PuttOUT Slim & Large Putting Mat Review

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The new PuttOUT Large Putting Mat and Slim Putting Mat give golfers the ability to get a pure putting surface regardless of how much space they have.


It’s been almost four years since PuttOUT released their original Putting Mat [review HERE], and taught golfers that they didn’t need to spend a fortune to get a flat, true putting surface in their home.  Now, with the introduction of the Slim Putting Mat and the Large Putting Mat, they’re offering more options.  Whether you have limited space or want to vary your putting practice, PuttOUT has a mat for you.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

Each PuttOUT Putting Mat comes rolled up in a cardboard tube inside of a drawstring bag.  This keeps the mat clean and free of bends or folds during transit.

When you want to putt with your new putting mat, simply take it out of the tube and unroll it.  At every size, the PuttOUT Putting Mats unroll completely flat – no need to weigh them down with encyclopedias or large dogs.

The size of the mats varies substantially, as you can see above.  The Slim Putting Mat is just one foot wide, and it has the same eight foot length as the original (now called Medium) putting mat.  The Medium Putting Mat is about eighteen inches wide.  Measuring twelve feet by three feet, the Large Putting Mat earns its name.


All three sizes of PuttOUT Putting Mats roll at a smooth 10 on the stimpmeter without any bumps or irregularities.  Knowing that makes and misses are entirely on you is critical to good putting practice.

The Slim Putting Mat has the same markings are the Medium Putting Mat: a target at one end, markers at every foot, and some alignment help arounds the three, five, and six foot range.  Paired with the PuttOUT Pressure Trainer [review HERE], it makes practice fun, easy, and effectiveI use mine almost every day that I’m home.

With its additional size, the Large Putting Mat opens up more varied practice opportunities.  The right side of the mat is identical to the Medium Putting Mat, but the left side has five separate targets.  These targets, and the greater length, allow you to work speed control in addition to controlling your line.  If you’re able to stop your ball inside the circle at every range, you’ll be living stress free on the greens.


I’ve been using the original PuttOUT Putting Mat almost daily since it was released, and it’s still in wonderful condition.  The longevity of the mat itself is outstanding.

As to the question of how often you’ll use it, I believe that these additional sizes give these putting mats even great longevity.  The Slim will allow more people to leave the mat set up – a major key for regular use.  The Large mat gives you more practice options thanks to its added length and additional targets.


The new PuttOUT Slim Putting Mat sells for $60 and the Large Putting Mat is $170.  The original Putting Mat, now known as the Medium, still costs $90.  If you’re looking for a smaller in-home putting option at a reasonable price, these mats cannot be beat.


You can pay a lot more for a putting mat, but you won’t find a better roll than what you get from the PuttOUT Putting Mats.  Pick the right size for your space, pair it with a PuttOUT Pressure Trainer, and you’ll start seeing your scores improve in no time.

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  1. Ron Owens

    Looks good. A little more for the medium than I would like to spend but I love the idea that it rolls out flat. The ones I have tend to want to stay rolled up. Worth a second thought!

  2. Hi Matt. Love this site, you guys all do a great job. Quick question – between PuttOUT, Wellputt, Perfect Putting, Pelz etc, assuming you have the space for them do you find any better then the others? Or any reason other than price to pick one over the other? Have heard the Perfect Putting one is great-would you go with this one over it or any of the other options if you had your choice? Cheers!

    • Matt Saternus


      Personally, I prefer a flat mat to a ramp. The Wellputt is not as heavy as the PuttOut or Pelz, so I would rule that one out. From there it’s just a matter of what markings you want. I’ve been using the original PuttOut for a long time and have no complaints.


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