PUREHITT Golf Training Aid Review

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The PUREHITT training aid tries to combine a heavy, flexible warm up tool with a hittable tempo trainer.  More successful with the former than the latter.  Able to be used by right and left handed players.


Borrowed from chef/TV host Alton Brown, “unitasker” is one of my more favorite insults to lob at a training aid.  The PUREHITT attempts to avoid that label by combining an Orange Whip-style device with a hittable training club.  But in attempting to be two things, does it fail to do even one thing well?  Let’s discuss.

Set Up & Ease of Use

There is no set up required with the PUREHITT swing trainer; just remove the packaging and you’re ready to go.  It works for right and left handed players, and there is just one model available.

The only instructions are on the Amazon sales page HERE.  They are…lacking.  The instructions state that to warm up with the PUREHITT, you should swing it back and forth.  To improve your ball striking, hit it off a tee.  If the ball goes straight, that’s great.  If it goes low and right, “you’re like most” and it’s “time to address one or more swing flaws.”  What are those flaws?  How do we address them?  The instructions are so bad they almost feel like trolling.


The PUREHITT swing trainer blends two trainers – the Orange Whip-style tempo trainer and a hittable tempo trainer.

As a warm up tool, I think the PUREHITT is fine.  It’s heavy like the Orange Whip, and the shaft is extremely flexible.  Virtually every golfer is familiar with this type of trainer, and it’s a fine way to warm up, though it’s not the best way to build speed*.

I’m less impressed with the hittable aspect of this trainer.  I think the concept of a highly flexible, hittable tempo trainer does have merit.  I’m a big fan of GForce’s trainers like the Driver NXT-GEN [review HERE].  The difference is that the GForce products look like golf clubs and are weighted similarly to normal clubs.  I question how well swinging an extremely heavy orange blob will transfer to swinging your real driver.  Additionally, because there are no instructions, it’s not obvious to all golfers why their shots are screaming out low and right.

*If you want to build speed, you need to train fast with a system like SuperSpeed [review HERE] or Rypstick [review HERE].


One of the points emphasized by the PUREHITT is that the grip is replaceable.  This is an advantage over trainers that have a knob at the grip end, but I don’t know too many people who have worn out the grip on their Orange Whip.

Overall, I think the longevity of the PUREHITT is similar to any other warm up club.  If you are a rider and you can keep it in your bag, you will probably give it a few swings before you play.  For walkers who won’t want to keep such a heavy extra in their bag, this will likely gather dust.


The PUREHITT golf training aid retails for $99 [please consider supporting Plugged In Golf by buying it HERE].  This is $20 less than the Orange Whip and roughly half the price of the GForce Driver NXT-GEN, but about twice as much as this Amazon brand swing trainer HERE.

Overall, I think the PUREHITT is a good buy as a warm up tool, but I would not recommend it as something that’s going to train your swing.  If you want to really smooth out your transition, I’d suggest the GForce 7-Iron [review HERE].


If you want a heavy warm up club, the PUREHITT is a fine addition to your kit.  It’s affordable, and the addition of a hittable face gives it some novelty.  That said, the hittable aspect should not be why you buy this club because the transference to real golf clubs is not great.

Buy the PUREHITT Golf Training Aid HERE

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  1. Jordy Evans

    Thanks for your reviews of training aids.

    It is hard to asses the effectiveness and value of a new training aid prior to purchase so I rely heavily on reviews like yours in addition to feedback from friends on what has worked for them.

    Replaceable grips on training aids and the ability to refresh other surfaces that wear out are starting to have more relevance to me.

    Was looking at the grip on my Orange Whip the other day and thinking that it is getting slick and worn out. I have used it nearly every day for the past 4 years. The Orange Whip line of training aids have really proven to be effective for me and I have just about every one of their products now. Their putter and wedge are both flexible shafted clubs that can be used to hit balls with and they really helped me when I was focusing on improving my short game.

    Also been following their fitness and mobility program in conjunction with using the Power Peel, Lightspeed trainer and the power bands. The Power Peel has been used so much that I have about worn out the rubber/foam surface.

    Another training program that has helped me recently is the Stack System. I’ve been using it for about a year now and have replaced the grip once already and will probably need to replace the current grip soon. Have gained 12 MPH of club head speed so far with my driver. 56 years old and hitting the ball further than I ever have.

    Probably one of the best endorsements of the value that you receive from a product is that it was used so much it literally got worn out.

    Best wishes for continued success!

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