SQAIRZ SPEED2 Golf Shoe Review

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The SQAIRZ SPEED2 golf shoes are extremely stable with great traction.  Lighter than the originals but still heavy.  Comfortable.  Extremely tall heel.


SQAIRZ golf shoes made their debut about four years ago with Nick Faldo claiming they were the “best golf shoes I’ve ever worn.”  Since then, they’ve validated the hype with a PGA Tour win on the feet of Sepp Straka and endorsements from John Daly and Mark Calcavecchia.

For 2024, SQAIRZ is revamping their entire lineup with fresh looks and new styles.  In this review, I’ll take a look at the SPEED2 to see how the company has evolved their footwear.


The SQAIRZ SPEED2 looks like what it is: a golf shoe designed around speed and stability.  SQAIRZ kept the toe clean, putting the focus on the squared off toe which is designed to aid in alignment.  Moving to the midfoot, there are waves embossed into the white, highlighted by slashes of black that fade out.  The SPEED2 gets much busier around the heel with SQAIRZ branding, mesh around the opening, a black and blue stripe, and a black heel loop.

Overall, I think the SPEED2 does offer an aesthetic improvement on SPEED.  The graphics and multi-material look have been toned down to fit the modern aesthetic.  This is still a very athletic-looking, non-traditional shoe, but it’s closer in appearance to similar offerings from the bigger names.

The SQAIRZ SPEED2 is available in five colorways: white/black (shown here), white/teal, white/navy, black/grey, and grey/blue.


That ultra-wide, square toe is not only a standout visual feature, it’s immediately noticeable when you slide your feet into the shoes.  Not only is the toe box wide, the entire shoe feels very wide.  Players with wider feet or those who feel claustrophobic in traditional shoes will love this fit.

In terms of cushioning, the SQAIRZ SPEED2 is in the middle of the bell curve.  The feel underfoot is medium, not marshmallow soft nor firm.  Similarly, the cushioning feels about average in thickness.  I like this as it keeps me more connected to the ground, but if you want pillows on your feet, these aren’t for you.


The SQAIRZ SPEED2 golf shoes carry forward the most impressive feature from the original: tremendous traction.  The sole has six removable spikes and some of the most aggressive “built-in” spikes that you’ll find.  I felt completely rooted to the ground with these shoes, particularly in the heel.  If traction is a major consideration for you, you should definitely try SQAIRZ.

Not only does the SPEED2 have great traction, the added width throughout the shoe makes it very stable.  Similar to the new FootJoy Pro/SLX [review HERE], I felt like I could not get “outside” the shoe, even when I swung wildly.  I will note, however, that the added width inside the shoe left me feeling somewhat disconnected.  There were no issues when I was swinging, but, especially in a stability shoe, I would prefer a fit that more closely binds my foot to the shoe.

My final in-swing performance note is that the heel of the SQAIRZ SPEED2 is taller than any golf shoe I’ve ever worn.  I generally regard FootJoy shoes as having tall heels, but this is definitively taller.  While this is not objectively positive or negative, it is not my preference, and it required some getting used to.  If you’ve traditionally worn FootJoy, the transition should be smooth.  If you’re used to a natural motion shoe like TRUE Linkswear, the SPEED2 will feel wildly different.

One thing that SQAIRZ is pushing with the SPEED2 is reduced weight.  The original SQAIRZ golf shoes were some of the heaviest that I’ve ever tested [review HERE].  The SPEED2 is lighter by over an ounce, but it’s still one of the heavier shoes you’ll find.  That said, the SPEED2 does not feel nearly as heavy as it is, and it’s very comfortable to walk in.  For the occasional walker, I think these are a fine choice.

Finally, the SQAIRZ SPEED2 feature Sta-Put laces and are “100% waterproof”.  The Sta-Put laces, a hallmark of SQAIRZ, feature small rubber squares to keep them in place.  They work just as advertised, barely needing to be tied.  Regarding the waterproofing, the SPEED2 kept my foot dry in moderate dew, but they do not come with a waterproof guarantee.


The SQAIRZ SPEED2 golf shoes retain the best features of the original while improving on the look and weight.  If you prioritize traction and stability, the SPEED2 is among the best golf shoes you can buy.


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  1. “but they do not come with a waterproof guarantee” Interesting, this would probably keep me from buying them.

  2. Wayne Cothran

    Where can I purchase sqairz golf shoes

  3. Randy Siedschlag


    Did your swing speed increase wearing them?

    • Matt Saternus


      Not measurably, no. They feel very stable, and I felt grounded when creating max speed, but my speed did not increase.



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