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Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Bag Review

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50 Words or Less

The Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag has been the standard bearer for cart bags for many years.  In addition to a new version of the cart bag, Sun Mountain is releasing a C-130 7-Way and a C-130S for players who ride and walk.

Want a stand on your C-130?  Check out the Sun Mountain C-130S HERE


During my years in golf retail, I sold hundreds of golf bags.  When someone came in looking for a recommendation, my default was to give them a Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Bag. Why?  Because I’ve never seen a golfer unhappy with one nor have I ever seen one returned for a defect.  This is simply the cart bag that sets the standard for all the rest.

For 2015, Sun Mountain is expanding their best-selling line threefold.  In addition to an updated C-130 Cart Bag, there is a C-130 7-Way and a C-130S stand bag.  The C-130 7-Way is exactly like the C-130 except the top doesn’t have individual club dividers.  The C-130S takes the 14-way top of the C-130 and adds a stand for the golfer who occasionally walks.

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One of the major reasons that the Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag is the company’s best seller is that the style is appropriate for any golfer, and it ages well.  You can have a C-130 that’s five or more years old and it still looks good.

That’s still true of the 2015 version, the branding is tasteful and the basic color combinations are still there, but Sun Mountain has turned up the volume on some of the colorways.  From black/citron to khaki/camo and white/lime, this is a bag that can be part of a stand out look, if that’s your personality.

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Everything about the Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Bag is first-rate when it comes to quality and construction.  I always view the handles as an easy way to assess the quality of a bag, and the C-130’s are excellent.  From the handles on the top to the shoulder strap, they’re sturdy and durable.  Similarly, the zippers have a quality feel and operate smoothly.

More than anything else, I look back to Sun Mountain’s track record from my retail experience.  Despite selling hundreds of Sun Mountain bags, I never saw one come back for a repair or defect.

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Design & Performance

For a cart bag, or any golf bag really, the quality of the design starts at the top.  This is one area that the Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag has perfected.  With 14 full-length dividers, your clubs stay organized and slide in and out easily.  Also, the dividers are well padded so you don’t get any unnecessary wear on the shafts.  The 14th section is a putter well that can easily accommodate the biggest putter grips, a necessity for a modern golf bag.  Finally, the top is laid out in such a way that each club is easily accessible when it’s on the cart.  This seems like an obvious thing, but countless bags get it wrong.

Everything else about the C-130 is equally clever.  The handles on the top make moving the bag easy, whether it’s onto the cart or into the trunk of your car.  Also, the plentiful pockets are laid out so that they’re all easily accessible when the bag is strapped into the cart.  Notice that there’s no pocket where the strap goes.  Again, this stuff seems obvious, but few companies get it right.

The C-130 Cart Bag may be a uni-tasker, but when something is the very best at what it does, that’s not a bad thing.

Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Bag_0159


As I’ve told countless golfers before, if you are exclusively a rider, you cannot go wrong with the Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Bag.  It looks great, the quality is excellent, and the way it functions on the course is exceptional.  Sun Mountain deserves high praise for designing the C-130, the definitive cart bag.

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  1. I have a problem with the c-130. While standing in my garage it frequently falls over for no reason. Yesterday, I watched it tip over with no outside force, I have often went out to the garage to find my clubs laying down no matter what I do. Have you heard of this problem with the c130? I am afraid that one day one of my clubs will be damaged because of this.

    • Matt Saternus


      The only time I’ve had a problem with a C-130, or any cart bag, tipping over is when it’s on carpeting. Perhaps there’s an issue with the weight distribution of the clubs and stuff inside your bag?



      • The problem is the bag is very light, especially at the bottom. Once you get clubs in there the bag becomes top-heavy; especially if you have nothing or not much in the bottom pockets of the bag. They should make the base a little heavier.

  2. Looks like you have a ghost buddy.

  3. This bag is advertised as having full length dividers. Not true. The butt of my clubs get hung on other clubs all the time. I’ve contacted Sun Mountain to let them know and their response was that there is only about 1 inch from the bottom of the bag to the beginning of the dividers. That is not true. I have looked down in the sections and measured it, and it’s at least 6 inches. Sun Mountain’s response was that I must be using larger grips which is why the grips hang up. I’ll keep trying. But they shouldn’t advertise full length dividers if they are not. I have one of their older (15+ years) bags and it truly does have full length dividers. No issues with the butts/grips of the club hanging up against the other clubs in the bag.

    I too have had to problem of the bag tipping over.

  4. Terry Madeira

    My C130 sucks also. They are NOT full length dividers. I took balls and anything bulky out and the clubs still jam hard. I hate this bag.

  5. Are all or any of the C-130 and C-130S made in America?

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