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The Clicgear 3.5+ finds a way to improve on perfection.  Clicgear remains the Cadillac of push carts, and the only real choice among premium “buggies.”


I frequently tell people that in today’s golf industry there are almost no bad products.  If you want irons, there are at least a dozen sets that would perform well for you, and there probably isn’t one that’s clearly head and shoulders better than the others.

There’s at least one exception: push carts.  In the world of push carts, Clicgear has outpaced the pack so thoroughly that I can’t believe anyone uses anything else.  With their latest model, the Clicgear 3.5+, they continue to refine the design that made them the class of the field.

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Size & Set-Up

Clicgear originally made their name by creating a cart that folded up smaller than anyone else’s, and this remains a hallmark of the product.  As you can see in the picture above, the Clicgear 3.5+ fits easily in the trunk of a midsize sedan with a staff bag and room for more.  The official measurements of the 3.5+ when folded are 23″ X 15″ X 13″, or, significantly shorter than your putter.

The method of folding the Clicgear is not necessarily intuitive because it doesn’t fold like every other cart (if it did, it wouldn’t be smaller than the other carts, duh).  That said, the moving parts are brightly colored, clearly labeled, and after you set it up once or twice, you’ll never have a problem with it again.

I’m also going to mention for the first, but not only, time that everything about the Clicgear cart is really sturdy.  Lots of push carts have flimsy hardware, but the Clicgear is built to take a beating.

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Storage & Accessories

Storage is one of the areas that was upgraded on the Clicgear 3.5+, even though it was already better than virtually every other push cart.  The storage net is 80% bigger which comes in handy when you bring a rangefinder, camera, and GoPro to the course.  Even if you’re not a walking media lab, it’s a great place to throw keys, drinks, balls, etc.  Clicgear has also upped the size of the cup holder which is a big plus for those of us that like our giant water bottles.  The console remains the same and with good reason: it was already roomy and well-designed.

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When it comes to accessories, Clicgear is playing chess while the rest of the industry plays checkers.  First, their selection is huge.  You can add a seat to your cart, a steering knob, or display your GPS.  Additionally, the way that the accessories easily clip to the Accessory Tabs in whatever location you prefer is genius.  There’s no hardware involved, and you can set the cart up exactly the way you want.   For this review, I added the XL Cup Holder, Valuables/Rangefinder Bag, Umbrella Angle Adjuster, and Mitts to my Clicgear 3.5+.  While the cup holder that comes standard on the 3.5+ is big, the XL lets you super size your drink and bring it right to the course.  The Rangefinder bag is incredibly handy for those that love lasers or want their valuables stashed more securely.  The Umbrella Angle Adjuster is not only useful for maximum rain stoppage in the wind, it also adds a little extra headroom for those of us six feet and above.  Finally, though I haven’t needed them on the course yet, the Mitts will undoubtedly make late-fall golf much more pleasant.

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On-Course Performance

Clicgear’s innovative design does not stop at storing drinks and folding up small – it extends to the way that it performs on the course.  The large, airless tires that they use are now the industry standard due to being both maintenance-free and high performance.  Additionally, the 3.5+ takes a wide stance which gives it superior stability.  If you play hilly or windy courses, you can appreciate why that’s important.  Simply put, there is no terrain on a golf course that a Clicgear will have trouble handling.

It’s also evident that Clicgear spent a lot of time thinking about the comfort of the user.  The handle easily adjusts to fit golfers big and small.  The brake lever is centrally located on the handle, and the brake mechanism has been improved for this latest model.

One other improvement that’s been made with the Clicgear 3.5+ is the bag strap.  It can easily accommodate anything from a staff bag to a lightweight carry bag, and it doesn’t rely on flimsy velcro to hold your precious clubs.  The adjustments are even easier to make with this latest model, so you can switch bags as often as you want and always have a secure hold.

Finally, I want to mention again how solid the construction of the Clicgear is.  As you roll over hills and bumps, there’s no rattling, jiggling, or shaking of loose parts.  Everything on the cart is rock solid from the handle to the wheel to the straps.  This is a cart that performs well and will perform well for a long, long time.

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I don’t say this often, but the Clicgear 3.5+ push cart is truly a perfect product.  From its compact design to superior storage to exceptional on-course performance, there is nothing that this cart does not do well.  The wealth of customization options available through the accessories only makes using a Clicgear that much more enjoyable.  If you enjoy walking the course but want to stay fresh for 18 holes, adding a Clicgear push cart to your kit is a no brainer.

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  1. Krishan Nagpal

    I bought the above mentioned cart last year. Unfortunately I got a defective one from PGA store. When I put my golf bag it touches the wheel and I have hard time pushing it.

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