PXG 0311 Forged Wedge Review

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The PXG 0311 Forged wedge carries a hefty price tag but is less than half the cost of the milled version.  Very high spin.  Compact, traditional look at address.


My recent review of the PXG 0311 Milled Wedge (check it out HERE) triggered quite a few comments.  I’d like to say that was due to the evocative writing, but it was really about the $650 price tag.

By comparison, the $295 0311 Forged wedge seems like a bargain.  The question I wanted to answer is whether or not the performance gap between the two wedges is equally large.

Check out the 2022 PXG 0311 Forged Wedge HERE


From address, the differences between the 0311 Milled and 0311 Forged wedges are subtle.  The forged version has a slightly straighter leading edge, and the finish has a bit more shine to it.  These two wedges share a compact size and traditional shape.

In the bag, the 0311 Forged is not the scene stealer that the 0311 Milled is…which might be preferable for some golfers.  PXG’s signature weights are still present but in smaller numbers.  The blade shape is similar, but it’s less exaggerated on the Forged version.  Most obviously, the back of the wedge is not covered in crisp mill marks.

Sound & Feel

The PXG 0311 Forged wedge is made from 8620 carbon steel that creates a medium-soft feel at impact.  Striking a premium ball will produce a low pitched “click.”

Hitting the 0311 Forged and the 0311 Milled back to back, I felt that the 0311 Forged was noticeably firmer.  It’s fairly soft in the context of all wedges, but not as soft as the 0311 Milled.  I can’t rule out a placebo effect, but I found the difference to be consistently noticeable over a large number of shots.


Before I dive into the differences between the 0311 Forged wedge and its more expensive brother, I want to be clear: this is a really good wedge.  It performs well, and I could easily put a set in my bag.  There is only sole design available, but it’s versatile, allows for creativity, and will fit most players reasonably well.

All that said, siblings will always be compared and the 0311 Forged is on the losing side of that head-to-head.  Starting with spin, the 0311 Forged produces a few hundred less RPM than the milled version.  This is likely due to the difference in the center of gravity.  To paraphrase what I was told by a PXG club designer, the CoG of the 0311 Milled is essentially perfect.  Because of the differences in manufacturing processes, the 0311 Forged is very good but not perfect.

Similarly, the manufacturing consistency of the 0311 Milled is going to be higher than the 0311 Forged.  It’s reasonable to ask if that level of precision is necessary for a recreational golfer, but that is one of the things that pushes the price up.


Were it not for the 0311 Milled wedge, I would likely be toasting the PXG 0311 Forged wedge as one of the better wedges available.  As it is, the 0311 Forged is a very good wedge that’s eclipsed by its brother.  Are the relatively small differences worth the huge price gap?  Only you and your wallet can make that decision.

PXG 0311 Forged Wedge Price & Specs

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  1. I do not understand this outrage over PXG pricing. Virtually every product or service, there are premium/high end pricing options. Clothes, restaurants, cars, shoes, etc.etc. Some golf shirts or pants have uber high pricing. PXG does not have a monopoly nor any ability to make you buy their products.
    For years, I bought new Volkey wedges as soon as the latest version came out. Several years ago, I tested then bought the Sugar Daddys. As Matt says, best spin/a little more distance even with more spin and best feel ever. Probably 400 rounds and still spinning great. Me, I prefer options then my decisions.

  2. Thanks Matt. Ok, understand they don’t hold up to the $650 milled PXG but how do they stand up to the CBX2, or Volkey’s or Callaway JAWS that are reasonably in the same price ballpark? Or what about the all forged and milled Royalty’s, which I think you can now get for a bit less? Are you still playing those and if so, with those in mind, how did the PXG forged compare with the Royalty milled? I notice the wedges and putters are about the only thing PXG doesn’t have on sale for the Covid scourge…

  3. Thanks Matt.

    In regards to complaints for readers on price, it is all relative. Increase your own standards and in doing so income likely will increase and things will seem less expensive…

    Nonetheless these are on sale now at 149….

    (Thanks Matt bought the 747 V’s with modus 120 and love them based on your review…Dropped 10 points and shot a 77…)

  4. The forged wedges have now dropped in price to $149 as of the end of January. This puts them on equal footing, if not better than most of the major brands. Mizuno’s latest offering is at $200! I have an appointment at the PXG store to get fitted for a set of the forged.

  5. Peter Auerbach

    I own a 54 and just bought a 58 in these. I love them. They’re like an old friend you’re comfortable with, which is what you want out of your wedges. The 58 replaces my 60 vokey, which I just couldn’t get comfortable with.

  6. Hi Matt!

    When you say compact, is the face and club head actually smaller than a Vokey, Cleveland wedge?

    Do you think this would work for higher handicap with the right fitting? Or would you tend to suggest some other wedges for a 20+ handicap?


    • Matt Saternus

      Yes, slightly smaller.

      I would suggest most 20+ handicaps play a wedge with some forgiveness like the Edison wedge or the Cleveland CBX.


  7. William Dickman

    Get some PXG’s and be happy again. Greatest clubs EVER made and I have had most everything in the last 20 years.

  8. Héctor R Fernández

    I order a 54 and 58 under the Heroes Program, for a ridiculous low price.

    These wedges are very nice and very responsive around the greens. I matched them with the rest of my set with Recoil DART 75 shafts and they feel even softer at impact.

    This was a spot on review.

    Thanks Matt!

  9. I added the 56 and 60 wedges a month ago to replace my 10 year old volkey’s. They have fantastic feel and look very pleasing as well. The best part about them is they are fun to hit. I enjoy practicing with them, which has greatly increased my confidence around the greens. Buy with confidence.

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