Sun Mountain ClubGlider Travel Edition Suitcase Review


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The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Travel Edition suitcases are made of heavy-duty materials and are a great travel option for everything that doesn’t belong in your golf bag.



Sun Mountain has made every bag golfers need from a lightweight Sunday bag to a heavy duty travel bag for the clubs, so why not venture into the world of suitcases to round out the portfolio?  Whether you’re going on a golf trip to Florida with the buddies or puddle hopping for a quick business trip, Sun Mountain now has you covered for carrying everything that isn’t a golf club.  This review will cover the new ClubGlider Travel Edition suitcases in the Sun Mountain travel bag lineup.



The Sun Mountain ClubGlider suitcases mean business without screaming “look at me and steal me off the carousel!”  The branding is all in white and the bulk of the suitcase is a black ballistic-style nylon that won’t show the inevitable dirt and wear of traveling.  Personally, I prefer my suitcases to look simple and not demand much attention, and the ClubGlider suitcase does just that while still looking cool.



Unsurprisingly, the Sun Mountain ClubGlider suitcases are just as high quality as their golf bags.  The components are extremely heavy duty such as the wheels, the zippers, extra lift handles, retractable pull handle, and the retractable legs on the bottom of the larger suitcase.  The inside of the bags are also heavy duty and will properly contain your precious cargo.  I know it sounds silly, but there’s nothing worse than a cheap suitcase that gets punctured or ripped from the inside!

The Carry-on is no less high quality than the regular suitcase.  The rolling wheels are still very sturdy and roll nicely.  All of the other major components of the Carry-on bag are just as heavy duty and will survive travel well.


Design & Performance

As expected, the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Travel Edition suitcases are well thought out and make for a good, durable travel option.  There’s plenty of room in the main compartment of the larger suitcase to store enough clothes for a standard-length vacation, and a nice range of peripheral storage for odds and ends like shoes, belts, chargers, toiletries, and extra boxes of golf balls to lose on the trip.

Personally, I found the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Carry-On to be perfect for me for a variety of reasons.  First off, the bulk of my trips don’t warrant having a full-fledged, big-time suitcase, but a backpack from high school isn’t going to do the trick for me either.  I need something that’s small and compact, but has enough space for a couple changes of clothes, the required odds and ends, and maybe a second pair of shoes…oh, and don’t forget your phone charger.


I “measured” performance based on a few criteria.  Did it hold everything I packed into it?  Check.  Were the zippers easy to use, snag free, and stayed in place?  Yep!  Ok, great, the bag’s loaded up and staying shut with everything firmly held in place by the straps found inside each piece of luggage.  The next step was to see how easy it was to transport.  The retractable pull handle was very solid, the wheels rolled very smoothly, and the bags were easy to steer and control. 

The coolest piece of design is the retractable leg system on the larger suitcase, borrowed from the Sun Mountain ClubGlider golf travel cases.  These legs are easy to pop out and immediately give the bag more support while you’re wheeling it through the airport.  Or maybe you’re navigating tight spaces with your luggage and don’t want the whole handle pulled out.  The retractable legs make pulling the bag by the soft handle a breeze.



Sun Mountain has been synonymous with high quality golf bags for decades, so it comes as no surprise to me that they were able to execute well on regular luggage.  Just like their golf bags, Sun Mountain’s ClubGlider Travel Edition suitcases are built to stand up to the rigors of travel with their heavy duty materials and practical designs.  Ditch that dusty luggage you pulled out of your grandpa’s attic and upgrade to the new Sun Mountain ClubGlider Travel Edition suitcases.

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    When we travailing around the world we need a very much lightweight bags which are soft-sided. If you take harder bag to then could be easily damaged, then go with a harder side piece of luggage.

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