Sun Mountain Three 5 Zero-G Stand Bag Review

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The Sun Mountain Three 5 Zero-G stand bag is an updated version of Sun Mountain’s great carry bag with a new feature to increase carrying comfort.

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When it comes to stand bags, the Sun Mountain Three 5 needs no introduction.  Every year, Sun Mountain cranks out a slightly updated version of this perennial favorite, and it leaves guys like me perfectly happy.  For 2015, Sun Mountain is introducing the Three 5 Zero-G stand bag which is everything a golfer should expect from the consistent Three 5 bag but with the inclusion of Sun Mountain’s proprietary Zero-Gravity technology.

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Aside from flashes of a bright color or two, the Sun Mountain Three 5 Zero-G bag is a simple workhorse of a bag with the looks to match.  The bag has a streamlined profile with some updated branding and minimal bells and whistles to catch your eye…and I love it.  What I love about the Three 5 Zero-G bag is that it looks like a bag that a serious golfer would use.  No time for games, just business.  The biggest standout, and arguably sore thumb to some, is the Zero-G belt that slips through the hip pad.  We’ll discuss its function later, but it certainly stands out on the bag.  If it’s not your speed, it’s easily removed.

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The primary reason I use Sun Mountain bags is because of their quality.  The Sun Mountain Three 5 Zero-G is a sturdy bag that is lightweight and has a strong stand mechanism that deploys smoothly and provides a solid foundation.  There are seven pockets which feels like just the right amount.  Too many pockets, you start packing too much extra stuff and all of the sudden you have a fifty pound bag!  The zippers are strong which is the final icing on the cake to give you that assurance that you have one of the best quality bags in golf.

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Design & Performance

A simple and relished design, the Three 5 is always Sun Mountain’s hallmark bag.  The new Three 5 Zero-G does a great job at keeping with the classic design that so many golfers favor while adding a few pieces of new tech to make the bag more comfortable.  The Auto-Fit dual shoulder strap system (which first appeared on the Three 5 in 2014) are extremely comfortable and the Zero-G hip belt makes the bag super easy to carry and seemingly more lightweight and well-balanced than ever before.  The Zero-G hip belt makes carrying the bag less like carrying a golf bag and more like carrying a well-made hiking backpack designed for comfort on long treks.  The weight becomes more evenly distributed on your body and there’s even less chatter in the clubs.  All you forged butter knife players that like to walk, this is exactly the bag you’re looking for to keep the bag chatter to a minimum!

One feature I want to make sure I mention is the new flared top for easy club retrieval.  I’ve found previous generations of Three 5 bags to stick a little bit, but the ease of club movement in the bag is significantly improved.

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It should come as a surprise to no one that Sun Mountain killed it again in 2015 with the Three 5 Zero-G stand bag.  The bag is as solid as they come, has plenty of storage, and is extremely comfortable for those days you decide you want to walk.  Even if it’s only a few subtle changes, Sun Mountain does enough to get me excited to see what the new Three 5 will look like each year, and the Zero-G is no different.  Now I can only look forward to seeing what 2016 will bring!

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