Lag Shot Golf Training Aid Review

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The Lag Shot golf training clubs have potentially huge benefits for golfers who swing “over the top” or don’t use their body to create power.  This trainer is not easy and will require patience.


When it comes to training aids, big promises are the norm, but Lag Shot really goes for the gold.  “Adding 2-3 clubs of easy, effortless distance,” “doubling your greens in regulation,” and “knocking 7-10 strokes off your score” are all promised within seconds of visiting their website.  Like any golfer, I would love to experience any or all of these, so I grabbed the Lag Shot training clubs and headed to the range.

Ease of Use & Set Up

With the Lag Shot swing trainer, there is no set up.  The club comes fully assembled and ready to go.  That said, it’s important to check out the training videos that are included with your purchase.  It is very easy to get frustrated with the Lag Shot if you don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish.  I cannot emphasize enough that you should watch the videos and take some notes before trying them out.

There are ten total videos, one being specific to the driver and two specific to the wedge.  On average, they’re about seven to eight minutes long.  In my opinion, they could be shorter, but I want to credit the instructor, Adam Bazalgette, for sharing really good information.  There is no anti-science BS about “holding off” the release to create fake lag.  On the contrary, Adam emphasizes using your hands actively to get all the speed possible out of the club.


Let’s cut to the chase about what the Lag Shot is and what it does.  This is a hittable 7-iron with a very flexible shaft (think Orange Whip).  I weighed it at 20 ounces (my 7I is a touch under 16) with a swing weight of D4 (I typically play D3).  I was actually surprised it was this close to standard – it feels very heavy.  Finally, it’s worth noting that the shaft is very thick – it feels slightly larger than a midsize grip in my hands.

In practice, the Lag Shot forces you to pause your arms at the top and let your lower body drive the downswing.  It also demands that you actively use your hands/wrists/forearms through impact to square the club face.  These are worthy goals that can absolutely help a lot of golfers.

As I’ve said many times, no one will ever compare my swing to Ernie Els or Louis Oosthuizen, so I was not terribly surprised to find that the Lag Shot judged me rather harshly.  My first few swings with the 7I were blasted miles right.  I made a concerted effort to slow my transition which moved the results from outside the foul line into right field.  With a slow transition and a strong effort to rotate my hands through impact, I started hitting good shots.

I “figured out” the Lag Shot within a few swings, but this could be a very trying training aid for some golfers.  For the player who doesn’t know how to use their body or forearms/wrists, the Lag Shot is going to create a stream of shots to the right.  This level of difficulty isn’t inherently good or bad, but it’s worth noting.  Don’t buy this club thinking it will fix your problems in five swings.

I was able to test all three Lag Shot clubs – wedge, 7I, and driver – and I found the level of challenge varied with the club.  None of these clubs are easy to hit, but you can fake it with the wedge.  The 7I is a good challenge.  With the driver, you need to be painfully patient in transition.  I spent a good bit of time with the driver and can count on one hand how many really good shots I hit.

Note: If you go to the Lag Shot website, you’ll only find the 7I.  The company advises everyone to start with the 7I and will only sell the driver and wedge to golfers who already own the 7I.

Want an even more testing trainer?  Check out the GForce 7 Iron NXT-GEN HERE


As I stated earlier, this is a trainer that most golfers will need some time to figure out.  And once you’ve discovered how to hit good shots with it, it will take still more time to ingrain that successful swing.  Those two things give Lag Shot built-in longevity.

Lag Shot gets more longevity points because you can swing it indoors (use it like an Orange Whip) or outdoors.  It can live in your golf bag and be your warm up club, especially if you’re a rider and aren’t concerned about the weight.


The Lag Shot Golf 7-Iron is available for $120 through their website HERE.  If you have the problems that the Lag Shot aims to fix, I think it’s a good buy.  It’s also worth noting that Lag Shot provides a 30-day money back guarantee.


Does Lag Shot go over the top with their promises of transforming your game?  Without a doubt, yes, but try to get past the hype.  For the player who swings “over the top,” this hittable training aid has the potential to drive real improvement.

Visit Lag Shot Golf HERE

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  1. martin j maness

    Is this similar to the medicus swing trainer back in the day?

    • Matt Saternus


      Are you referring to the hinged club? If so, I would say no, this is a very different concept.



  2. Matt it looks like a copy of the G-Force sold by a European pro golfer.

    • I have the GForce and the Lag Shot. The Lag Shot, to me, is a far superior club & the video training that comes with it is great. Adam Bazelgett (I probably misspelled his name, lol) is a great instructor.

  3. Jonathan Compton

    Matt, As I’m a high handicapper (24) and 68 y.o., with winter coming and no lessons affordable, which would be the better 1st choice for a training aid: the DUB or the Lag Shot? My big miss is fairway/approach shots: not much distance and big dispersion. My driver is improving but still is short. Thanks.

