SQAIRZ Golf Shoe Review

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SQAIRZ golf shoes are some of the most stable I’ve ever worn.  Square toe is roomy and comfortable.  Heavy.  Surprisingly comfortable for walking.

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SQAIRZ golf shoes has taken the expression “starting off with a bang” very seriously.  They launched with an endorsement by Hall of Famer Nick Faldo who calls SQAIRZ, “The best golf shoes I’ve ever worn.”  Then they backed that up with a shoe that promises no less than improved balance, stability, accuracy, distance, and comfort, which is to say, everything.  I was eager to test a pair for myself to see how they stacked up to the established names in golf footwear.


Let’s start with the namesake SQAIRZ toe.  As someone who has worn TRUE Linkswear for years, a wide toe box doesn’t bother me, so a wide and square toe doesn’t bother me either.  Those that need a slender profile may feel differently.

Overall, the SQAIRZ 20/20 – the style seen here – has a look that doesn’t excite me or turn me away.  It’s not overly loud – the shoe is predominantly black – but it’s not a traditional looking shoe either.  For $200, I’d like a more premium look, but, ultimately, this is a shoe that I’ll wear on the course if it performs.

SQAIRZ has launched with two styles, the 20/20, seen here, and the Arrow.  Each shoe comes in two colorways.  The 20/20 is available in Black with Red and Grey with Blue.  The Arrow comes in Black with Grey and White with Red.


We can start with the obvious part: the square toe gives your feet a lot of room to spread out, which is certainly preferable to having your toes smashed together.  SQAIRZ are comfortable out of the box but not overly cushioned.  There is padding around the collar and tongue which insures against pressure points or unpleasant rubbing.

In terms of height, SQAIRZ lean toward the traditional end of the spectrum.  The heel does not feel as tall as a FootJoy, but it’s nowhere near as low to the ground as TRUE.  These shoes also run slightly larger – I wore the same size 13 that I do in FootJoy.

The sole of the SQAIRZ 20/20 uses six replaceable spikes.  This is fewer than many other current spiked shoes – some use are many as nine – and I’ll discuss traction shortly.  What I want to mention here is that having fewer spikes on the sole actually made me notice them more.  They weren’t painful or uncomfortable, but I could clearly identify where each spike was under my foot.

Finally, one unique feature of SQAIRZ is the STA-PUT lace.  Each lace has small silicone squares that lock it in place.  The friction does make it a little more laborious to snug the shoe initially, but these laces do earn their name: I found no slippage or need to re-tie while wearing them.


While the square toe gets top billing, the Torque Generation System (TGS) is what I was most interested in testing.  I found a very noticeable difference in head to head testing between SQAIRZ and my favorite spikeless golf shoes.  The shoes felt rooted to the ground, and the TPU heel stabilizer kept my foot secure within the shoe.

While feeling stable is great, what I really want is more ball speed, so I tested SQAIRZ against other shoes on grass with my launch monitor.  While I didn’t generate any more club head speed with the SQAIRZ, I did find a little more ball speed.  I attribute this to being more grounded and stable – thus making better contact – through an all-out swing.  Additionally, I think it’s possible that I might find more swing speed in the SQAIRZ if I were to spend more time in them and get used to being slightly higher off the ground.

Another element that needs to be mentioned is weight.  Each SQAIRZ 20/20 shoe weighs over 20 ounces.  That’s over twice as much as my TRUE OG Feel [review HERE].  Surprisingly, they aren’t bad to walk in.  They wouldn’t be my choice for walking 36 in a day, but for 18 holes they were comfortable.

Finally, SQAIRZ has a unique offer with each pair of shoes: Spikes 4 Life.  SQAIRZ recommends changing your spikes every 10-15 rounds, and they will provide you with a new set of PIVIX spikes for $5.99 shipping and handling (if you live in North America).  A quick search showed me that this is a nice savings compared to $12-$18 for a set of 18 from most golf retailers.


If having your feet feel rock-solid in the turf is a high priority for you, I give the SQAIRZ a very strong recommendation.  They are heavy, but they’re comfortable and are guaranteed to keep your feet dry.  Each pair comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk in giving them a try.

