll also add that Blast Motion’s app does an amazing job with video.  If you want to speed train while filming your swing, doing so is seamless.  The app clips every video automatically and attaches the data to it.


If you’re going to train for speed, you should have feedback.  The Blast Motion Speed Analyzer is the easiest way to do that, requiring nothing more than your phone and a sensor that you’ll leave attached to the clubs.  All of this to say, this trainer has excellent longevity for those that want to get faster.

The Blast Motion sensor also provides feedback on your putting and your “normal” swing, which you can learn more about HERE.  While this review is focused on speed training, these other uses are worthwhile all on their own.


The Super Speed Blast Motion Speed Analyzer retails for $179 HERE (please use this link or the one at the bottom of the review to support Plugged In Golf).  For that price you get the sensor, four total grip attachments, and the charging station.  The app is free.  If you don’t have a SuperSpeed training system, you can save $20 by buying it together with the Speed Analyzer.

For the serious player who is committed to getting faster and longer, I think this is a near-essential addition.  Speaking from personal experience, a lack of feedback has been a major factor in my inconsistent speed training.  Being able to see my improvement, push harder on slow days, and celebrate my gains has been helping improve my consistency.


The SuperSpeed Golf Blast Motion Speed Analyzer is a fantastic piece of gear that makes it easy to track your speed training.  It packs in loads of other functionality, too, but it’s worth the money for the speed training alone.  If you want to get faster and longer, make this part of your practice kit.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Any chance you can do a review about the other functions? Would this be a good tool for someone trying to improve their swing but not solely focusing on speed training? Great review, as always.

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s not something I’m planning on doing, but if enough people request it, we will add it to the list.



  2. I have jumbo max medium grips on my clubs. Will the grip attachment fit on my grips?

  3. I was advised that The Stack System does not recommend Blast Motion use with its product, deeming its data not reliable enough.

  4. Matt, since you have experience with both the SuperSpeed PRGR and Blast Motion Speed Analyzer would you recommend one vs the other? Also, do you think there would be any issue getting the Blast Motion grip attachments over a midsized grip? Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      Midsize grips should not be an issue.
      Regarding an LM vs Blast, it’s a question of what you want to do with it. Both are good for speed training, so I’d decide based on whether I wanted the additional features of Blast or if I wanted a LM.



  5. Is there a maximum swing speed that the blast sensor tracks?

  6. Tyler Standifird

    I’ll hop on as I have been testing blast and prgr in my lab in conjunction with blast. Matt is spot on in terms of what you want. Blast gives the ability to get all the data tracking throughout all your speed sessions. It also has the other features of attack angles, tempo, putting and chipping as well. That have a really good app appearance and a lot of cool data. As for accuracy this is something I’ve tested a lot. Blast is perfectly calibrated for length and profiles of the superspeee clubs for air swings but non else. So it won’t work with stack because their algorithms are not meant to track the shorter club with all the various weights. When used with the superspeed clubs it is very accurate and consistent. Tested against gold standard motion capture.

  7. I think for the purposes of this review it would have good if you gave a specific example of how the sensors helped you, rather than just a general comment. For example did it highlight that you released your hands too early, cast the club, were able to increase lag etc. A visual before and after stat again would have helped.

  8. How accurate is the hand speed and club head speed? I thought the club head speed was not that accurate although I’ve only used airswing mode so far and putting. I’m particularly interested in handspeed

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have anything to compare the hand speed measurements to, so I can’t speak to that. The club head speed is reasonably accurate.



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