Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Stand Bag Review

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The Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Stand Bag has tantalizing modern looks and a full complement of features.  High quality and excellent functionality.


The Mid-Stripe Stand Bag brings a fresh, modern addition to the Sun Mountain lineup of golf bags.  Available in both single and dual strap, the Mid-Stripe collection also includes matching tees (included), towels, and alignment covers as well as the Boston Bag – which we featured in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide [check it out HERE].  I was confident that, as a Sun Mountain product, the Mid-Stripe Stand Bag would be high quality and user friendly.  But there’s no substitute for hands on testing, something we pride ourselves on at Plugged In Golf.


With its vinyl exterior, the Mid-Stripe Stand Bag exudes a retro vibe.  Yet the color combinations (frost-navy-red shown here) add a modern touch that’s very alluring.  Overall the bag has a more elevated look than the Sun Mountain bags I’m accustomed to.

The use of leather, both for accents and components, certainly factors into the upscale look.  The leather wrap on the top lift handle feels as luxurious as it looks.

I’m a big fan of minimal branding on golf bags for non-sponsored non-professional golfers, and Sun Mountain deserves kudos for the Mid-Stripe.  I found only a modest sized embossed leather patch above the side handle, and a small fabric patch below it.

The Mid-Stripe Stand Bag is available in nine colorways – a generous amount of choices.  There’s also a chrome plate which Sun Mountain will customize with your initials for an additional $20.

Want a more conventional looking Sun Mountain bag?  Check out the 4.5 LS HERE

Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Stand Bag


As I suggested in the intro, the Mid-Stripe Stand Bag is replete with features that make it user friendly.  I’ll start with the well positioned and nicely sized handles that make lifting and loading the bag simple – with the unsung hero being the handle located on the underside of the ball pocket.

With five zippered pockets and a deep, side pocket for a water bottle, the Mid-Stripe offers ample storage for a mid-size stand bag.  I appreciate that Sun Mountain designers split the velour lined pocket for better organization.

Other nice touches are the three-point umbrella holder, large chrome towel ring, and dual marker slots.  The only feature I don’t like is the leather tee holders: functional but a bit kitschy for my taste.

Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Stand Bag top


With its 9” top and four full-length divided sections, loading a full set of clubs was never an issue with the Mid-Stripe.  I’m not sure what the padded, perforated material is that’s utilized around the top, but it has a nice sturdy feel.

Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Stand Bag strap

As with every Sun Mountain golf bag I’ve enjoyed over the years, the shoulder strap system is easy to adjust and functions admirably.  The large, well-padded hip pad on the Mid-Stripe added to the comfortable carrying experience.

Being a stand bag, the legs are a critical element of overall performance, and the Mid-Stripe system is second to none.  Tilting the bag on the base extends the legs effortlessly.  The bag sits stable and secure.  The legs retract quickly and completely when the bag is picked up by the straps or either top-side handle.  If you plan to ride or utilize a push cart, the elastic loops (above) work marvelously.

Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Stand Bag


What I really like about the Mid-Stripe Stand Bag is the convergence of a fresh, modern look with quintessential Sun Mountain functionality.   And I can’t overlook the fact that every aspect of the Mid-Stripe exudes quality.  If you’re looking for a new mid-size stand bag and don’t mind others taking a second look your way, the Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe needs to be on your short list.

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  1. Looks like a copy of the”Vessel” bag line ??? Not a whole bunch of originality on Sun Mountains part. A surprise coming from them 🤔

    • Matt Meeker

      Maybe in some general respects Andy, but to me the Mid-Stripe is very unique looking. Good thing in my book, is that SM still has all their mainstay styles.

      – Meeks

  2. Adrian Senior

    At last a review of this bag that actually reviews the bag, what some people call a review is a joke. Great job, thanks for doing it properly.

  3. Just was gifted this bag and I just fell I love instantly!

  4. Anonymous

    does it fit on a push cart?

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