PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer Review

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The PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer is a quality upgrade on one of the best putting aids ever invented.  Improved aesthetics and two added performance features.


From the moment I got my hands on one in 2017, the PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer [review HERE] has been my most-used training aid.  It’s permanently set up on my PuttOUT Putting Mat [review HERE], and I use it almost daily.

After four successful years, PuttOUT’s signature product is getting an upgrade.  The new Premium Pressure Putt Trainer has a new look and a couple of upgraded performance features.  I was excited to see how PuttOUT could improve on my favorite trainer.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The new PuttOUT Premium sets up exactly the same as the original.  Unfold it, push in the target hole, and set it down on the ground.  You’ll be using it seconds after it’s out of the box.

If you’re not familiar with the PuttOUT Pressure Trainer, the concept is delightfully simple.  The disc at the bottom of the ramp is the same size as the cup, so if your ball runs over that you’ve “made” the putt.  The ramp serves as both a ball return and the home to the secondary target.  To get the ball to stay in this little hole, it needs to be hit with perfect line and ideal speed (15″-18″ past the cup).  If the ball lodges in the hole, you can putt a second ball to knock it loose.


The PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer has sold hundreds of thousands of units, which reinforces my statements about how effective it is.  If you want to read more about that, check out the original review HERE.

In this review of the Premium Pressure Putt Trainer, I want to focus on the differences between the new and old models.  Most obvious is the color.  The Premium version looks…well…premium.  The colors are cool and the black ramp looks sharper than the transparent original.

Another difference is the way that the target is opened.  On the original, there was a hinge; on the Premium, the dot gets pushed in (see above).  This was done so players could see the target, even when it’s pushed down.

On a more practical note, the “cup” at the bottom of the ramp now includes three “micro targets.”  The three small black dots allow you to set up for a breaking putt or work on visual cues beyond “straight in.”

Finally, the biggest addition to the Premium Pressure Putt Trainer is the alignment rod hole (see below).  The new ramp is taller and features a hole where you can balance an alignment rod to provide a visual cue for alignment and set up.  This can serve as a substitute for a putting mirror if you want to get your eyes directly over the ball, or it can aid in aligning yourself to the target.


The PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer is, hands down, the training aid I have used the most, still use the most, and have stuck with for the longest time.  It’s fun, it’s easy to use, and it delivers meaningful feedback.  There’s nothing more you can ask for from a training aid.


The PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer retails for $40.  If you already own a Pressure Putt Trainer, I don’t think the Premium is a necessary upgrade, but if you’re buying a new one, I’d get the Premium for the added features and the heavier, more stable base.


PuttOUT has yet to release a product that didn’t impress me, and the new Premium Pressure Putt Trainer is no different.  The new version has meaningful upgrades while not losing the addictive fun of the original.

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  1. Brian W. Frazier

    Loved the prospective of the previous version to this… as a current user, I like to see there is only improvements to report.

  2. A nice upgrade to my favorite putting trainer of all time. I especially like the alignment stick holder. It’s temping to upgrade even though I have the original!

  3. Alan Raville

    Great review Matt.
    I hope to get a chance to try one soon.

  4. Keith Finley

    I love mine. My fiancee hates it – she says the secondary target is too difficult and doesn’t suit her goal-oriented personality…

  5. The new PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer is awesome. I had found the previous version to be the best training device I have ever used for putting. This newer version has the alignment stick feature that helps me improve my alignment when practicing. I need to get this PuttOUT device for each of my three adult boys so they can improve their putting.

  6. Dan Humboldt

    Would love to give this a try. Seems easy and addictive and a great way to improve your putting and overall game. Expecting our 3rd kid under 4 in June and some at home golf improvement would be an awesome way to spend late nights and early mornings!

  7. I’ve had a chance to use one of the original ones and am positive it helped improve my short putts. Very fun to use and a lot harder than it looks to get the ball to stay in the target hole.

  8. Philip J Boyle

    I can’t review the aid since I have never used, but I do need help w/ putting, so winning this aid is something I hope happens. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  9. Christos Makris

    its hard to get used to but really helped with my pressure and tempo

  10. I have the original with the clear upslope and white cup. I find this useful and take it with me to the course before every round

  11. Jonathan+Blum

    Sounds simple

  12. mike murphy

    #PuttOUT giveaway
    This looks like a great way to add a little more focus to normal putting drills. Interesting produce

  13. Elliott Pyon

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Hi Matt,
    Great review as usual. I use the previous model and love it. It forces you to work on the quality of posture, grip and stroke to eliminate any effect on the ball. My only negative comment is that the speed has to be little fast to go up to the target.
    Thanks for your good work.


    This looks like one of the few training aids that I would use continually.
    Very logical engineering.

  16. Andy Rose

    This sounds like just what I need for my home practice

    • Greg Hollis

      Love the article Matt I will look into purchasing this item to help my game in the very near future and as always keep the articles coming I fully enjoy them

  17. Gary Uptigrove

    Looks like it would help ie not gimmicky.

  18. Looks like a useful aid!

  19. Larry Hill

    Great training device, helps with path, and alignment. I also like it because my grandkids use it and have have lots of fun, plus it keeps them involved in golf.