Matt Saternus


  1. Just picked up a pair of these myself. They are quite heavy which I think lends to some stability. This is a tough shoe to reach for in the summer because of the materials.

    Would be super cool to see a summer/mesh version :)

  2. I love the shoes I feel very stable and grounded Better ball contact

  3. What’s the difference between the 20/20 & Arrow models?

  4. Why are women’s always the last to evolve?

    • Mike Ruedisueli

      I wear a 12 in foot joys would I order the same?

    • I agree. Women need good golf shoes as well

    • Agree women are not included in latest designs in shoes or clubs or shafts and th lis goes on

      • Supply and demand. More male golfers than ladies. And women are much more sensible and frugal in their golf spending. Men? We go into a golf store, open our wallet and say “please take my money”. ;-)

        I wore Allen-Edmonds golf shoes for close to 15 years, playing 3 days/week in a northern state. Every time I shined them, they looked new. Heavy, but STABLE. I finally the them out after entire spike sockets fell out. They wouldn’t resole then. If these Squairz are anything like the AE shoes, I’ll buy them.

  5. I love my Sqairz shoes. I echo Matt’s comments regarding a very stable base versus my foot joys. I’ve played 36 with them a few times this year with no problems. They are very comfortable. Regarding the silicon squares, I usually walk and have yet to have to tie my shoes during the round. With my foot joys, I would have to tie them at least once at the turn.

    • When you initially tie your shoe loop the lace twice around the loop before pulling it through to complete the bow. You will never have to re-tie your shoes again

  6. Matt:

    I wear a size 9 extra wide in a Footjoy Fury. I did not see any wide sizes on their website. If I get a size 9 1/2 in the Sqairz would that be similar in size to my size 9 extra wide in the Footjoy I am wearing. My tennis shoe is a size 10 wide. Go figure?

  7. Scott Johnson

    Got a pair 2 weeks ago .feel ok but something is definitely wrong with swing. it may be $200 smackers down the drain. My weight is not in the right place.played with fj this morning. game is back. Maybe Nick Faldo will give me a lesson to use them.cant slow down hips.

    • Don’t slow down your hips, speed up your hands. Check out Athletic Motion Golf on Instagram –they did a nice video on this issue.

  8. ronald marotta

    Did not see a response to Henry Kurtz regarding width,I wear an xtra wide,will these shoes work for me?

    • Matt Saternus


      These shoes don’t feel extremely wide, so I doubt they would be comfortable for you if you need an extra wide typically.


  9. How different between 20/20 and Arrow? I wear size 7 1/2 EEE with other brand. What size should I order in SQAIRZ 20/20?

    • Matt Saternus

      I haven’t tried the Arrow, so I can’t speak to relative fit.
      I don’t think the SQAIRZ come in widths, so if you need a wider than normal shoe, I’m not sure this will work.


  10. gary griffin

    Do you think that they will make a more affordable 20/20?

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s possible that if the company is successful, they will be able to lower their manufacturing costs and pass on the savings to the consumers, but I would not bank on that happening in the near future.


  11. Why pay $200 for a man made shoe when you can get Ecco Gore Tex for that price.

  12. Pat McCurrin

    Where can these be purchased

  13. Unfortunately, not available in 14.

  14. William SARVER

    Unfortunately, they are too tall for my foot and kill my ankle bones but a 30 day money back guarantee is worthless when they don’t respond to emails or phone calls. Nobody answers customer service calls.

