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50 Words or Less

The new Sundog Eyewear Prime EXT TrueBlue Lens is another great pair of performance sunglasses from a company built on providing superior eye protection.  The lightweight adjustable frames and advanced lens technology offer all day comfort for your face and eyes.  Aurora colored lenses are fantastic for cloudy days.

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Once you read about blue light and the science behind TrueBlue lenses, you begin to understand why Sundog Eyewear proclaims TrueBlue “ultimate eye protection.”  TrueBlue is the only technology that incorporates synthesized melanin and ocular lens pigment (OLP) into the lens.  What do those scientific terms mean to you and me?  Vision protection and performance.

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It was a bright, sunny day the first time I put on the Sundog Eyewear Prime EXT TrueBlue Lens sunglasses, and I was shocked at how much light the glasses let in, yet amazed at how clear and crisp everything looked.  The amber/rose colored Aurora lenses would need to be tested on a cloudy day, and I had my chance a few days later as clouds gathered and rain was in the forecast.   It was too bright not to wear sunglasses, and the grey lenses in my Sundog Bolt shades made it too dark.  The Prime EXT with Aurora TrueBlue lenses were like magic glasses.   Color balance and contrast were excellent.  My eyes relaxed and I was ready to focus just on golf.  Even when the sky became darker, the Aurora lenses maintained a clarity better than the naked eye.  Gary Makar of Sundog Eyewear explained that what I was experiencing was TrueBlue at work:

Because of the melanin and ocular lens pigment filtering the blue-light part of the spectrum, veiled glare is reduced, (the glare from light bouncing around inside your eye), and very simply, your eyes do not have to work as hard – so there is less eye fatigue.

Sundog and TrueBlue have helped me understand the need for different lens colors.

If you read my review on the Sundog Bolt sunglasses, you know one of my big discoveries was being able to wear the sunglasses all the time – even when putting.  The Sundog Eyewear Prime EXT TrueBlue Lens offer the same clarity on the green.

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Style & Fit

The Prime EXT frames are an active, performance style perfect for most outdoor sports.   The “EXT” refers to a deeper cut lens than found in the original Prime frame providing more coverage under the eye.  The matte finish, dark grey frames have a small pop of color in the temple logo.  Sizing is advertised to be the medium fit category which seems appropriate based on my average size oblong face.  The Prime EXT frames feature adjustable nose pads and temples for dialed in comfort and non-slip performance (also known by my trademarked term – gription).

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In low light conditions, the Aurora TrueBlue lenses provided enhanced definition and the Prime EXT frames offered all day comfort.  When it comes to vision for athletic pursuits, Sundog has once again delivered genuine performance, style and value.

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  1. Biggest question… do they make prescription lenses?

    • Matt Meeker

      I checked with Sundog Eyewear Ryan and they do not currently offer prescription lenses. They plan to in 2017.


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