PXG 0317 X Driving Iron Review

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The PXG 0317 X driving iron delivers low launch, low spin, and excellent ball speed.  Forgiveness is improved over previous generations, and the launch has been kicked up just a hair.  One of the best driving irons in golf.


Going back to the 0311 X GEN4 [review HERE], PXG has made some of the best driving irons in golf.  This isn’t a surprise because they make some of the best irons, period.  Their XCOR2 technology continues to shine in the new PXG 0317 X driving iron – a club that rounds out their 0317 line designed for the faster, more skilled player.


In the bag, the PXG 0317 X driving iron its in perfectly with my gamer 0317 T irons [review HERE].  There are milling marks radiating out from the Precision Weighting Technology port and PXG branding on the toe.  This club has the faux blade look, but its thickness lets you know there’s something more going on.

At address, the 0317 X has a heel to toe distance that’s only slightly longer than the 0317 T, but the grooved area is noticeably bigger.  This gives the player a little more confidence standing over such a low lofted club.  There is very modest offset, almost the same as the 0317 T 4 iron.  The top line is average in size, but it flows almost seamlessly into the “extra” that sticks out behind it.   Finally, what I like most about the 0317 X is that the dimensions of the face are traditional.  Many driving irons opt for a long, short hitting area, which has a purpose but is unpleasant to my eye.

Sound & Feel

In looks, the PXG 0317 X driving iron shares a lot with the 0317 T.  However, this club shares its internal technology – XCOR2 – with the 0311 P GEN6 [review HERE].  This is what powers the unmistakeable feel of centered impact – soft and sweet but still explosive.  This feel pairs with a medium volume “snap” on center.

As a club designed for the better player, the 0317 X has solid feedback.  There’s a gradient of feel from perfect to good to mediocre.  Your hands will be able to locate impact easily without fearing the sting of mishits.  Additionally, big mishits have a duller impact sound.


I’m not sure there is an OEM that delivers on their promotional copy as consistently as PXG.  Low launch, low spin, and extremely fast ball speed are what the PXG 0317 X driving iron promises, and that is what this club delivers.  On center, the ball absolutely flies.  Smash factors are in the mid 1.4s making this more like a hybrid or fairway wood than an iron.  What’s even more impressive is that it’s hard to lose more than a few MPH on a mishit.  The pairing of an ultra-thin face with XCOR2 makes the entire hitting area hot.

While this club is built for low launch and low spin, my impression is that PXG gave the 0317 X a little more height than the 0311 X GEN5 [review HERE].  The difference is small – likely a degree or less – but that boost helps low launchers like me get more carry distance.  They did keep the spin quite low, so you never fear a ballooning shot regardless of your natural launch conditions.

The bigger change from GEN5 is the price.  The 0311 X GEN5 was released at $349 where the PXG 0317 X driving iron is offered at just $179.

To offer further comparison, I tested the PXG 0317 X driving iron against the 4I from my 0317 T irons.  This is not pure apples to apples: the X has 18 degrees of loft, the T 4I has 22.5.  Additionally, the X is longer by over an inch, and they’re built with different shafts.  Some of the results were predictable: the X generated more ball speed and had lower spin.  What surprised me is how comparable the launch angles were despite the 4.5 degree loft difference.  Most impressive, however, was that the X beat the T in consistency (ball speed and distance) despite the longer shaft and reduced loft.  PXG has built a tremendous amount of forgiveness into a club that still has massive player appeal.

Finally, I want to address the question, “Why would I put a driving iron in my bag?”  It’s a valid question when there are hybrids as good as the PXG 0311 Black Ops [review HERE].  For me, the answer is all about shot control.  The vast majority of players are going to feel more control over their golf ball with an iron than a hybrid.  This can relate to dispersion but also the ability to flight and shape the ball.  And, if we’re being honest, driving irons are cooler than hybrids.


The PXG 0317 X driving iron is one of the best in the game.  It checks the boxes that you expect from a driving iron: ball speed, low launch, and low spin.  It adds to that with exceptional forgiveness and one of the best fitting technologies – Precision Weighting.  Visit your PXG fitter to see if one of these can add a new dimension to your long game.


PXG 0317 X Driving Iron Price & Specs

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  1. I’ve had this club in my bag for little over a month now. Your review (again) is spot on. The club has replaced my 5 iron I was playing and it’s an absolute cannon. It’s super easy to hit off the deck. Explosive soft feel like all of PXG. Off of a tee box slightly tee’d up forget it. The club is a tomahawk missile launcher. Your point on why, spot on. Control and shot shaping for me. I’ve used this club on windy days especially off of one of the par 3’s on my course and the ball just cuts through the wind better compared to a hybrid or 5w I would normally hit. It’s a fantastic club. Great review. 👍🏻

  2. Hi Matt,

    Thanks again for the steady stream of reviews. What’s the rough distance gap between this and the Black Ops hybrid for you?


    • Matt Saternus


      My Black Ops hybrid is 22*, so it’s not an even comparison. More directly, I’m not sure because I haven’t hit them side-by-side, too much club testing this spring and very little hitting my own clubs.



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