  15. Steve Christensen

    Got the black 11 1/2 and enjoy them. I walk a very difficult 7,100 yard hilly course and no complaints. Liked them enough that I bought the white/blue. True to size for me…

  16. I purchased a pair of these, and have to say that overall they were a good shoe. The STA-PUT laces were a bit gimmicky, and turned out not to work for me. When I put the shoes on and tightened the laces, the silicone nodules popped off in the lace holes leaving just plain shoe laces. Aside from the laces, I found the shoes felt planted and very stable under the stress of a full swing. I felt that I might have gained a few mph…but I never measured with a swing monitor…but I just felt more confident giving full shots “the business” especially when distance matters off the tee. They were heavier than expected, but still relatively comfortable (maybe a bit warm for summer rounds). My main issue was that after size 12 they don’t come in half sizes. I wear a size 12 1/2 or 13, depending on show manufacturer. I ended up purchasing a 13 which was a bit too large, and therefore not comfortable to walk in by the end of a round. I tried to talk myself into keeping the shoes because I really like the wider base (used to wear Bite golf shoes before they went under because of their wide base), but reason won out over emotion. Customer service was EXCELLENT, btw…All calls were answered, all my questions were answered, and they were understanding and prompt when I called to say I was returning the shoes. They immediately sent clear return instructions via e-mail. Gotta respect that. I tried not to mention the price here, I promise…but I couldn’t ignore that at $200 these shoes cost me more than any one club in my bag (even my Calloway Rogue Driver…on clearance of course). I don’t think I’ve seen a more expensive golf shoe and I’m sure most shoes worn by tour pros are under 200 bucks. That said, I wish they offered a 12 1/2…I think despite the price they would have been my go-to golf shoe.

  17. Shannon dann Robinson

    It is very interesting to here all the comments ref these new golf shoes but I find it difficult to find them here in Germany or UK are they going to be available in the Home of Golf or is it only be a US ,Canada buy where the cost would be more ex’s pensive form the European Golfers to get and try the she owe four golf shops in German golf clubs and I could imagine a
    T the Europeans would buy themEspecially the Germans and the Brits after all Germany has 800 golf club and active playing members of 790,000 this a market that should not be ignored.

  18. Patrick Carrus

    Where are they made???????

  19. I have purchased the shoes and found them very comfortable. In fact it could be the best fitting shoes I have ever worn. My question is are they waterproof. When I spoke to customer service before I purchased them I was told they came with a 2 year waterproof guarantee but after wearing them for 3 rounds I found the inside of the shoe completely soaked. Underneath the insole was totally wet and I can only assume that everything just wicked up the entire inside of the shoe.. I had the shoes for 7 days and when I called Squairz they did not believe me. Said it was impossible. They finally agreed to replace the shoe what wanted to charge me a $12.99 restocking fee because I wore them and was told they could not be resold. If they cannot be resold then why a restocking fee? I fought with them on that too. I was told they would send another pair once they received the original pair back. That makes sense but so much for customer service. If I purchase golf shoes form any golf store (PGA Superstore, Golf Galaxy, etc.) and wear them 3 times bring them back a week later guess what, they will replace them or refund my money no questions asked. Customer service at this place was the opposite. A company that sells shoes on line only and fights with a customer about a return/replacement is a little out of it. The shoes are very comfortable , a big plus.. I cannot say anything about increased distance. BUT THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS !!!

  20. Bruce Wenmoth

    Customer service is terrible! Ordered a pair 1 /2 size too large. Tried to contact customer service to return. No response for two days. Then acknowledge my request to return. Told me I couldn’t return for next size down. Easier to return one and reorder. Next day, another rep contacted me, overrode the first rep free return, saidI had to pay for return but could keep the free socks they enclosed($13/ pr) to offset the $16 return fee..these guys are amateurs trying to compete with the big boys. Save yourself the hassle of buying a clunky shoe at premium pricing with terrible customer service, buy a foot joy , or Ecco, or even sketcher and don’t deal with this wannabe startup.. ps- how they got Daly to endorse I get.. but Faldo?? Sir Nick, I thought you had a little more integrity…

  21. Bernie Nikolai

    I bought a pair and like them EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THEY ARE WAY TOO HOT ON MY FEET. I walk 9 holes, and by the 5th hole at only outside temperatures around 15C to 20C (60 F to 70F) my feet feel like they have been in plastic bags. I do not normally have “hot feet” in any other golf shoe. So I will be using these only as “cold weather” golf shoes for early spring or late fall. I suppose if you get the version with the pores on the top this would help. But be warned, way too hot on your feet if you like to walk. Even with a power cart by the back 9 my feet get too hot and sweaty.

