Revo 2020 Sunglasses Review

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The 2020 sunglasses from Revo offer style diversity, lens variety and world class optics.  Eye protection designed to enhance the way you see the golf course.


What’s new from Revo in 2020?  Plenty – new frames and lenses, plus a new Eco Collection.  As you can surmise from the name, the Eco Collection features plant-based, 100% biodegradable, bio-acetate frames.  To give you a wide sampling of the 2020 Revo collection, we’ve selected four frames styles and four lenses to heighten your golfing experience.  From back to front in the photo above:

  • Harrison, chrome with Smokey Green lens
  • Crawler, matte tortoise with Terra lens
  • Descend N, shiny black with Drive lens
  • Finley, blue horn with Graphite lens


The Revo lens names give you a hint of what they are designed for, but checking out their descriptions on the company website offers a much greater understanding of how they’ll perform.  I found the “with lens” views on the sliding windows to be very accurate compared to what I experienced.   Some of the differences between lenses are subtle yet they all share one common characteristic – crystal clear optics.

I found the Terra lens kept colors the purest.  Earth tones really popped with the Drive lens – an attribute that I envision could be advantageous for golfing in the southwest.  My first note on the Smoky Green lens was “darker,” but after more time I realized it was more of a deeper color saturation that I was experiencing.  And for me, deeper translated to stronger awareness of contours on the golf course.

A big surprise for me was the Graphite lens.  For years a few industry “experts” had been telling me that grey lenses aren’t good for action sports where you are trying to follow a ball.  Clearly those folks hadn’t tried the Revo Graphite because I found them excellent for golf.  Skies are bluer, clouds are whiter and details crisp.

What makes Revo lenses so extraordinary is their signature Light Management System technology.  This NASA rooted technology utilizes specialized coatings to precisely manage the light spectrum.  Revo breaks down the science into four focal areas:  UV, glare, blue light, and digital.  Most readers will be familiar with UV and glare, so let me jump ahead to blue light.  Blue light is the high energy light at the start of the visible light spectrum.  Although our eyes like some blue light, the wavelengths at the UV border are very harmful.  Fortunately, Revo knows how to manage the good and the bad wavelengths to reduce the risk of eye health issues and enhance the visual experience.     

The fourth area, digital, is the one that grabbed my attention during testing.  Simply put, I could read my cell phone with Revo sunglasses on.  Turns out not all polarization is the same.  Bravo Revo scientists.

Style & Fit

While eye protection and visual performance are the reasons to wear sunglasses, Revo lets you keep style in the equation with their variety of frames.  Depending on the gyrations produced in your golf swing and climate considerations, some frames may serve you better than others.  I found the gription provided by the elastomeric on the nose and temple ends on the Descend N and Crawler, pictured above, kept the sunglasses secure when I was sweating.  As much as I like how lightweight the frameless Descend N are, I found the wrap around style of the Crawler better for keeping light from my sensitive eyes.

The Harrison and Finley above are great examples of the more stylish frame offerings from Revo.  The classic navigator shaped Harrison frames are from Revo’s 1985 glass lens collection which celebrates the birth of the company and their innovative eyewear.  The flex temples are super comfortable and the adjustable nose pads allowed me to dial in fit.  From the Eco-Friendly collection, the Finley sunglasses are dazzling when light reveals the blue highlights integrated into the rectangular shaped frames.  The spring hinges and temple end elastomeric made for a good fit on my head, but the frame material wasn’t sufficient on its own for maintaining positioning on my nose.


Whether it’s lens color or frame style that drives your preferred combination, you truly can’t go wrong with a pair of Revo sunglasses.  I preferred the more sporty models for the golf course but loved the visual acuity of all the lenses.  The science of the Light Management System gives me comfort that my eyes are protected, but it’s the actual comfort my eyes feel at the end of a long day of golf that’s impressive.

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  1. Brian Lear

    Enjoy your reviews. Have a couple of questions.

    How does Revo compare with Maui Jim? Which do you prefer?
    Do you wear your golf sunglasses for every day use?

    • Matt Meeker

      Both brands are excellent for eye protection, clarity and style. I’ve been mainly wearing Revo golfing – preference on frame. I’ve had the same pair of Maui Jim’s in my car for driving for years. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear either brand anytime.

      – Meeks

  2. Thanks for the response. I have a follow up question.

    Based on your testing, do you feel the extra $100 is worth the expense for what the Smokey green lens provides on the course?

    • Matt Meeker

      It’s always difficult to address any “is it worth it” question. No one wants to feel they compromised, and fortunately which ever Revo sunglasses you may choose, they will be great for your eyes. As far as the Smokey Green glass lenses, I don’t consider them better for golfing than than other colors – for my eyes. My personal preference is Evergreen.

      – Meeks

  3. Syble Austin

    The Revo sunglasses are amazing! Driving, sunbathing or working around the yard Revo is The One!

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