PXG 0311 GEN6 Driver Review

pxg 0311 gen6 driver

50 Words or Less

The PXG 0311 GEN6 driver is easily their best yet.  Higher ball speed, lower spin, and much tighter dispersion than GEN5.  Tremendous range of customization with weights and hosel settings.

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pxg 0311 gen6 driver crown


One of my favorite things about testing golf equipment is being surprised.  When I went to Scottsdale to see the new PXG GEN6 line up, I knew that the irons were going to be extraordinary.  What I didn’t expect was to find a driver – one that isn’t even in my normal category – that would challenge that other Arizona OEM for a spot in my bag this year…but that’s exactly what happened.

pxg 0311 gen6 driver address


At address, the PXG 0311 GEN6 driver is a beauty.  PXG calls it a “traditional tear drop shape,” but to my eye it’s extremely close to symmetrical.  In either case, it’s compact from front-to-back with a footprint that will make you think it’s under 460cc (it’s not).  The crown is entirely matte black, a departure from the 0311 GEN5 driver [review HERE]

In the bag, the black and silver color scheme is clean and classic.  The branding is moderate and off center, leaving the focus goes to the silver geometric designs.  Three movable weights are positioned unobtrusively around the edge of the head.

Finally, I want to applaud PXG’s stock headcovers.  They have a rich, luxurious feel, and they’re broken in right out of the box for easy use.  Each one also has a magnet at the top so you can stick it to your golf cart between shots.

pxg 0311 gen6 driver face

Sound & Feel

In an effort to make myself seem even older than I am, I’d compare the impact sound of the PXG 0311 GEN6 driver to the “thwack” of a typewriter.  It’s mid-pitch and staccato, very hearty and satisfying, but, on center, there’s also a little metallic fizzle.  That fizzle goes away when you miss the center, providing gentle auditory feedback.  Overall, it’s below average in volume.

The feel of impact reinforces the solid aspect of the sound.  Every part of the face feels strong and robust, so the character of impact never changes, though you can easily sense the impact location.


An admission: hitting driver makes me anxious.  I can go through stretches of driving the ball really well, but, especially if I’m not playing regularly, stepping to the tee can put my stomach in a knot.  This was the case when I got off a plane in February and went to the fitting tee at Scottsdale National.

I got through the iron fitting without issue, but when my fitter said, “Let’s move to the driver,” the excuses started flowing.  “I’m just hoping to find the face.”  “My tee shots are feast or famine.”  Then the first ball went over 300 yards.  Second ball: mashed potatoes.  Third ball: still hasn’t stopped rolling.  I looked sheepishly at my fitter and said, “I think that’s pretty good.”

It wasn’t just me.  Up and down the range, members of the golf media were really impressed with the 0311 GEN6 driver.  The PXG team shared knowing smiles.  They knew they had a monster, and they were excited to see it confirmed.

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This leads us to the question: what did PXG get right in GEN6?  According to Brad Schweigert, PXG’s Chief Product Officer, it’s a little bit of everything.  A taller face, better VFT, improved CG, and better shape work in concert to create a driver that’s at the top of the class.  And one of my favorite things about PXG continues to be their willingness to share their data.  In PXG’s testing, the new PXG 0311 GEN6 driver is 1 MPH faster on center with 500 RPM less spin leading to a total distance gain of 11 yards.  The bigger story for me, however, is the dispersion.  From GEN5 to GEN6, the 0311 driver’s dispersion shrank by almost 1/3!

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When I got the PXG 0311 GEN6 driver home, further testing confirmed that this is a serious contender to be my gamer this year.  I fully expected to be in PXG’s more forgiving model, but the 0311 GEN6 has all the forgiveness I need.  The tall face gives me a lot of confidence at address, and the medium-high launch with medium-low spin is a tremendous combination.

Finally, it’s worth noting that PXG’s drivers are easily the most customizable in golf.  With three weight ports and weights ranging from 5 gram to 20 grams in 2.5 gram increments, the number of combinations is immense.  You can make this driver super light, very heavy, more forgiving, draw biased, fade biased, or lower spinning.  On top of that, the adjustable hosel gives you the ability to add or subtract loft, change the face angle, and adjust the lie angle.

pxg 0311 gen6 driver sole


The PXG 0311 GEN6 driver is PXG’s best ever, one of the best of 2023, and on a very short list for my gamer.  With nearly unlimited fitting possibilities, this is a club that almost any golfer can put in their bag.  If you want to take advantage of longer distance and tighter dispersion, visit your PXG fitter.


PXG 0311 GEN6 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Hey Matt. In general how do you think the Gen 6 stacks up spin wise, to other 2023 heads? Are we talking Aerojet/Stealth2 low? Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t hit the Aerojet or Stealth 2 (only the HD), but I would rate the GEN6 as mid/low.


  2. Efraín Zapata

    What kind of shaft is coming with the Driver 0311 Gen 6?just the brand.

    • Matt Saternus


      PXG offers a wide range of shafts. There is no stock shaft since all PXG clubs are custom ordered.



  3. Bryan Marvin


    Might you have any information to share about the Gen 6 fairway woods as well. I’m in need of a new 3 wood, as the head of my Titleist TS2 cracked late last year. Thank you.

  4. How would you compare to the Paradym TD as far as spin and distance? Did you use your gamer shaft in your testing? Curious since we play the same shaft and I go for an iron fitting next week and I’m sure they’re going to want me to test their driver as well.

  5. How do you think it compares in dispersion vs. the TSR2?

    • Matt Saternus


      It was better for me.


      • As a follow up, it looks like you were swinging the TSR2 107, with a 260 carry; the PXG 108 with a 266 carry.

        Obviously different days/swings. But is it reasonable to conclude that the PXG is both faster and has a tighter dispersion for you? That would make for a pretty astounding driver.


        • Matt Saternus


          I do find the PXG produces a tighter dispersion, but I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in 1 MPH and 6 yards on tests that were something like 6 months apart.



  6. Matt, as a 0311 Gen 5 Driver player, I’d be curious to know how you feel the distance compares between the Gen 5 and Gen 6 Drivers? IIve read both reviews and am just curious what you are seeing and feeling?

  7. How about the XF model? You think it would equal the tsr2?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the XF has a higher MOI than the TSR2, but I’m not sure as I don’t think Titleist publishes those numbers.



  8. I mean Matt not Todd I left a message in the comments called you Todd my bad brother

  9. Hey Matt have you ever got to feel the tour ADXC6-5 shaft on any drivers yet was trying to get a review on that shaft?

  10. MATT: I absolutely love my full set of Gen 6 clubs. And my fiancee Lexi just loves her aerojet clubs, which she uses on the LPGA

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