  22. Carl Schultz

    Worst shoes I have ever worn playing golf, highly recommend not buying these shoes. Very heavy and extremely uncomfortable.

  23. I purchased the Sqairz Arrow Black with Grey and they stated the size would be the same as my FootJoy’s however they were much smaller and very narrow. Returned them since I don’t like how narrow and tight they felt and they don’t offer any other widths. Customer service is lacking and I have been trying to get my refund for over a month now.

    • I bought a pair a year ago. The waterproof bladder made it impossible to fit my right( slightly larger) ankle into the shoe. I think they all have the bladder though so no customer here.

  24. Martin Huebner

    Despite getting a thinner insole ( after dealing with an arrogant sales rep) to alleviate an ongoing blister problem on both heels which continues to this day. I finally gave up on these overpriced shoes. I’m a former course superintendent & still in the business on a seasonal basis. Been playing 50+years & have never had this problem with a wide variety of shoes. Poorly made overhyped ,overpriced, product. Just threw mine in the garbage then decided to write this review to warn off potential customers !!!!!

  25. John Milone

    I called them to ask them about their shoes and their warranties, and they didn’t even know that the shoe had a two-year waterproof warranty. They did tell me that in order to return the shoes under their 30 day no risk warranty that I could not have worn them first. Sounds crazy that you can’t try a golf shoe on the course and you have to wear them in the house only to determine if you would like the shoe before the warranty kicks in. I will not buy a product that has a phony warranty like that. I’ll stick with my Ecco’s!

  26. Carl Bannerman

    Found them to be hot and heavy. quite high and irritate my fore-ankle (if that’s a word). Not comfortable. Very pricey if ordering from Canada, (exchange rate, customs duty and taxes, federal and provincial taxes (HST)). Almost almost C$400 by the time I got them. Would not recommend.

  27. I was very excited to get a pair of these after seeing the endless commercials. I liked the idea of a wider golf shoe. Here is my advice- Do Not Buy These Shoes. 1. Very heavy and stiff. I walk 36 to 54 holes a week. After wearing them around my house when I received them I could not believe how uncomfortable and heavy they were. 2. Customer service is lacking. Yes they offer free shipping to you. But if you need to return them. You pay for shipping and a $13 restocking fee. So it cost me $40 to try on a pair of shoes. 3. If these shoes are so good why don’t I see them more on the links? When I compare them to another sports product upstart, GLADE ski googles they fall far short. Glade makes a great product and has only positive comments and outstanding customer service. SQAIRZ not so much. Very disappointed in the whole experience and product. Buyer beware.

  28. Charlie Neal

    Bought a pair of Arrow Gray/Gray size 12 September 2020. Took a month to adjust to feel – weight and heel curvature. Now my preferred shoe!

    Was wearing ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 GTX Golf Shoes size 12. Super comfortable for walking. But they were slipping on full swings. Thought I was over swinging so dialed back a bit – with some distance loss.

    The SQAIRZ were a gamble given the hype and price, but have delivered! Very stable – rock solid and NO slipping! Back to confident and full speed swing with a bit more driver distance 12 yards over the ECCO. Very surprised and pleased.

    Have walked several rounds of 27 holes on hilly courses without any issues. Plenty of toe and width room. No moisture issues. Have not tried to order new spikes as yet. Would like to see a light beige/light gray color scheme. Would recommend, but realize may not be for all.

  29. Trust me and do not try it. The shoe is very uncomfortable and has no cushion or rebound when walking. You literally feel every spike underneath you. Furthermore, their return policy is the worst in the industry. You have to pay a $13 restocking fee on top of a $10 return shipping fee equating to a $23 LOSS if you don’t like the shoe and want your money back. Basically you have to pay $23 to just try the shoe, which was a complete waste in my opinion. Go with the new adidas shoes like the CodeChaos which are cheaper and more comfortable.

  30. Very disappointed with these shoes. Wore them for the first time today. Extremely heavy and uncomfortable. Did nothing for distance. In fact I hit the ball worse wearing these shoes. Too bad they don’t have a return policy.

