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PXG 0311 P Gen2 Irons Review

50 Words or Less

The PXG 0311 P Gen 2 irons have good performance but nothing that merits the enormous price tag.


Never one for understatement, PXG’s founder Bob Parsons describes the company’s new irons in this way.  “Our new PXG 0311 Gen2 irons are not only better, they’re better in every way.”  At $400 per club, they damn well better be, Bob.  We tested the 0311 P Gen2 irons to see if they are.

Note: As you can tell from the pictures, this review is based on our testing with a demo 6 iron.  We contacted PXG about submitting product for a review, but they were not interested.  We did use more testers than normal to offer as much insight as possible.


The PXG 0311 P Gen2 is virtually identical to PXG’s original iron, the 0311.  There’s a modest amount of offset and a moderately sized top line.  In truth, the top line is fairly thick, but it’s heavily beveled to make it appear thinner.  The sole is similar: slightly larger than average but shaped to play smaller.

Within the Gen2 lineup, the P and XF are very similar at address.  The XF has slightly more offset, but I doubt the average player would notice if they weren’t looking for it.

In our test group, the 0311 P Gen2 was the most overlooked.  Players talked about how they liked the T and that the XF was surprisingly easy to look at, but there wasn’t much talk about the P.

Sound & Feel

The 0311 P Gen2 is a hollow body iron that’s filled with a material that PXG calls COR2.  This creates a soft, elastic feeling when the ball is struck perfectly.  The accompanying sound is crisp and satisfying.

When you miss the sweet spot – which is surprisingly small – the feel gets substantially firmer and the sound becomes dull.  Feedback is average.  It’s easy to know when you missed, but pinpointing the location can be difficult.


There are two big questions I wanted to answer in my testing.  First, is the Gen2 better than the original 0311 iron?  Second, is the 0311 P Gen2 better than the competition?

In comparing the 0311 P to the original 0311, I found no performance difference.  If anything, I found the original 0311 to be more consistent in terms of spin.  The 0311 P Gen2 was generally low spinning, but I had a couple shots where the spun jumped over 1000 RPM from the average.

When I tested the 0311 P Gen2 against the best forgiving players irons – the Callaway Rogue Pro and TaylorMade P790 – I found nothing to recommend the PXG.  Both the Rogue Pro and P790 were equally forgiving and both were a few yards longer for me.  And, of course, they both cost about 1/3 of the PXG.

To be clear, the PXG 0311 P Gen2 is among the better irons in this category.  It’s forgiving, it’s long, it’s low spinning.  The problem is that the same is true of the first generation 0311 and numerous other irons.


I hate to be repetitive, but the facts lead me to sing the same song that I’ve sung about so many of PXG’s products.  This is a fine iron, but it’s not special.  If it fits you, it will perform well, but there are irons that are just as good if not better.  Most disappointing is the fact that there’s not a noticeable improvement over the original 0311 iron.

PXG 0311 P Gen2 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Kevin Clayton


    Very interesting and informative findings. Is there any plans to do a separate review on the 0311 Gen 2 Ts in the future or can one generally deduce the same results would be found?

    • Matt Saternus


      We will have reviews of each of the Gen2 irons over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!



  2. That was a pretty harsh review. Not that it wasn’t factual, but the honesty was appreciated because it’s uncommon to see that in today’s reviews. Not higher or longer than the competition or a “sweet spot the size of Texas.” Just a higher price.

  3. Good review. Agree on the value or lack thereof here. Rather than spend $400 per club why not spend 1/2 on another brand and invest in lessons on how to properly hit a golf ball. To each his own I guess.

  4. When golfers ask me about my PXG Gen1 XF irons, I make a similar statement as this review – “There are other irons in the market that are just as long and forgiving. You need to demo several irons. These are not magic, although I can hit them off the toe and they do remarkably well. With graphite, they are extremely soft feeling.”

  5. I found similar results on my own testing through Club Fix. l honestly wanted to love these irons (even with the high price tag – golf is my main hobby). But found them to just be “good”, not great. Found the P-790 and AP3 to be superior based on Trackman. Plus, both are aesthetically more pleasing to look at, especially the TaylorMade. At prices more than half less than PXG, I don’t see what’s driving sales for this club other than exclusivity.

  6. Joe sixpack

    Does a Rolex tell time any better than a Timex?

  7. LOL, as P T Barnum said,,,,” there is a sucker born every minute”. Wonder how long Parsons charade will last.

  8. Robert Cangey about a poor review of a great iron. I own the P790 and the PXG Gen 2 0311P. The PXG’s have a lot better feel. The P790 on a slight miss hit feels like a cast club. The PXG is less harsh on mishits and sweet on center struck. It’s also a longer club with less spin. My first ever swing with an 8 iron on the PXG Gen 2 was an eagle, so I can’t complain there. Overall, I’ve made my Taylors my travel club, but the PXG’s are my daily players for sure. Is it worth the price tag? I think so and many others will too. It has the forged feel, distance with lower spin, stops on a dime for me and will for many others. If you’ve got the cash than I recommend testing them for sure. If you don’t have the cash stay away! Because you’ll become depressed for sure, until you can find a used set on eBay…lol. (P.S. softer than APEX too!) Really the best in the forged distance category.

  9. So they won’t send you test clubs and you burn them.

  10. I just got my first set of PXG irons and I couldn’t be happier, I am a 17.3 handicap, I have never been able to stick a shot on the green let alone get a little bit of back spin .they have been a great improvement for my game and I personally think they are worth the money. Mr Parson has started a hero,s program for our military and first responder,s with a great discount on their clubs tell me who else has that hats off to PXG thank you for such a great job

  11. With the public price change to $175 per iron, do you believe the Gen 2 deserves another look when shopping new irons? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s still substantially more than its competitors without a measurable benefit in terms of performance, so it’s still a “Pass” for me.



  12. Sincere, honest review in my estimation……. need more of this to make good judgements spending the $ we do on clubs

  13. I’m now gaming Callaway Mavriks. 5-PW with SM8 wedges at a 9 handicap. Was thinking about purchasing the Gen 2 0221 P irons. 4-PW graphite. The only thing I can’t get used to is the top line of the standard Mavriks. To thick as I’m sure you know. Is it worth changing to PXG or just upgrade to the 2021 Apex?

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice would be to take your current irons to a fitting and test them against any other irons you’re interested in. You’ll see for yourself if there are performance or aesthetic gains to be made.



  14. Paul Salera

    The 0311P Gen 2 irons are now offered on the PXG website at $89 per iron + shipping. Do you now think this might be the time to buy? Other comments?

    • Matt Saternus


      I have no information about further price drops, inventory, etc, but that seems like a very fine price for those irons.



  15. I have these irons and really really like them. I’m playing to a 5 or 6 right now but was a 1 for several years, so I feel somewhat ok with giving an opinion on them. Having them fitted made a huge difference in the 3,4,& 5 irons compared to the Gen 1s I first hit. I bought them 18 months ago, so I paid much less than when they were brand new.
    I would recommend them definitely, but again, get fitted…it makes a difference.

  16. Really strange review considering you loved the Gen 3 irons which having owned both were not different enough from the Gen 2s to go from a bad review to a fantastic review. Not sure I can trust plugged in golf reviews now based on this mind-boggling change in reviews between the two generations.

    • Matt Saternus


      We found a substantial performance improvement from Gen2 to Gen3. We also are constantly pressing the importance of fitting so that people can see if they find improvements for themselves.


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