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SCOTTeVEST clothing delivers comfortable styles equipped with unique pocket systems that provides easy access to all of your belongings so you can leave the 1990’s cargo shorts at home.



SCOTTeVEST first came on the clothing scene in 2000 as a way for people to conveniently carry all of their personal belongings, without having to worry about a lack of space or security in their pockets.  The idea behind the clothing is to take the convenience of cargo shorts or vest and make a much more fashionable, discreet way of storing your personal goods.  While originally geared towards everyday wear, SCOTTeVEST has found a place on the golf course without having to change any of their designs.



The two items from SCOTTeVEST  that I tested were the Bamboo Polo and the Hidden Cargo Shorts, the two of their most golf-relevant pieces.

With the Bamboo Polo, the first thing that popped out to me was “Man, this shirt is comfortable.”  The shirt is constructed with a combination of bamboo (yes, you read that correctly), cotton, and spandex.  Although it is a much thicker material than your average performance golf shirt, it is both breathable and comfortable.  The shirt offers three hidden pockets, one near the top left chest with the zipper along the button line, a headphone “pocket,” and one on the bottom right of the shirt with the zipper along the side seam.  The top pocket is geared towards holding a smart phone with a headphone slot that runs under the collar, while the bottom pocket can hold keys, cash, cards, etc.

The 100% cotton shorts were also comfortable, and are thicker than a conventional golf short.  They offer a “Fiesta Wasitband,” which is size-adjustable and elastic.  The shorts, with eight pockets total, have extremely deep pockets that include dividers.  The rear pockets are sealed via a magnet rather than a button, which is helpful in keeping items from falling out.

When swinging a club with both of the pockets full in the shirt, or all eight pockets in the shorts, it can be a little much in terms of weight.  The phone pocket of the shirt is awesome for the range, but if you have a larger smartphone, it may get in the way of your swing as the phone shifts within the pocket.  The headphone slot is great for practice sessions, as it keeps the cord from getting in the way of your swing.  Unfortunately, the side pocket of the shirt is inaccessible if your shirt is tucked in, but if you’re like me, you can get away with an un-tucked shirt from time to time.  If you use the pockets to keep your tees, marker, divot tool, etc. all separated, the shorts are a great tool to help you stay organized, however, if you try to fill up all eight pockets to the brim, it’s not going to be comfortable during your golf swing.

DSC_0072 (1)

Style and Fit

Both of my SCOTTeVEST items had a very relaxed fit.  As a male on the “athletic” or “slim” side, it’s hard to find a golf shirt that fits me right.  The bamboo polo has a standard cut to fit your average male, and the shorts have an adjustable waist, so you can loosen them up after a post-round lunch with the boys.  The clothes look great, and I particularly love the shirt.  I much prefer the shorts to a cargo short, which you won’t find me wearing anytime soon.

Both the shorts and shirt fit true to size.  The sleeve length on the polo was comfortable and not too long, and the shirt length kept it tucked in comfortably.  The length of the shorts was pretty standard, just above the knee.  The Bamboo Polo comes in five colors, with the “heather grey” option shown above and retail for $50.  The Hidden Cargo Shorts only come in one option, “pebble,” and retail for $70.



Although the SCOTTeVEST line was not originally designed with golfers in mind, it definitely has a place at the golf course.  Personally, I saw the best results from utilizing the shirt pockets, particularly the phone and headphones pocket during practice sessions, and the shorts during an actual round when there are more things to carry in my pockets.  Between the storage capabilities, style, and comfort, the bamboo shirt and hidden cargo shorts will maintain a place in both my golf and everyday apparel.


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  1. As I was reading this review, I was thinking, “Weren’t these products on Shark Tank?” Yep they were. The founder was ummmm….interesting.

    I’m not sure how useful the button level cell phone pocket would be on the golf course and I can see how a ball marker might get lost inside of shorts with 8 tiny pockets. “Hey Bob can you hurry up and mark your ball already?”

    I do think the Qzip pullover they have on their website would be fantastic for cool weather golf. Great review!

    • Tom O'Connell

      As mentioned in the review, depending on phone size, the pocket was great on the range for a variety of reasons. On the course, if you’re not listening to music, it might be better to just throw the phone in the bag.

      As for the shorts, the pockets were deep, but of varying lengths, so I don’t think Bob will have any issues finding his marker, as long as he remembers what pocket he threw it in!

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