Sun Mountain Sync Golf Bag Review

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The Sun Mountain Sync golf bag is optimized for use on a push cart.  Smart features, sturdy construction.  15 full length dividers.


One of the things that makes Sun Mountain the leader in golf bags is their commitment to making the perfect bag for every golfer.  The Sync is a wonderful example.  Rather than assuming that their industry standard cart bag, the C-130 (review HERE), will work for the push cart user, they designed a bag specifically for that player.  In this review, I’ll explore the features that make the Sync the perfect push cart bag.


The Sync displays Sun Mountain’s ability to design a bag that looks sharp without going overboard.  This is a bag that can be used by golfers of any age and style preference.  There are plenty of sharp details – I particular like the contrast colors around the zippers – but the overall look is fairly low key.

Another reason that many players gravitate toward Sun Mountain is that their bags don’t carry OEM branding.  Though it’s never bothered me, some golfers dislike the idea of carrying a bag from Brand X while playing clubs from a variety of other OEMs.

The Sun Mountain Sync comes in six colorways: cactus (green), black, charcoal/white, navy/red/white, gunmetal, and grey/cobalt (pictured here).


Strap pass-throughs have become standard on cart bags.  However, the straps on push carts are different than on riding carts, so Sun Mountain created a specialized strap pass-through.  The entire pocket lifts up (see below) to allow you to clip the straps together behind it.  Regular push cart users will immediately understand the genius of this feature.  The strap pass-through alone should put the Sync in serious consideration for any member of the Push Cart Mafia.

Also worthy of note are the 15 full length dividers.  Full length dividers are always convenient, but they’re essential on a push cart because of the way the bag leans and allows shafts and grips to tangle.  With the Sync, clubs go in and out effortlessly.  Additionally, the putter well is big enough to accommodate any grip.

Finally, Sun Mountain has loaded the Sync with storage.  There are nine pockets, many with specialized features.  The rangefinder pocket is my favorite.  It’s got structure and padding to protect your precious device, and it’s located front and center for easy access.  There’s also a ventilated cooler pocket and a water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket.


When I first unboxed the Sun Mountain Sync, I immediately noticed how much smaller and lighter it is compared to the C-130.  Even though the Sync is meant to be on a push cart, that weight reduction becomes important on the back nine and every time you take it in and out of your trunk.  Also, the smaller dimensions fit better on a push cart.  As you can see below, the base of the bag is perfectly designed for Sun Mountain Speed Cart (review HERE).

In addition to being smaller and lighter, the two handles on the top of the bag make it easy to move.  There is a single shoulder strap and a hand strap on the back of the bag, but both are tucked out of the way when the Sync is on a cart.

The final noteworthy performance feature about the Sun Mountain Sync is that every pocket is designed to be accessible when it’s on a cart.  This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many bags have inaccessible pockets.


The Sun Mountain Sync is a must-have for the pushcart user and a very strong choice for the cart rider.  This bag is loaded with smart features that will remove aggravation from your round.  It’s become my go-to bag when I’m pushing a cart.

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  1. cksurfdude

    Good info, thx! This is the kind of bag I’ve been looking for; will check it out … including to find out the weight .. which you forgot to mention in your review… If it’s under 5 it’s a winner; if it’s just over that’s still good.

  2. Tom Duckworth

    I have an old C-130 that’s still a great bag although the zipper pulls are starting to break down. I am one of those golfers that dosen’t like golf OEMs logos on my bag because I play a mixed set and just don’t want Titleist or Ping on my bag. This looks like a good replacement one day as I like to push around a cart. Very nice.

  3. Cecil w Myers

    Does anyone produce a golf bag for clubs that are 2 inchs longer. Also that will work on a electric trolley.

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