  20. Drive for show putt for free stuff

  21. Robin Ziuchkovski

    I always wondered if these really help. Would love to win it and give it a good try. I’m mainly a 3 putter and could use the help.

  22. Cool product. I space quarters all over the floor and do things like ladder drills. I would love to try this Matt.

  23. I have the original and it is simple to set up and use. Devilishly tough to stick the small target. This one looks like a nice upgrade.

  24. Todd Williams

    Improvements look good. Love all the color variations they offer.

  25. Josh Giesige

    No excuse for not already having one of these on my putting green here at home. I know I would use it DAILY, especially conference calls. Great review and I look fwd to giving this a whirl!

  26. As someone new to golf I don’t have any training aids. There are so many out there it’s hard to separate what works from those that may be just gimmicks. This seems straightforward. I currently put drink coasters on the floor and use them as targets. Willing to give this a shot!

  27. Mark Dophied

    Based on your review Matt I will give this a try.

  28. Jerry Pyles

    Excellent review! I really value the feedback you provide on products. Based on your review, I’ll be looking to ad this training aid to my arsenal.

  29. Bill Bamber

    Lots of Snow here. I mean Lots!! Good News is that Golf is about 6 wks. away.[Maybe Less ] Know that making Buds Wallets open I need to Putt better this Season. So know using the PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer is a good answer. & Laffing to the Piggy Bank!!

  30. Nice review. I had just picked up the original version of this and have a love hate relationship with it. I can not get the ball to stay in the hole, very frustration. But then I have to remind myself that I still ran it over the hole and made the putt.

  31. Jay W. Anderson

    I bought the original Pressure Putt target along with the Varispeed putting mat to get myself through what turned out to be a particularly brutal Chicago winter. That, and to finally learn how to putt correctly after 40 years of being a bad putter. (Once shot a 90 w/ 44 putts.)
    Dutifully practicing daily, and am keeping a tally of each one that lands in the perfect putt hole. It is a thrill when you make a perfect putt.
    I coupled this with Bob Rotella has book on the psychology of putting and a lesson. Can’t wait to play for real.
    Hot tip: for added pressure, adopt a cat or two…

  32. Interesting looking device.

  33. I’m in for trying this out.

  34. Robert Swindells

    Could do with some help putting!

  35. I have the original PuttOut and believe it to be a useful tool for working on putting, both indoors and outdoors.

  36. Duncan Deaville

    I got chucked out of American Golf trying to make one stick.. I need practice and my own trainer.. want one!

  37. Simple and effective, which is what training should be! Great review, would definitely like to try one out to help improve my putting!

  38. Jeanne Jacobsen

    I would give anything to help my putting. I have tried paper cups and string. It would be great to have something that works. Thanks

  39. Great review. Colors looks sharp. Looks easy to use.

  40. Richard S Schrager

    This would be a fine update to the ancient piston-return putting machine that I have in my office. More practice, less work. Thanks.

  41. Ben Vocale

    I think the beauty of the Puttout is that it will ingrain the correct speed to hole out

  42. Mark A Hasz

    This looks to be a very useful training aid and interesting to look at. I think I may have to buy one.

  43. Nice reviews. The hole for the alignment rod is an interesting idea. I’ve been thinking about picking one of these up.

  44. Never even considered a putting aid – this seems the one to start.

    Would be more than happy to review if chosen.


  45. Tony Herunter

    I’d love to try this. It looks like a solid product.

  46. Dave Sampson

    I hope to win the puttOUT giveaway and give it a try.

  47. Ken Benson

    Matt, as usual, an excellent review. I look forward to getting pluggedingolf and reading what you have tried and your true feelings about each product. I do not usually use training aids, but this one sounds interesting. We seem to go to the driving range, but don’t practice our putting often enough. I would use this tool. Thanks for the review!!

  48. Jim Barry

    It looks like this would be fun to use with my grandson.

  49. David J Sell

    These look so sharp. I’ve almost purchased the original a couple times, but never pulled the trigger.
    I really love the added hole to place an alignment stick, an issue I struggle with at times.
    Would love a chance to try it out !
    Thanks for another fantastic review ! Your site is amongst the best out there, by far.

  50. P.J. Evans

    Really like the new bold colors and having to get the speed right to get it sit on the hole properly is key!
    How many times have we lipped out because of too much speed?!? Yeah, countless times…
    The ability to add an alignment stick is a great idea!

  51. Steve+Pitts

    Great review, Matt. This really looks good. I would love to try it.

  52. Christopher Shively

    My putting needs serious help. Enter a serious training aid.

    Please and thank you.

  53. I have the original and use it regularly, this new version appears to add even more to an already great product.

  54. Love the alignment stick hole. I am going to take a drill to my OG PuttOUT now!

  55. I need to pickup one of these, think it will help my putting. At least it can’t hurt.

  56. Carl Carlson

    Looks like an easy to use putting improve the tool. And friends can make a competitive gave with it. Cool!

  57. I appreciate the conclusion that it’s not necessary to upgrade from the original. I use the original regularly and it is a nice training product. I want to get a second one to leave at work so I will be getting the premium after reading this.

  58. Doctor Bob

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this. Great review, Matt.

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