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The Sunday Golf Ryder Bag proves that size sometimes does matter.  Sunday’s largest golf bag stays true to its roots by being affordable, low on weight, yet high on efficiency and features. 

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Sunday Golf has made its name in golf through lightweight design and minimalism.  They have always made great use of little space.  The Loma (review HERE) and the Loma XL (review HERE) are fantastic for holding partial sets of clubs, thus proving the modern minimalism trend doesn’t just work for home design.  However, there are many golfers, like myself, who want to carry a full set of clubs.  Now, those golfers have the option to use a Sunday Golf bag in a full-size model, the Sunday Golf Ryder Bag.


Sunday isn’t reinventing the wheel when it comes to golf bag aesthetics with the Ryder bag.  This is a clean, but relatively standard-looking setup that features adjustable straps, a pair of stand legs, and a glove-holding patch.  It is mostly monochromatic featuring one main color with black accents throughout the bag and very minimal branding.  

Color-wise, there aren’t a ton of options yet.  While the smallest Sunday bag offers 14 different colorways, the Sunday Golf Ryder Bag has five: matte black, navy blue, heather gray, toasted almond, and midnight green (pictured in this review).  These neutral colors of the bag will undoubtedly go with any golfer’s wardrobe, but those who prefer the wilder colorways must choose the smaller bags for now.


The main feature of the Sunday Golf Ryder Bag is that it’s a full-size bag.  It stands 34.5 inches tall and is the first and only Sunday Golf bag you can comfortably carry a full set of 14 clubs inside of.  It has 5 full-length dividers underneath a 5-way top. 

But we all know that going golfing isn’t just about the golf clubs, so I’m happy to report the insulated frosty pocket is capable of holding a few cans of whatever beverage you’d care to imbibe.

That’s just one of the 7 pockets on this golf bag, all with intended purposes.  Besides the frosty drink pocket, there are specific pockets for valuables, golf balls, apparel, a rangefinder, a smell-proof pocket for that sweaty backup golf glove, and a mesh pocket for whatever else you may need to bring with you out on the course.  Out of those pockets, the velour-lined valuables one was a standout for its awesome feel and cool red color.  Obviously, each of those pockets can serve whatever purpose you need, but it is great to see the attention to detail and thought of weight and space savings that went into the design. 


The main thing that strikes me about the Sunday Golf Ryder Bag is just how light it is.  That trademark Sunday Golf lightness is a big reason why I enjoy their smaller bags.  However, that lightness comes at a cost, as the other models are only truly useful for par-3 courses or range sessions where a golfer would be focusing on a few clubs at most.  In contrast, the Ryder bag is great for the range and the course, with a full set while still maintaining a lightweight feel. 

Weighing in at only 4.9 pounds, it’s extremely easy to carry for 9, 18, or even more.  The double straps are adjustable, padded, and simple to use.  Features like the glove and towel holders came in handy to save space. 

I was also able to be mobile and adjust my hold on the bag because of the two other handles. Additionally, I didn’t feel tired like I often do when using many of the heavier full-sized golf bags.  The stand legs were notably sturdy and very responsive in both extending and retracting too. 

With that said, I find myself riding much more than walking on courses, and this bag was designed with that in mind.  Some solid design choices that I’d note are the pass-through strap for the cart, as well as the flat-bottomed base of the bag.  Inherently, those features make the golf-carting experience easier with this bag.  There are some minor rainproofing details like water-resistant zippers and a rain hood that are useful to have included.


The Sunday Golf Ryder Bag proves that the brand doesn’t just make a great tiny bag, it makes great golf bags in any size.  Sunday’s newest is lightweight, economical, and intuitive to use – just like its smaller predecessors.  It is an excellent addition for those who already have other Sunday bags or an awesome replacement for those looking to update their fully-sized main golf bag.  

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  1. 4.9 lbs is not light. Most manufacturers have full size bags less than 4 lbs.

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