Sundog Eyewear Golf Sunglasses Review

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Sundog Eyewear golf sunglasses are made for the outdoors.  Each pair combines a lightweight and universal fit with their unique TrueBlue lenses to reduce glare and improve visuals both on and off the golf course.

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You may have never heard of Sundog Eyewear, but they have been around since the early 80’s.  Their specialty has always been performance sunglasses for athletes, but their styles can please almost anyone.  For this review, I will focus on eyewear made for outdoor sports, specifically golf.  I tested out a variety of Sundog sunglasses to see how these perform both on and off the course.

Style & Fit

Sundog eyewear comes in a wide variety of styles.  My favorite style is a spinoff of the classic aviator called the THE CADDY TrueBlue (above, middle).  These are a mix of metal and black plastic open bottom frames.  The style gives a more casual vibe versus some of Sundog’s other options like the STACK or PRIME which provide a more athletic look that wraps around the head.  Ultimately, whatever your preference, Sundog likely has the style to match your taste.

The larger, more square designs such as THE CADDY or FANCLUB each had a comfortable fit over my nose and around my ears.  Part of that was due to them weighing less than I anticipated.  The other part was the stable hinges which held whatever position I placed them in.  I noticed this on every pair I tested, and at times I forgot I was even wearing them.


Sundog Eyewear has been in business for over 30 years, but recently released their TrueBlue premium polycarbonate lenses.  Not every pair of golf sunglasses came with the TrueBlue technology, but most did and I would highly recommend them, even if not for golf.  The TrueBlue lenses reduce the amount of yellow that shows up in any given landscape.  It helps with improving contrast which was especially important while looking across the fairway or down at a ball.  Colors are more vibrant using the TrueBlue lenses.  The sky is more blue and the grass is a bit darker green.  Everything is simply more enjoyable to look at.

Each pair I tried held to my face well, and I never worried about them falling off while looking down at a putt or tee ball.  The glare reduction also made a big impact on those especially sunny days.  Occasionally. my chrome wedges reflect the sun and having these certainly kept the brightness at bay.

The TrueBlue lenses were so impressive that I now keep them in my car while driving.  Sundog offers the TrueBlue in over a dozen different styles ranging from $69 to $149.  Without the TrueBlue lens, Sundog offers glasses as low as $49 which is quite a value for such quality sunglasses.


Sundog Eyewear comes in a variety of styles and looks for almost any need.  Whether you’re looking for a performance lens for the golf course or a basic lifestyle sunglass, Sundog has plenty to offer.  Using high quality materials that are also light in weight for comfort and universal fit, Sundog is the best sunglass brand you’ve never heard of.

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  1. Hi Matt, I’ve never worn sunglasses on the course. Do you? If so, do you find that it helps you?

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