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50 Words or Less

The GForce Driver NXT-GEN swing trainer is the most challenging of the GForce trainers to use well.  Expensive.


If you want to hear golfers critique their tempo and rhythm, hang out on any tee box.  With the driver in hand, most golfers turn into The Hulk, trying to obliterate the tiny round sphere rather than making a smooth swing.  This desire to smash is what makes the GForce Driver NXT-GEN such a difficult – and potentially helpful – swing trainer to have in your arsenal.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

The GForce Driver NXT-GEN swing trainer is just like the 7 Iron.  It requires no assembly and can be hit immediately.  However, it’s worth taking a moment to think about what this club is trying to teach you.  In short: swing very smoothly.  If you are too aggressive with any part of your swing, the shaft is going to twist, bend, and produce gnarly shots.

If you want further instruction, there is a lot of material on the GForce website.  But, as I noted in the 7I review, it’s not well organized and much of it is not good.  For a new user, I would suggest starting with the “Founder’s Story” HERE.  Skip past the narrative, and you’ll find a reasonable explanation of how to use the GForce 7 Iron.  The “Faults and Fixes” page is ok, too.  This content is about the 7I, but it works just as well for the driver.

I would advise you to stay away from the GForce YouTube page.*  Unlike the 7I, the driver merits only two videos, but they’re really bad.  For some reason, they chose to film the entire thing through GEARS Motion Capture, so you see an avatar of the instructor, not a person.  Like the 7I videos, the driver videos are unorganized and any quality instruction is lost in the rambling.

*Again, I hated writing this.  It’s not my goal to put people down, but, my obligation is to creating an honest review for the reader.  For the newer player who may need more help, poor instructional videos may be an important part of the buying decision.

GForce Driver NXT-GEN shaft and grip


Of the three GForce NXT-GEN trainers, the driver took me the longest to warm up to.  In my initial sessions, I found it to be simultaneously the easiest and most difficult of the three.  The face is very closed, so my first swings weren’t as far right as they were with the GForce 7I NXT-GEN [review HERE].  But while it was hard to hit truly awful shots, it was also extremely challenging to hit good ones.

After spending a lot more time with the GForce 7I and getting the feel of being smoother, I came back to the driver.  This second go-round was much more successful.  I wouldn’t say I was hitting beautiful drives, but they were a clear improvement.  This is subjective, but I will note that even my best drives with the GForce were not as satisfying as my good shots with the 7I.

The GForce Driver NXT-GEN swing weights at D4, but it feels much heavier because of the super flexible shaft.  You have to truly exaggerate the smoothness of your swing to keep the shaft “in tact” – mores than with the 7I.

This leads to my one reservation about the GForce Driver.  Where I feel like the GForce 7I and GForce Putter [review HERE] translate 1:1 to your “real” clubs, the driver feels like an exaggeration.  To get the GForce Driver to work, I had to stray miles from my normal Tour Tempo [learn about that HERE].  This isn’t to say that the GForce driver isn’t a good trainer – exaggeration can be an effective path to change – but it is something for prospective users to keep in mind.

GForce Driver NXT-GEN face


The longevity of the GForce Driver NXT-GEN is like the GForce 7I but more extreme.  You will need more time to get the driver under control.  If you’re not ready for some frustration, this isn’t for you.  However, if you can push through the growing pains, this will be a trainer you pull out from time to time to smooth out your swing.


The GForce Driver NXT-GEN swing trainer retails for $191.  This is substantially more than the 7I which sells for $119.  My advice would be to start with the 7I.  It’s easier and less expensive.  If you love the 7I, give the driver a try.  For those that want to jump straight into the driver, GForce does offer a 60-day money back guarantee.


Will the GForce Driver NXT-GEN deliver “20-30 more yards”?  I find it unlikely, but it will force you to take the “hit” and aggression out of your driver swing.  If you want to make a smoother swing off the tee, this training aid can get you on the right path.

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