  4. I bought the Lag Shot swing trainer and unfortunately, a knee injury prevented me from giving it a “true” test. With that said, I did find it somewhat difficult to get used to. I do think it could help some golfers but probably not for the majority.
    I did return it and found that their return policy took a LONG time and if one decides to return the merchandise, get ready for a battle to get your money back. It will take some time and a LOT of e-mails. Would not recommend this training aid simply because of the difficulty of using it and the return policy.

  5. I bought the Lag shot 7i and didn’t have a lot of problem hitting it. The first few swings were awkward. I soon started hitting some decent shots. I found something curious when I tried my regular 7i. I started hitting it more consistently, and for some reason I was hitting relaxed shots. I’m 75 years old and my handicap has doubled these last 2 years due to aches and pains and a loss of distance and consistency. Lately
    I find I’m “consistently inconsistent”
    I think that this is a worthwhile training aid if you are willing to put in the time with it and not expect a miracle after 5 swings.

  6. Gary Guerrero (Lag Shot CEO)

    Thanks for the feedback. It’s greatly appreciated. During the busy times things can be slower (maybe that’s what happened in this particular case) but we have a strong support team and they are very fast with their responses. Usually 12-24 hours MAXIMUM. I understand this can be impatient to some but we are very focused on providing top notch support. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of positive reviews online. I invite you to do your own due diligence. Don’t be persuaded by one review. Fact is we do our best and the reviews should prove this. We will take this review and make our support even better. Thank you again for the feedback!

    • Jonathan Compton

      Is your reply to the comment about slow and difficult returns? What would you recommend for a 68 yo high handicapper (yeah, me: I have poor flexibility and lift my head up on approach shots?

  7. I bought the lag shot 7 but don’t have any info on the video training help referred to earlier. Some help showing how to swing it would be very helpful. Thanks

  8. I bought the Lag Shot because I knew I could return it. I watched Adam Bazalgett’s videos ( they are superb), tried it, figured it out in a few minutes and have never looked back. Would not think about returning it. It’s a really valuable training club. I use it as a warmup tool every single day. It dramatically helps with tempo. It also forces you to swing correctly or, believe me, the ball’s going all over the lot. I’m 81 and have lost flexibility and distance. Age keeps me from hitting big distances but this Lag Shot keeps me hitting down the middle and, frankly, that’s a fun way to play golf.

  9. I use the Moe Normen golf swing. Can the lag shot be used for the type of swing?

  10. These LagShot guys totally copies the GForce swing trainer it is an exact replica with a blue colored shaft even the heads are the same!!

  11. Lee Edward Romang

    Is this available in the UK?

    • Matt Saternus


      I imagine they would ship to the UK. I would suggest contacting the manufacturer to find out.


  12. Mark Flewelling

    I just purchased the Lagshot online and unfortunately their system processed the same order 3 times and billed me for same. I tried frantically to get a hold of someone to rectify this issue before it was shipped but to no avail. Everytime I called their 1-800 number it went to a telephone messaging service where I left a message with the gal who answered but never received a call back. I called 6 times and left 6 messages and still have not had anyone call me back. I submitted multiple requests on their website explaining the issue and to have someone call me ASAP but to no avail. I did finally receive an email message back stating that while they did understand the error in the order it was too late and it had already shipped. The remedy they stated was to refuse the order at the door and then when it goes back they will refund the money. That is not an acceptable solution. Why state on your website that you have 7/24 customer support which in fact is a falsehood.

    Not a happy camper.

  13. Is the lag shot driver legal to use in golf tournaments?


    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know for certain. I can’t see why it wouldn’t be, but I’m not a rules expert so I’m just making a guess.


  14. Paul Oncale, Jr.

    I purchased the lag club on Nov 11 and received it on Nov 17. Unfortunately due to my wife and I having to go out of state for surgery I returned the club, since I would not be able to try it out. I shipped it to Lag Club on Nov 23 per their instructions and according to USPS tracking they received it on Nov 29. To this day I have not received a refund. I have called three times in the last several days and the “answering service” says someone will call me back. No one has called me back!

  15. Tyler Watt

    Would the junior lag shot 7iron be good for a beginner? My daughter is new to the game and on one hand it would be nice to teach her the proper swing sequence from the very beginning; however, I don’t want it to be so frustrating that she hates the game. Would you recommend this for a beginner?

    • Matt Saternus


      Not for hitting balls with, no. I think it would be very frustrating for a new golfer.



  16. Kartavya Jain

    Hi there , I am using lag shot since a month now and let me tell it has helped me a lot!! I recommend that to everyone of you .
    I am sure it will help you in following ways –
    -Improve your tempo

    -Increase lag in your swing

    -Improve your sequence

    -Force you to swing on plane (or slice the ears off the ball)

  17. Hello 7 hcap playing MP-20s with KBS TGI 100 shafts. I bought a LagShot 7i. Love the concept. I found it helpful as it rewarded a smooth tempo and a good shoulder turn. After 20-30 balls I was really starting to get in a groove and hit some quality shots. However going back to my regular 7i which I had already been hitting well was a complete mess as it felt light as a feather with the swing weight being so different. It took me so many balls to get the feel back n my regular clubs that I don’t think I’ll be repeating the experiment.

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