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Soul Run Free Pro HD Earphones Review

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With Bluetooth technology and outstanding sound, the Soul Run Free Pro HD earphones keep your golf swing unobstructed for an enjoyable practice session.


Do you listen to music or talk on the phone at the driving range?  Or wish you could, but the wires just get in the way?  The Soul Run Free Pro HD may be for you.  The wireless, Bluetooth earphones are designed for active use and guaranteed to stay on.  And if you do talk on the driving range – please stop.

Setup & Ease of Use

Coming pre-charged, setup is as simple as pairing the Soul Run Free Pro HD with your phone or other music device per the instructions.  One tip – a flashing blue LED light means the unit is on.  Wait the 5 seconds as instructed for the blue AND red lights to flash.  It took me two attempts since I misunderstood “blue/red,” and released the button too early.

The control module shown above is straight forward once you see the simple diagram in the user guide.  The center “S” section controls on/off, play/pause, and the phone answer/end options.  The “+” section is volume up with each click, or track forward holding it down for 2 seconds.  The “-“ section is just the opposite.  My only complaint about use is I couldn’t feel the difference between +, S and -, which caused me to take a moment to determine my hand position.  The more I used the controls the quicker I was able to manipulate them.


The Soul Run Free Pro HD earphones come pre-installed with medium ear tips and regular earlocks.  As you can see in the picture above, the opaque ear tips sizes do vary.  I tried them all and the medium was the best fit for me.

The earlock functions by fitting into the round alcove of your ear next to the ear hole.  It’s really quite ingenious.  I swapped in the expanded blue earlocks, but they were so big I couldn’t fit the unit into my ear.  I’m not sure who or what the black foam ear tips are intended for (the user guide only states they are included), but they weren’t as comfortable as the others.


Let’s start with sound quality – it’s excellent.  I’d grown accustomed to Apple earbuds and some relatively inexpensive others for years now, and the Soul Run Free Pro HD blew me away as soon as I fired up my first song.  There was no distortion or degradation of sound quality as I cranked up the volume or turned it way down low.  Operational range was around 10 yards – plenty for keeping the source in your pocket or golf bag.

I started off swing testing with the cord behind my neck and earphones in the ‘regular’ position – wires hanging straight down from the ears.  The earphones stay nice and secure, but the control module flapped around a bit due to its weight – which is slight.  My preference was to have the cord hanging in the front and utilizing the provided clip to anchor the unit so that it moved where I moved.  The ‘over-ear’ position, with the cord running behind my neck, never felt comfortable.  With the weight of the control unit just behind my ear, the left side felt fairly secure, but the cord around my right ear moved all around in a distracting way.


For a training session on the driving range or putting green, the Soul Run Free Pro HD is a great way to listen to music.  With no cords hanging around your body and a secure fit in your ears, you’re free to focus on your practice.  The controls are easy to master and all the components store neatly in the compact carrying case.

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  1. Mine is only blinking blue and not showing in bluetooth. btw i just found this on the bus someone left en

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