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The Sunday Golf Loma Bag is a modern, functional Sunday bag.  A great choice when you want to enjoy a casual round without sacrificing features.

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If you’re a regular reader, you already know that Matt is a high-ranking member of the <14 mafia.  I’m not quite as deep into the minimalist scene but I recognize the value of lightening the load in certain situations.  At a par 3 course, for a six club scramble, or just out for a quick nine, the Sunday Golf Loma fits the bill.

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Visually, the Loma is a small package.  It’s only 31″ tall and has room for a maximum of 8 clubs.  Because of its small size, its features appear quite prominent.  These include the handle at the top, Velcro patch for attaching a glove, tee storage, and more storage pockets than you would expect for such a small bag.

The material feels functional but not luxe.  For the price ($99.99 on sale at the time of writing) you’d be pushing it to expect much more.  There are 8 different color combinations available, with black making up half of the equation in each case.  The colorways are fresh and modern.


The headline feature of the Loma is its foldable standing legs.  Most Sunday bags don’t have them in favor of saving weight.  While legs become easier to use the more weight you have in the bag, I appreciate the option of using them.  If you find it simpler to lay the bag down you can use the Velcro strap to secure the legs in place.

There are also substantially more storage features than you’d expect from a bag like this.  The Velcro section for attaching a glove and the tee holder both come in handy while the frosty beverage pocket is a nice bonus during those casual afternoon rounds.  In addition to the cooler pocket, there is a small valuables pocket near the top that will hold keys, wallet, phone, a side pocket that will hold a water bottle, and a front pocket that will hold golf balls.  There is also a small mesh pouch.

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Weighing in at about two pounds, the Loma bag is extremely easy to carry.  While the plastic handle at the top of the bag looks unusual, it ends up serving its purpose well.  Carrying the bag with the plastic handle often feels quicker and easier than using the strap, especially if you’re only going a short distance, like from green to tee.

The Loma features a two-way divider and the opening is quite narrow: 4.5″ at its widest.  The bag can fit up to eight clubs, but I found six to be the number that felt most comfortable.  With six, getting clubs in and out of the bag is easy.

The versatility to utilize the standing legs or secure them with Velcro and lay the bag down is also appreciated.  In particularly mucky weather, I may want to utilize the stand, but normally it feels easier to just plop the bag down.

The pockets add a lot of functionality to the bag.  It’s nice to be able to grab a tee from the holder instead of having to dig in your pocket.  It’s nice to have a dedicated pocket for valuables so you’re not fishing all over for them.  And it’s especially nice to have a pocket specially designed to keep a beverage cold.


The Sunday Golf Loma Bag is versatile, affordable, and highly functional.  If you want to dabble in minimalist club setups but don’t want to give up the features of a traditional stand bag, it  checks all the boxes.

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