Sam Hubbard 36 Holes Golf Shoe Review

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The Sam Hubbard 36 Holes golf shoe is extremely comfortable and cushions your foot to make 36 holes of golf a walk in the park.


Sam Hubbard is probably not a familiar name for the average golf shoe consumer.  Hubbard shoes are a family owned company that dates back to 1930.  In 1973, Hubbard Shoe closed its doors, as did many New England shoe factories when shoemaking moved offshore to cheaper labor markets.

The Samuel Hubbard Company was re-launched in 2014, offering high quality shoes made from leathers from around the world.  After “years-in-the-making,” Sam Hubbard introduced the 36 Holes golf shoe.


At first blush, the 36 Holes look more suited for the deck of a boat instead of the fairways of a golf course.  This is a simple looking shoe that is touted for its maximum comfort.  There is no fancy stitching. There are no bold colors or patterns of any sort.

The 36 Hole comes in a navy blue upper with white sole, or a white shoe with navy blue accents on the tongue and heel.  I found it hard to believe that a black or brown is not available, since fashion is important for many golfers.


Say what you will about the aesthetics of the shoe, they are comfortable.  The cushioning in the shoe cradled my feet.  A padded tongue, shock absorbent sole, and triple-density memory foam insole are topped in handcrafted, silky smooth leather.  The workmanship is top notch and is reflected in the feel.

One thing to note: the shoes I received are at least a half size, if not a full size, bigger than what I normally wear.  Sam Hubbard’s web site has a printable Size Measurement Guide, and I would strongly recommend checking that before ordering.  There is also a link on the web site that allows you to talk to the Sam Hubbard Sizing Team.


The 36 Hole golf shoe is a sturdy shoe.  After a day of golf, shoe wear was barely noticeable.  Scuffing and grass stains were easily wiped away.  Some of the stitching trapped small amounts of dirt, but with a little effort, the shoes cleaned up well.

I did not have a chance to test the performance in severe wet or rainy conditions.  The 36 Holes is advertised as a water resistant shoe instead of a waterproof shoe.  There were no issues with the 36 Holes in morning dew.  The shoes cleaned up easily and dried backed to their normal color.

Traction from the 36 Holes was adequate, but far from giving you a feeling of a firm grip.  For the most part, I was able to keep my footing on different lies and conditions.  My footing did slip on a few swings.  The grips on the bottom of the shoes a basic pattern that is unobtrusive and color coordinated with the navy blue accents.

For $245 a pair, I would expect better traction and water proofing.


If comfort is your highest priority, then the 36 Holes is a golf shoe that you should consider.  The 36 Holes is one of the most comfortable shoes that I have tried.  The cushioning on the inside and hand-stitched leather on the outside just feels good.

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