Skechers GO GOLF Elite 4 Golf Shoe Review

By: Dylan Thaemert

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The Skechers GO GOLF Elite 4 combines contemporary design elements and extreme comfort.


Skechers has carved out a niche for itself in the crowded and competitive golf shoe space with a unique mixture of high comfort and affordability.  With a little help from ambassadors on tour and omnipresent ad campaigns, Skechers GO GOLF line of shoes has lots of golfers curious.  As a bit of a shoe junkie and marketing skeptic, you can count me among them.


Let’s face it: Skechers is probably not the first name to come to mind if I were to say “cool, trendy golf shoes.”  After all, the company did not make its name in the athletic space and is a relatively recent entrant into the golf market.  But no matter what your existing bias, you’d have to admit that the GO GOLF Elite 4 has a modern, athletic look that is not dissimilar from what you would see from any of the dominant golf shoe manufacturers today.

The leather upper appears to be high quality and the color scheme is classic and versatile enough to wear with virtually any outfit, which I appreciate.


The GO GOLF Elite 4 has a positively pillowy footbed.  It is nearly spongy in its amount of cushion, and I feel confident saying it is the most generously cushioned golf shoe I have ever worn. 

The upper is comfortable and breathable and while it does not provide the kind of lateral support I have felt in some other shoes, it does provide a supremely comfortable and functional experience.


The soft spike configuration is a bit unconventional but I found nothing lacking in terms of performance.  In fact, the spikes’ interaction with the turf hovers nicely in the midway point between merely gripping the turf and being almost uncomfortably locked-in to it.

As advertised, comfort is really the number one performance aspect of the GO GOLF Elite 4.  After walking 18, my feet were feeling no pain, either in the soles or in areas like the heel or toes that are often left a little sore after 4 hours in new shoes.


I’m glad I didn’t let preconceptions get in the way of discovering what Skechers GO GOLF shoes are all about.  If you hate finishing a round with aching feet and love the feel of soft cushioning, you owe it to yourself to give the Skechers GO GOLF Elite 4 a try. 

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  1. Wearing Skechers, be it on the golf course or otherwise, is a great way to signal to the world that you have just completely given up.

  2. Francis McFarlane

    Like to know where (not on line ) i can find them. I live lower Westchester, bronx, n.y. 10705

    • Matt Saternus


      If you go to the Skechers website, I expect they have a dealer locator what will direct you to a Skechers store.



  3. Kevin Seroski

    I have been looking at these. Have tried them on and they are really comfortable. But my question is how is the traction for the golf swing? Do you find yourself slipping at all?

    • Chuck Malesky

      I’ve had a spineless pair for a couple years now and have had no problem even in damp conditions. Have not played in full on rain or really soggy conditions but if you get that a lot you might consider the spike version. Far and away the most comfortable golf shoe I’ve ever worn and I walk the course a lot.

  4. I have worn them about a dozen times in the past 6 – 8 weeks and I slipped once – I think it was a kind of sandy tee box.

    Am guessing if it were very wet it could be a problem, but I swear I would wear them anyway as they are waterproof, supremely comfortable and I could very likely swing a bit less harder and get by…

  5. Graeme Wallace

    Just got through my first pair of Skechers go golf shoes, probably played over 200 rounds before the comfort started to go a little bit, great value shoes.

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