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The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT has taken over the throne as the best push cart in golf.  Light, compact, and easy to fold.



For over three years, I’ve pushed a Clicgear cart.  Much like my Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag, I thought it was a piece of gear I’d never replace.  Then the new Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT showed up on my door, and I realized that even the best pieces of gear can be topped.


Size & Set Up

Size and set up are two of the key reasons why I’m dumping my Clicgear for the Speed Cart GT.

The first time I picked up the Speed Cart GT, I thought to myself, “Wow, this is substantially lighter than my Clicgear.”  What’s bizarre is that the manufacturers’ specs don’t agree.  The Clicgear 3.5+ claims to be 14.5 pounds, the Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT 17.25 pounds.  I tried to weigh them on my bathroom scale, but the size of the carts made getting an accurate weight impossible.  Here’s what I know: the Speed Cart GT is both easier to pick up when it’s folded and more maneuverable on the course than my Clicgear.

Setting up the Speed Cart GT is simple.  There are two latches.  Unlock them, stretch the cart out, flip the wheel, and lock them back down.  I’ve never found the Clicgear’s set up objectionable, but, again, this is better.

Finally, we come to the all-important aspect of fitting the cart into your vehicle.  This seems like a slam dunk for the Clicgear with folded measurements of 23″ X 15″ X 13″ compared to the Speed Cart GT’s 37″ X 16″ X 13″.  In the real world, however, it’s not that simple.  The Clicgear is nearly a solid rectangle where the Speed Cart GT is more triangular – thick around the wheels but very narrow at the top.  When packing a cart into a trunk with other items, the shorter “height” of the Clicgear isn’t nearly as much of an advantage as the Speed Cart GT’s skinniness.


Storage & Accessories

The console of the Speed Cart GT is well designed and provides ample storage.  It has all the things that you’d expect from a modern push cart: valuables tray, drink holder, score card strap, and storage for balls and tees.  The mesh pouch is deep enough to hold some items securely but shallow enough for quick access.

For those interested in pimping their Speed Cart, Sun Mountain has a full line of accessories including covers, coolers, extra storage baskets, and even a seat.


On-Course Performance

My first walk with the Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT was a hilly trek at Sand Valley that drove home the value of a lightweight cart.  The main reason to use a push cart is to save your energy, and the nimble Speed Cart GT does that better than any cart I’ve tested.

I’ve used the Speed Cart GT with a variety of bag types, and it has held them all securely.  The adjustable bungee cords provide a solid grip on the bag and transition easily to accommodate slim stand bags or bulky staff bags.

Finally, the parking brake mechanism works really well.  Especially for those that play on hilly courses, this is not a throwaway point.  The brake requires virtually no energy to engage, but it takes a good tug to release it.  This is exactly as it should be since no one wants an accidental bump to result in a runaway cart



Whether you think you’re in the market for a push cart or not, the new Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT is worthy of consideration.  I was very happy with my Clicgear, but the upgrades to the Speed Cart GT make it superior in every significant way.

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  1. Bill Foley

    Weigh yourself on the scale. Then weigh yourself holding the cart and subtract the difference to figure out the weight of the cart.

  2. Diane Teeter

    What is the demensions of the back wheels when open. I need to get it through a doorway. I once had a click gear but the wheels were to wide. The one i currently have is 26” from outside both back wheels.

  3. Diane Teeter

    Can the bag be kept on of the handle is down for storage?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not sure how stable it would be, but there’s no reason the bag couldn’t stay on with the handle down.



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