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The Somax Power Hip Trainer is a training aid designed to give athletes faster rotation and a greater range of motion in their hips.



Growing up, one of my favorite things to do in the summer was to watch the infamous infomercials from Orlimar Tri-Metal, Adams Tight Lies, and Carbite putter making claims at revolutionizing the game.  As an adult, my golf infomercial expertise has made me weary of any new grassroots product I see pop up.  This was my exact reaction to the Somax Power Hip Trainer.  A friend of mine told me about it, so I did some research on the internet where the product proved very polarizing.  Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me so I reached out to Somax to learn more about their Power Hip Trainer.

The Somax Power Hip Trainer is supposed to give athletes increased hip speed and a better range of motion.  Golfers are supposed to be able to increase their swing speed up to 25 mph and more with continuous workouts.  While the Somax materials provide a lot of material and information to digest, I ended up fairly intrigued and eager to test the claim.


Ease of Use & Setup

First and foremost, when the Somax Power Hip Trainer shows up at your door it is HEAVY.  The box contains the heavy metal base plate that you stand on to do the drills so the weight makes sense.  Once you put the base on the provided rubber mat on the floor, all you have to do is put the spring into the base and lock it with a pin, then attach the hip cinch to the spring pole with another pin.  That’s it, you’re ready to get to work.


Before doing any workouts, you need to know what you’re doing and the right drills to realize the benefits of the Power Hip Trainer.  First, you are supposed to read the provided document which is minimal and doesn’t take much time.  Next, there is an included DVD which walks you through setup as well as the logic behind the Hip Trainer as well as some other materials and concepts from Somax.  Though the information is relevant, the DVD’s introduction felt a little over the top and similar to the infomercials mentioned earlier.  There’s a lot of information to digest, and it quickly gets somewhat overwhelming.  Once you get into the actual drills, it’s pretty easy to follow along.  The DVD shows the entire workout being performed in real time which I ended up watching in 8x speed after making sure I was comfortable with the execution of the drills.


The drills are easy to do and the Somax team is very easily accessible to answer any questions or concerns as you work through the process.  If you’re unsure of something, they will even offer to Skype with you to help you work through your concerns.



There have been two specific areas where I have found the Power Hip Trainer to be most effective.  I’ve always known that hip rotation is a big part of the golf swing, but the focus on the mechanics of it has been a good way to create constructive muscle memory.  Somax even says that the Hip Trainer is more training your brain than it is the actual muscles.  The other area of effectiveness for me has been for warmups.  I find that if I do 15 to 20 minutes of drills before I head to the course, my body feels loose and I have good range of motion before I even step on the range to hit a few balls.

How soon will you realize actual results from the Power Hip Trainer?  I think everyone is going to be different, but I definitely saw some fairly quick “changes.”  I was able to do the drills faster and do more reps in the speed drills immediately after the first week.  While I can’t say I gained serious swing speed, I did gain a better understanding of how my hips work as well as how my body rotates.  That feels like a pretty positive gain for four workouts.

Matt’s Take

I’m going to rain on this parade just a bit, but I’ll start with the positive.  Will exercising your hips make them stronger and faster?  Yes, probably.  Are there many golfers who don’t use their hips enough?  Absolutely, and for them Somax may not only increase their speed, it may also help their swing.

Now the aforementioned rain.  First, Somax’s “Swing Speed Multiplier” concept is pure marketing hype.  The human body is not a propeller.  Moving your hips faster does not, in any way, guarantee that your chest, arms, or golf club will move faster.  I have taught dozens of golfers with loads of hip speed who couldn’t translate it into club head speed because they lacked strength in other parts of their body and/or they didn’t have the technique to properly use their hip speed.  Additionally, many better players do not need to use their hips more.  If anything, they focus too much on their hips, leading to problems with hooks.



As far as durability of the product, the materials are very sturdy and heavy duty on the Power Hip Trainer, so I have no doubt in my mind that the Hip Trainer will last for quite some time.  The biggest factor to keep in mind is that this workout will take considerable time.  The initial workout is approximately 15 minutes long, but once you hit full speed, you will be putting forth a considerable time commitment multiple nights each week.  This is important to keep in mind when considering other workouts you may have to fit into your schedule as well.



The Somax Power Hip Trainer is going to run you $275+shipping (which won’t be cheap because of the weight) which is on the higher end of the market for similar products.  While I don’t think it’s the kind of investment you want to make on a whim, if you believe in the product, the Power Hip Trainer is a sturdy investment that is going to hold up for you over time.

Another nice piece of added value is the weekly email from Somax with helpful tips and reminders to make sure you get the most out of your workout.  Even though I’ve gotten to the point where I feel comfortable with proper execution during workouts, these emails remind me of things to keep a sharp focus on the drills and make sure I perform exercises correctly rather than powering through them.



The million dollar question at this point is “where do I stand on the Somax Power Hip Trainer?”  My overall thought is that this trainer is not necessarily revolutionary, but can be valuable in the right hands and with committed use.  I ended up consistently picking up about 15 yards of distance, which equals an increase of about six miles per hour of club speed after one month of solid use.  Honestly, I’m sure if I worked out more in general and was in better shape, I think I could have seen more of an increase.

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  1. I remember one time using my Power Hip Trainer before a round, where there was a 412 yard par 4 on the first hole and I nailed the green from the tee. My average drive went from 310 to 360 yards.

    I am now in my 7th year of using the Power Hip Trainer and it still works like new. On the other hand, three years of lifting weights when I was a teenager did nothing to improve my game and actually reduced my flexibility.

    The hip trainer has definitely improved my game and the flexibility in my hips. I haven’t noticed any of my friends hooking the ball but a couple of them have eliminated slicing.

  2. David Norman

    I am a PGA Member and I got one of these. I am 5’8″ and weigh 160. I used this for about 2 weeks and immediately noticed big difference. I use 1 less club for iron shots and for example I had a par 5 at my course where I used to have a 70 yard into for my 3rd….after using this I was about 5-10 yards short of the GREEN in 2 shots. It works for me…btw I am 53 years old.

  3. Michael Zickefoose

    Anybody ready to sell their Somax Hip Trainer? Please email me

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