Skechers GO GOLF Mojo Elite Shoe Review

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Built for comfort and performance, the Skechers GO GOLF Mojo Elite also sports a distinctive look top and bottom.


As the stable of Skechers golf professionals grows, so does the range of shoes Skechers offers.  The 2019 collection is full of new styles and innovative features that are sure to attract a wider range of wearers.  The GO GOLF Mojo Elite is a great representation of what’s new at Skechers.


The combination of textile and leather uppers in the Mojo Elite is definitely eye catching.  The spacing of the perforated side leather sections planted the seed of breathability in my head even before wearing the shoes.  Besides the visual interest of the textures, the grey toe section looks sharp with the white midfoot and heel.  And for maintaining that new look, the textile toe is fantastic at not showing scratches like leather.

As snappy as the uppers look, the new GRIPFLEX sole may be the real star.  To me, the geometry of the lugs with the white exposed outline and white tips look like Polynesian flowers.  The navy blue of the ankle collar brings together a well coordinated look.

The GO GOLF Mojo Elite also comes in black, charcoal, and navy.


My previous experiences with Skechers golf shoes set the comfort bar pretty high, and the Mojo Elite didn’t disappoint.  The footbed is a wonderful balance of cushioning and support that works in conjunction with the ULTRAGO midsole providing comfort with every step.

There’s also a very comfortable layer of lightly padded, perforated fabric on the rest of the shoe’s interior that begged me to go sockless.  Reading up on the features of the Mojo Elite, I learned that interior is called DRI-LEX and is designed to manage heat and moisture (foot sweat) to help keep your feet cool and dry.


Walking on pavement, I could really feel the lugs flex during each step.  On the course, that translated to the soles adapting to ground conditions while I was walking and, most importantly, during my golf swing.  Traction is very good for a spikeless shoe.

If you look closely at the photos you’ll note that there’s not a traditional tongue on the GO GOLF Mojo Elite.  I attribute the comfortable feeling across the top of my feet to the continuous fabric design and performance wise the design keeps water from infiltrating.  These shoes come with a 2 year waterproof warranty.

My only issue with the Mojo Elite is with the lacing system.  When pulling the laces tight, they just won’t hold their position.  Fortunately with only four eyelets I was able to pull tight from the top, but it was still difficult to get them tied without losing some tension.


The Skechers GO GOLF Mojo Elite are definitely going to get a lot more action from me.  The comfort is wonderful and the breathability will be much appreciated as the temperature and humidity ratchet up.  With its sporty look and inventive grip sole, this a great shoe worth trying on for yourself.

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