  31. Ordered a pair of Sqairz shoes, size 9, per the recommendations of their website based on my current golf shoes. They came in but seemed a little big. I called CS to see about getting an 8.5 sized pair to see if they fit better. They said I could do an exchange but would need to return the size 9’s first. I told them I wanted to keep the 9’s incase the 8.5’s were to tight and send back the other pair, much the same policy as Zappos and other shoe providers. They said I would need to order another pair to do that, then send the other pair back and get a refund. I was Ok with this until I found out that the 8.5 pair would cost me $179 vs the $169 I paid for the size 9’s, AND, If I returned the size 9’s I would get my refund of only $169. This basically means my exchange would cost me $10 for diff size + $13 restocking + $10 shipping. For a new shoe company trying to start out, this is the wrong direction. I’m just going to return the pair with the free socks (that are Huge and don’t fit right) and just eat the restocking fee. In addition, like others on here, they are heavy and not really that comfortable, especially for the price.

  32. In this day and age clients want a free no hassle return policy and to return purchases in multiple ways. Squairz misssd the boat and has a return fee and shippping fee so if you are not quite sure about your shoe size in golf shoes (they certainly vary) and like me are either a size 12 or 12.5 (and they don’t offer a 12.5) this is just a non starter. I don’t feel like I can trust their size chart knowing I would stll have to pay a return fee and shipping fee after dishing out $200. I would like to try a pair but the fee for return policy is just a non-starter, far cry from Amazon or most retailers. They have a huge advertsing budget, hope they survive, but they did not get the basic blocking and tackling right.

  33. James Yunker

    Horrible shoes DO NOT BUY THESE SHOES! I have a pair and I’ve been trying to return them for a year. I get no response. They are uncomfortable and look like they are made of plastic.

  34. Michael John Massoni

    Been wearing these off and on for about a year. They are fairly comfortabel but as theyve worn down a little bit I have had several incidents where my right foot completely came out from under me on the downswing. They are very hard to keep the grass out of the channels on the soles, even when cleaned out I have slipped.

  35. Chuck Jedlicka

    I generally do not write reviews, but feel compelled after reading all of the above reviews.
    I have 2 pair of Sqairz Arrow. Blk/Grey and Silver/Wht. Both are very comfortable (size 11 – more on this later), laces perform as advertised, cleat placement is excellent.
    As for sizing, it’s a bit of a gamble. I wear a size 12 in my Asics running shoes, so going with an 11 in Sqairz was a guess on my part. I have 5 pairs of FootJoys, all in different sizes based on the model of the shoe; ranging from 10.5 – 12. None of the FootJoys actually fit correctly. I also find the spike placement on FJ’s clunky. So, when I ordered my Squirz, because of the design, I averaged out and came up with size 11 and they fit perfectly. I’ve played them all summer here in the Pacific Northwest, in temps as high as 98º and never felt like my feet were hot and sweaty. As recently as last week, I played one of the last open courses here, where drainage is an issue (stepping into puddles in the middle of the fairway), and never had any dampness in the shoe. Overall the shoe is amazing!
    Now for the negative – Customer Service and fulfilling of paid for items. THIS is where the company fails miserably. I ordered my second pair, during a promotion in September 2021. The promotion was $30 off shoes, a shoe bag, 3 pair of socks, and a set of spikes (which they charged $6.99 shipping). I received the shoes and socks, but as of today, December 12,2021, I’m still awaiting the shoe bag and spikes! I’ve contacted customer service 3 times via email, and did get responses from them, in a pretty timely manner (so that’s a small plus), but each time I got a canned response that the bag and spikes were backordered but would be in within 7-10 days, and be shipped then. Well, 3 months later I still haven’t received them. My last email to CS I called him out on the canned response of 7-10 days, and he finally fessed up and said the items were on a container ship and they had no timeframe of when they would be unloaded and sent to their warehouse.
    Most reputable companies would offer some sort of compensation for the delay, i.e. free shipping for spikes, a free pair of socks etc. But that is not the case with Sqairz, they offer nothing. So overall I give the shoe 5 stars, but I do not recommend doing business with this company. They do not inspire trust nor do they care about paying customers.

