PXG 0311 Black Ops Hybrid Review

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The PXG hybrid packs a lot of forgiveness into a more compact footprint.  Limitless customization with Precision Weighting Technology.  Faster and longer than the excellent GEN6 hybrids.


The PXG Black Ops line has set an extremely high bar.  The driver [review HERE] is more forgiving and longer than GEN6.  The fairway wood merges the best parts of 0311 and 0311 XF into one stellar club.  Can the PXG 0311 Black Ops hybrid keep up with its brothers?  I went down to Scottsdale to find out.


Just like the other Blacks Ops woods, the biggest change to the look of the PXG 0311 Black Ops hybrid is the gloss black crown.  Black Ops still uses a composite crown like GEN6, but the contrast between the composite and the black “top line” is greater, which makes the club appear smaller, to my eye.

Putting the Black Ops hybrid next to my gamer, the 0311 XF GEN6 hybrid [review HERE], the biggest change is the heel-to-toe length.  The Black Ops is decidedly more compact.  From front-to-back, they’re almost identical.  There is just a touch of assymmetry to the shape of the Black Ops hybrid.  Overall, this club is slightly smaller than average with a great shape and versatile face height.  

Sound & Feel

Throughout the Black Ops line, PXG has put a focus on dialing in the sound and feel.  I thought the GEN6 hybrids sounded great, but PXG worked to make the sound more staccato – no high-pitched, ringing tone – and more explosive.  If you want to get nerdy about it, they’ve increased the first four primary natural frequencies by an average of 300 hz.

I think most golfers will find the sound of the PXG 0311 Black Ops hybrid to be quite similar to GEN6.  My description of a mid-pitched “snap” remains the best I can find.  The volume is average.  Especially indoors, I do find that the Black Ops hybrid gets quiet faster than GEN6; the sound has a shorter duration.

Through the hands, the 0311 Black Ops hybrid feels very solid.  Though the face is quite thin, it doesn’t feel that way.  The ball comes off the face with a lot of speed, but there’s still a sense of control and purpose.  Feedback is strong – mishits won’t sting, but you can easily locate impact.


I’ll start with the tech behind the PXG 0311 Black Ops hybrid, then move to my fitting and testing experience.  Like the fairway wood and drivers, the Black Ops hybrid is powered by a new face material.  This high strength stainless steel is 10.5% thinner than GEN6, allowing for more flexing, higher ball speed, higher launch, and less spin.  PXG also shifted the internal weighting to give the Black Ops higher MOI than the 0311 GEN6 hybrid [review HERE] in a similar footprint. Overall, the Black Ops is 4.6 and 8.2 yards longer than 0311 GEN6 and 0311 XF GEN6, respectively, with an overall dispersion that falls between those two.

If you read my review of the PXG 0311 Black Ops fairway wood [find it HERE], you know that I left Scottsdale with one in my bag.  It took over the role of “non-driver that goes as far as possible,” a spot that used to be reserved for a 19* hybrid.  My fitter had me hit the 19* Black Ops hybrid, but we found that it was a little too close to the 4W.  No problem, we just lofted up to the 22* (PXG offers the Black Ops hybrid all the way to 31*).  With that change, we created a sensible 15 yard gap to the 4W, added launch angle and spin for a steeper landing angle, and shortened the shaft for more consistency.

In my subsequent testing, I’ve loved having the added loft in the bag.  The Black Ops hybrids – with stock weighting – launch lower (0.8*) and spin less (~500 RPM) than 0311 XF GEN6.  For me, that means the 22* still has a strong, controlled ball flight, but it lands softer than my old 19*.  I’m also a bit straighter and more consistent with the shorter shaft and added loft.  The forgiveness comes through on mishits, keeping every shot playable and moving forward.

Finally, I need to mention Precision Weighting Technology.  The PXG 0311 Black Ops hybrid gives players three weight ports to tune this club to fit their needs.  With weights ranging from 2.5 to 20 grams, this is the most customizable hybrid on the market.  If you tend to hook your hybrids, load the toe with weight.  Fighting a slice?  Load up the heel.  Or you can balance the weight for higher MOI.  This is truly one hybrid that can be all things to all players.


Whether you’re looking for a bomber or a mid-iron replacement, the PXG 0311 Black Ops hybrid is a great choice with nearly infinite customization options.  This club packs a lot of forgiveness into a more compact footprint, and also delivers more distance than its predecessors.  Visit your local PXG fitter to get one dialed in for your long game needs.


PXG 0311 Black Ops Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Mark Kuyawa

    Great review Matt! I’ll add this to my fitting options next week!

  2. How would you compare black ops to ping hybrids?

  3. Matt, Thanks again for the great reviews! I like that shape and the face slant. This vs. Ping G430 will be tough. Need two fittings I think. Club Champion doesn’t do PXG do they?

    Did this replace your Gen 6 Hybrid? Looked at your What’s in the Bag but that’s from November…


    • Matt Saternus


      Club Champion does fit PXG.
      I won’t make any bag changes until the spring, but this is definitely in contention. My Black Ops and GEN6 are different lofts, so it’s possible both will hang around depending on bag configuration.



  4. Hi Matt, great review. You compared current Gen with last Gen, which is missing from so many reviews out there, so thanks for that thoroughness. I just bagged two Gen6 XF hybrids from a December fitting and I’m happy to have a bit more spin as I struggle for huge height (I’m mid-height player) and I play on hard greens in northern Canada, so sticky spin is great. I will happily give up a few yards for more spin and height, so I would actually pass on the Black Ops for that reason. I put the last Gen savings of $100 towards a Graphite design DI shaft upgrade, which I think will ultimately get me better mileage than a stock Black Ops. I will also take the extra comfort of the larger head in the XF model too…my game needs it. I can’t get past the gloss finish and it’s the other reason why my Gen6 hybrids will stay in the bag until PXG offers a matte finish again in the future. I started with a 28 degree Gen5 XF and it was so ridiculously forgiving that I added some more Gen6 to the bag after a fitting. One of those most underrated hybrid offerings in the market, IMO, especially if you get your choice of shaft and can customize the weighting to tone down a miss. I won’t look at any other manufacturer’s hybrids for these reasons until someone comes out with one that is just as customizable (yes, I own two PXG weight kits, I love needing out with my clubs in the simulator). Also, one thing a lot of golfers overlook: of your swing starts changing due to lessons or practice or age, you can 1st tinker with PXG weight settings before having to consider buying new clubs… Could create more longevity in your bag and save more $ long-term, especially if you are tempted to upgrade a little to often.

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