GForce 7 Iron NXT-GEN Swing Trainer Review

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50 Words or Less

The GForce 7 Iron NXT-GEN swing trainer is a hittable 7I on a hyper-flexible shaft.  Easy to understand, very tough to master.  Poor instructional materials.  More fun than your average trainer.

GForce 7 Iron NXT-GEN shaft


As effective as they may be, no one calls the explosive, convulsive swings of long drivers beautiful.  Golfers, in the main, desire to be smooth.  We’ll watch hours of slow motion footage of Adam Scott, marveling at his effortless transition.  If you want to get the jerks and spasms out of your swing to be more like Adam, the GForce 7 Iron NXT-GEN swing trainer may be the solution.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The GForce 7 Iron NXT-GEN swing trainer requires no assembly to use.  Take it out of the protective sleeve, and you can hit balls immediately.

While this device doesn’t require any assembly, some instruction is a good idea.  The long and short is this: if you are too aggressive with any part of your swing, the shaft is going to twist, bend, and produce gnarly shots.  This club is designed to teach you to be extremely smooth from takeaway to transition to impact.

If you want to get deeper, the GForce website has a lot of material.  Unfortunately, it’s not all good and almost none of it is well organized.  For a new user, I would suggest starting with the “Founder’s Story” HERE.  Skip past the narrative, and you’ll find a reasonable explanation of how to use the GForce 7 Iron.  The “Faults and Fixes” page is ok, too.  Finally, I would advise anyone who values their time to stay away from the GForce YouTube page.*  The 7I alone has an instructional playlist of 7 videos averaging about 10 minutes each.  Some are better than others, but generally they’re rambling and underproduced.  The entire playlist should be condensed into one tight 10 minute video, and I hope they do so in the future.

*I genuinely hated writing this.  It’s never my goal to put people down, however, my ultimate obligation is to creating an honest review for you, the reader.  For the newer player who may need more help, poor instructional videos may be an important part of the buying decision.

GForce 7 Iron NXT-GEN grip


The GForce 7 Iron NXT-GEN is not shy when it comes to making promises.  On their website, you can find the following phrases: “Eliminate destructive swing thoughts,” “Unlock pro tempo,” and “Unlock a smoother, more powerful swing in less than 30 days.”  To their credit, they back it up with a 60-day money back guarantee.

When I picked up the GForce, my first thought was, “This shaft is softer than anything I’ve ever felt.”  I’ve tested similar trainers like the Lag Shot [review HERE], but nothing comes close to being this flexible.  Even the slightest twitch gets the shaft to bend like a pretzel.  I made numerous practice swings before attempting to strike a ball, trying to get all the “hit” out of my swing.

As expected, my first few swings sent the ball screaming right.  Even into my net – which only allows a few feet of ball flight – I could see that they were foul balls.  I was also jolted by the impact sound.  The GForce 7I produces a loud impact sound that makes it feel like the ball was absolutely launched.  Unfortunately, it also covers up any feedback, so you need to use impact tape to see your strike location.

With a little bit of practice, I was able to get the ball to launch closer to center with a modest fade.  When I exaggerated the feeling of “stopping” my arms and pulling vertically into impact, I could even get the ball to go left.  These feelings can be very beneficial to the player trying to shallow their swing or get more speed into impact.

The thing I was most curious about was how well the feelings from the GForce would translate to a “real” club.  I was surprised to find that they transferred quite easily.  Even without the whippy shaft, I was able to recall the feeling of letting my body turn without trying to add speed with my arms.  This isn’t something you’ll ingrain overnight, but, with practice, I can see the GForce 7 Iron NXT-GEN having a significant impact.

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Hitting the GForce 7 Iron NXT-GEN is pretty enjoyable once you get a feel for it.  It can also be frustrating.  I think this combination leads the longevity to be player-specific.  For those that can get a handle on it, sprinkling some GForce 7I swings into a practice session can be fun and beneficial.  However, for the players that can’t get their arms around it – and don’t want to invest the time to learn – the GForce 7I will become a dust collector.

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The GForce 7 iron NXT-GEN swing trainer retails for $120 (please consider supporting Plugged In Golf by buying it HERE).  This is on par with similar trainers, and I like the GForce 7I better, so I would rate this as a good value.  I’ll note again that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so there’s little risk to giving it a try.

GForce 7 Iron NXT-GEN


The GForce 7 Iron NXT-GEN is one of the best tools I’ve come across for making your swing smoother and unlocking latent speed.  Being able to hit shots with it makes it more effective than training aids like the Orange Whip.  If you’re willing to get through the initial frustration of spraying shots to the right, this is a training aid worth considering.

Visit GForce HERE

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  1. Looks like they copied the old Whippy Tempomaster. I had a driver and iron once and they were not easy to hit….probably because I have horrible tempo lol.

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