  36. Roger Stanton

    Just try calling their customer service number. It won’t be answered. The idea that there is NO RISK is pure bunk. I purchased a pair, size 11. The same size of golf shoe I’ve worn all of my adult life. These shoes were simply too short. I tried numerous times to contact customer service to arrange an exchange. No answer, left multiple messages. No return calls. I send numerous emails to their customer service and finally got a response over two weeks later. It costs to send the shoe in for an exchange. They require you to purchase another shoe. I sent back the wrong sized shoes in the original packaging and thank the heavens I demand a return receipt from UPS. 2 weeks went by with no refund. Tried calling – of course no answer. Multiple unanswered emails. 4 weeks after they had supposedly got my return shipment, I get an email telling me that have no report that I returned the shoes. Gave them the UPS return tracking number. Received an email that the UPS tracking number I supplied wasn’t valid. I sent them the original UPS receipt in a PDF. No response for a week. Finally got an email saying they would refund the purchase price. The fact is they didn’t refund the purchase price, they found a way to deduct shipping and tax. TAX?
    So don’t believe me and others here – just try calling their customer care line and see if someone actually answers. By the way, the shoes they sent me didn’t fit either. So I’ll eat the cost and NEVER do business with them again.

  37. Beverley Carleton

    Very heavy, hot & UNCOMFORTABLE. I need a wide shoe & these are sloppy on me. I feel I received a man’s shoe not a ladies. The arch support is totally in the wrong place. My foot slides forward, I walk & after 18 holes my toes & feet were very sore. I thought after ‘breaking them in’ they’d be better so I tried another round. It took a week for my feet to recover.
    By the time I paid exchange, duty & taxes they cost me $400.00! What a waste.

  38. Bought a pair from Amazon, yay, free returns!! Was super excited to try these. Unfortunately, after wearing them around the house for 20 minutes, my feet hurt. They’re really heavy and stiff. I don’t need combat boots to play golf in. Going to the Ecco store today for my new shoes. Oh, I’m normally an 11 wide. These were a bit snug on the sides, so have no idea how the reviews normally wearing 4E fit? I don’t believe them.

  39. Just Got my( Speed) shoes and I want to write a quick review . I ordered the shoes on Line , and after reading the above Post and Reviews was very concerned , upon receiving a email conformation of the order which got deleted by mistake by me, I called the company ( Worried about customer Service after reading the post above) They picked up on the third Ring and Sent me an email copy of the order as I was on the phone and told me my shoes would be here Friday . got them Friday. I have played Two Rounds and I am very happy with them , Look good , Feel Good and , really do feel the Ground During the Swing (subtle ) but can tell there is a difference , love the Laces . So far very happy with the whole Product and Service for the company



  41. Walter Rondesko

    I walk all golf courses within reason and carry my bag at age 67. The first two rounds the shoes felt pretty food but eventually on my left foot the ball of my foot got extremely painful and the back of my heel started to blister. Tried a ball of foot cushion and a couple of bandages for the blistering. Does not seem to help. The right foot is okay but still feels hard. No cushioning in the shoes. I want to send back now but I see the reviews about returning. But I guess losing 23 bucks to return will not be a total loss.

  42. Dan Doughty

    Until you are able to try on a pair before purchase, I would avoid these shoes…or until Sqairz offers free return. Sqairz is quite disingenuous concerning their return policy. One might even say deceptive. There is no free return. You will pay the price.

  43. rog dickson

    Have had the right shoe in to company for 6 weeks. A spike holder came out of the shoe. It’s been a long time and no real good means to talk to anyone on the status of the repair. Just keep getting email saying ticket closed and will reinitiate. Today talked to live body, but he too needed to send email to “someone” in the company on status.
    Shoe is comfortable but service is not good on issues.

  44. Very good post. I absolutely appreciate this website.

    Stick with it!

