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A revised version of arguably the most popular stand bag in the game of golf.  Lightweight and functional.

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Comfortable, lightweight, adequate storage, easy club removal, and sturdy stands are the most important characteristics of a quality stand bag.  Unfortunately, it seems that finding a bag that does all of those things well is becoming more and more difficult, but one brand has been doing it well for years.  Sun Mountain has had a hit season after season with their Three 5 stand bag which can be seen in droves at almost any golf course.  Considering the success Sun Mountain has seen with the Three 5 bag, why would they want to change anything on it?  They simply don’t have to.  Well, Sun Mountain thought they could make the Three 5 even better and we are happy to take a look at this updated version for 2014.

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I’ve always loved the look of the Sun Mountain Three 5 standbag.  In fact, this past weekend I was playing golf with my brother-in-law and he was using a Three 5 stand bag from about eight years ago, and I was using the new 2014 version.  When I looked at the two of them side by side, I couldn’t help but think of how good this bag has looked over the years.

The Three 5 has a small to medium profile with tasteful, but noticeable, branding.  Rather than looking like a billboard slapped on the side of the bag, the Sun Mountain logo seems to just smoothly flow with the design.  Other smooth touches of branding are neatly placed throughout the bag.  I specifically like the added touch of the “3.5” on the hip pad of the bag.

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Sun Mountain makes the work horse of golf bags.  To make the work horse of golf bags, you have to be specifically focused on your ability to deliver high quality product that will hold up when put to the test.  As with every other Sun Mountain bag I’ve had in the past, this new Three 5 is as good as it gets when it comes to quality.  The materials are all lightweight and durable, the zippers are sturdy, and the bag is flat out easy to use.  You won’t find yourself struggling to get the stand deployed or fighting to get your clubs in and out of the bag like you will with a lot of other golf bags.  The stand mechanism holds up well and doesn’t break down with use, another common problem in stand bags.

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Design & Performance

From a design perspective, Sun Mountain didn’t completely overhaul the 2014 version of the Three 5 bag, but they did make a few nice little tweaks.  The profile is a little more updated and streamlined, but the biggest design change is the new patent-pending Auto-Fit Dual Strap System.  It looks totally different than the old strap, but I initially thought “I’m sure this is some sort of gimmick and it won’t make a difference.”  Sun Mountain bills the new strap system as easier to get on and off, more comfortable, and a better fit to different body types.  When putting on the straps, you will definitely notice that once you get the bag on your shoulder, you don’t really need to adjust and re-balance the bag.  Maybe this isn’t a big deal, but it’s certainly more comfortable.

In line with previous generations of the Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag, this bag was built to carry.  The stand mechanism is really firm and easy to use and the feet of the stand legs are nice and wide which helps the bag from sinking into the ground or slipping.  For all you pocket freaks, the Three 5 has the velour-lined valuables pocket, beverage pouch, full length clothing pocket, and three more assorted pockets for balls, tees, rangefinders, band-aids, cigars, etc.

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There’s a reason that Sun Mountain has been one the biggest staples of high-quality golf bags for years, and they certainly aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  I appreciate that Sun Mountain has the sense to realize that they truly have one of the best stand bags in golf with the Three 5 so they don’t try to reinvent the wheel every year with an updated version that completely loses sight of what makes the Three 5 so successful in the first place.  Sun Mountain managed to take everything that works in the Three 5 stand bag and add just a few little touches to make it better and more comfortable in 2014.  If you’re looking for a great all around golf bag that’s extremely comfortable for walking or can get tossed on the back of a cart then the 2014 Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag is definitely worth considering for this year’s bag purchase.

Price & Availability

The Sun Mountain Three 5 retails for $190.

The Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag is available in: White/Gray/Yellow, Lime/White, Red/Black/White, Black Shadow/Orange, Khaki/Camo, Black, Navy, Black/Gray/Yellow, Gray/Black/Red, and a left handed version in Black.

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  1. I have been carrying the new 3.5 for a few months now and except for the pockets dragging on the ground it is a great carry bag. I can’t understand why SM would make the pockets hang so low they are basically always touching grass, or dirt whenever I set the bag down.

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