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The PUTTR Smart Putting Green is a gamified way to practice putting.  Turns the traditional ramp putting green into a putting arcade.  The most addictive putting trainer we’ve ever tested.


Practicing putting can be boring.  Practicing putting indoors can be completely mind numbing.  The PUTTR Smart Putting Green, however, is non-stop fun.  With an array of arcade-like putting games, this device will have you putting more – and better – than you ever have before.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The PUTTR Smart Putting Green comes in a very large, rectangular cardboard box.  When you open it, you’ll find a large metal box (2′ X 1′ X 1.5′) weighing about 35 pounds.  Not your normal putting green.

Flip down the door/ramp on the front and you’ll find all the pieces wedged inside – the green (rolled up), and ball return (in pieces), the power adapter, and the phone stand.  Once you get them out of the box, set up is quick and easy – unroll the mat, put together the magnetic ball return, and plug it in.

After the physical assembly is done, you’ll need to download the PUTTR app and create an account.  This takes under a minute, and the app will automatically connect to the putting green via Bluetooth.

The app is very easy to use.  There are icons for Practice, Play, Your Games (you’re able to create your own games within the app), Recent, Trending, and Following (to check in our your friends).  Once you pick a mode, the display shows you exactly where to line up the ball and the green reads whether or not your putt was successful.

When you’re done, you can easily pack the PUTTR Smart Putting Green back into the box by rolling up the green and putting the pieces of the ball return back into the case.  Set up and break down shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.


Starting with the basics, PUTTR takes up a total of 2′ X 12′ of floor space, allowing for putts up to 11′ long.  It has “tees” marked at every foot in center, left, and right positions, for a total of twenty seven putting locations.

The putting surface rolls very quickly, though the backing is not as heavy as the PuttOUT mat [review HERE].  The mat rolls out flat almost all the way to the end; the last foot can benefit from a few heavy books.  There is a level built into the app if you want to get it perfectly dialed in.  Finally, the mat does seem to be a magnet for dust and hair, so be prepared to vacuum it regularly if you want it to look pristine.

The app is where PUTTR separates itself from every other putting mat or ramp.  In the app, there are numerous games and practice modes, but even the practice modes are gamified.  This puts pressure on every putt, whether you’re competing with a friend or just trying to keep your own stats looking impressive.  Games range from 1-4 players, and you can even create your own.

To get the most out of the app, you need the PUTTR Club membership, which does come at an annual or monthly cost.  This unlocks additional features such as online tournaments, The Lab (a technical practice mode), AI Video Analysis, statistics about your putting from all 27 spots, and the ability to get drills based on your weakest putts.


The longevity of PUTTR is unmatched.  There are so many games and modes that you never get bored.  If you feel like an easy session, you can practice short putts.  If you want a challenge, you can choose something more difficult.

Additionally, PUTTR has monthly challenges to keep you motivated.  This month, you can earn medals for the number of putts you hit, the feet of putts made, and the number of games played.  There are also tournaments where you can compete against other users across the globe.

In ten years of testing, PUTTR is the first golf product that my kids have wanted to play with, which gives it a whole different level of appeal for parents.  It’s become routine for my kids to putt against each other after dinner, something that has never happened before despite the house always having putting mats available.

My only note of reservation is that it’s very helpful to have a space where you can leave PUTTR set up.  Assembling and disassembling this mat is quick and easy, but, as with any training aid, you’ll use it more if it’s easier to use.


The PUTTR Smart Putting Green retails for $599.  Premium membership costs $20/month of $200/year.

This putting trainer is significantly more expensive than an ordinary putting mat, but there’s nothing I’ve encountered that’s comparable.  If you’re the type of person who can grind out focused practice sessions on a normal mat, this is not for you.  For the majority of us who need a little motivation to put our time and energy into indoor putting, this is definitely worth considering.

With regard to the premium membership, I think there is more value for golfers who practice alone.  If you have people who will regularly play games with you, the premium practice features won’t get used as often.  If you’re typically putting solo, access to tournaments and deeper analysis may be worth the cost.


The PUTTR Smart Putting Green is the most fun putting trainer I’ve ever tested.  It takes gamification to another level, and, by doing so, it makes putting practice more enjoyable and more effective.  If you’re looking for a great way to stay connected to the game – and improve your putting – during the offseason, put this on your holiday wish list.


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  1. Good review and sounds like something that is beneficial to have.
    As soon as you mentioned the monthly pay aspect of it I immediately turned off. From the beginning of the GPS with loaded course maps which required a monthly fee to play different courses to new things like Peloton I have NOT bought items that have monthly fees attached. Somehow these fees manage to escalate and you get less for them over time. My first GPS for golf gave me access to all the courses that had been mapped, then only to Canadian courses not USA where I play in the winter without additional fees. So as a consumer give me what you want for the asking price and I will determine its value to me at the time. Anything like fees in the future tells me that the company is looking for reoccurring revenue because they wont be in business without it. Without them being in business what is their product worth today?

  2. Patrick Burke

    Love the idea of making putting and practicing fun. My kids aren’t old enough yet to fully enjoy it. That and the price will keep me out for now. I’ll just spend the money on 2 new putters and stay frustrated with the results. 😬


  3. Randy Siedschlag

    Looks like a combo of a perfect practice and ex-putt. Really need to up my putting game. Would be a cool #DoubleSecret

  4. I love the Puttr. the variety of games helps keep me motivated. #DoubleSecret

  5. How would you compare this (pros/cons) against the ExPutt simulator? #DoubleSecret

  6. Todd Williams

    That might go on the Christmas list. Love the Integration with the app

  7. David J Sell

    This thing is so cool! Would love to have one, but should probably consider upgrading my basement carpet to a “regular” putting mat first, LOL !
    How awesome would it be if this is the #DoubleSecret
    giveaway !

  8. I’ll just stick with the ’putt at a dime’ drill

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