  45. Greg Ferris

    Best golf shoes I’ve ever worn. I took advantage of the replacement spike offer and customer service told me that I had to order two packages of spikes and I would have to pay two shipping charges. When the spikes arrived there were enough spikes in one package to do both shoes. I emailed and then called customer service to request that I be refunded one of the shipping fees. I was told that I would get a response from a manager. I’ve not heard anything from them.

  46. William A. Glenn

    why have you sent me through all of this on line BS and not offered me a place to order shoes?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not sure if you’re directing this comment to the right person. This is Plugged In Golf. We don’t sell anything, we just provide golfers with information – for free.


  47. I bought a pair of Sqairz several months ago and liked the fit and feel, especially the toe room since my toes feel cramped in all my older shoes. So, I bought a second pair. My problem is that the top part of the shoes is fraying all the way around. I’ve never had this problem with any other shoe. I contacted Sqairz – even sent them pics – and they decided my shoe horn was causing the problems so it wasn’t their fault. First off, good shoe horns do NOT cause fraying. Second, it’s beyond me how a shoe horn could cause fraying near the laces. Bottom line is that I’ll never buy from them again. I’ll keep searching for a good fitting shoe elsewhere. This is absolutely not a $200 shoe!

  48. Joseph Bilek

    Buyer Beware!!!! Bought these shoes using my normal golf shoe size. At the start these shoes were giving me blisters on my toes and not comfortable, however I thought after the breaking period would be comfortable. These shoes gave me nothing but painful blisters. Because it was after the 30 days money back guarantee customer service would not exchange them for a 1/2 size larger. Paying $200 for golf shoes that hurt your feet is just a bad design and not caring for the customer is just bad service period. Do not waste your money or time with this company. All they want is your money!!!!

  49. Gary Freund

    Bought a pair in 10/2020, when they arrived wore them around the basement just to see that the fit was correct. Everything felt great, really happy to have ordered them. I live in Illinois so weather permitting first chance to wear them was in June of 2021. Wore them everything good. wore them about 13 more times that year because I like switching out pairs, no big deal. Was injured in an accident in September of 2021, could not play until August of 2022 in which I wore them another 7 times, still no problems. Next time wearing them was this year 2023 second week of April, weather was unusually warm in the 80’s put them on and by the 5th hole my left foot on the 3 smallest toes and bottom of foot became ache, burning and cramping. Took the shoe off and checked the inside with my hand, felt nothing noticeable. After rubbing the pain away about 10 minuets I put the shoe back on started to play and it happened again. This time took the shoe off and removed the insert and found two lumps coming up from the sole of the shoe. Went to my car and put my other pair of golf shoes on, and was able to play with no pain.
    Emailed “Sqairz” with my complaint, would not even consider to have me mail back my shoes so they could investigate them. Offered me a 30.00 credit if I would wish to buy another pair. Now I keep my shoes in pristine shape, so that’s a slap in my face. You would think they would do anything to make their shoe better for all but, screw the consumer. Plus, I am a 2 HDCP so I believe I have some experience in how shoes and other golfing accessories should work. Not to mention that I was mainly willing to send them back at my own expense so they could look at them and see maybe there was a defect in the shoe and fix the problem so some else doesn’t have that issue.

  50. Anonymous


  51. Ty Simmons

    I bought a pair of bold shoes. I have a 4E wide foot. Theses shoes come 2E. I thought they were extra wide shoes, they are not…. Only come in a wide. Buyer beware if you have an extra wide foot. Other than that I think they are a good shoe. Stairs!!!! Make theses shoes in a variety of widths…. One size does not fit all

  52. Ira Goodman

    It appears I am not the only one with a defective shoe from Sqairz. My shoes are 2 1/2 years old and the shoe on the left foot has come apart. I have sent several emails to Avalyn stating the problem with the left shoe and all they offered me was a$30.00 discount to purchase a new pair of their shoes. I feel that this is a slap in the face and I am sure that Nick Faldo would agree. I am not sure that he would want to continue as a sponsor for Sqairz

  53. I didn’t change the spikes the first 25 rounds and now can’t find a good tool to remove them. Are they ruined? I have purchases 4 pairs and they are useless without spikes!!

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