GForce Putter NXT-GEN Putting Trainer Review

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The GForce Putter NXT-GEN putting trainer is effective at taking the “hit” out of your putting stroke.  Very challenging on long distance putts.  Not a trainer you’ll master quickly.

GForce Putter NXT-GEN face


Earlier this year, I reviewed the GForce 7 Iron NXT GEN swing trainer [review HERE].  I liked it at the time, and, as more time has passed, I’ve grown to like it even more.  It’s a trainer I reach for on a regular basis.

With the bar set fairly high, I turned my attention to the GForce Putter NXT-GEN putting trainer.  While I don’t have the same amount of aggression in my putting stroke that I do in my full swing, most of us do aspire to a more rhythmic, syrupy stroke.  Can this trainer help you down that road?

Set Up & Ease of Use

Just like their 7I, the GForce Putter NXT-GEN requires no assembly or set up.  Remove the protective sleeve, and you can start rolling putts.

Also like the 7I, this putting trainer is designed to create a smooth, fluid putting stroke.  The ultra-soft shaft will bend, twist, and send the ball flying off-line if you are at all aggressive with your motion.  Hold the putter gently and softly rock your shoulders to keep the shaft stable.

Finally, the Putter NXT-GEN also has the same quality of instructional materials as the 7I, which is a problem.  There are two putter-specific videos on GForce’s YouTube channel, and I strongly recommend you avoid both*.  They are roughly twelve minutes each, and they’re a waste of your time.  For reasons that are never explained, the instructor is an avatar on GEARS.  There is no organization to the material whatsoever.  To their credit, GForce says they are working to improve their instructional material, but, at the time of this writing, it’s very poor.

*Again, I hated writing this.  It’s never my goal to put people down, however, my ultimate obligation is to creating an honest review for you, the reader.  For the newer player who may need more help, poor instructional videos may be an important part of the buying decision.


Having already spent a lot of time with the 7I, I understood what the GForce Putter NXT-GEN was going to ask me to do.  On my putting mat, I was able to consistently “succeed” on my PuttOUT Pressure Trainer [review HERE] pretty quickly from three to five feet away.  It did require me to create a different feeling in my stroke and focus on being smooth.

GForce includes a ball gate (below) with the putting trainer as a means of checking your start line.  I like the concept of a gate, but this one is much better designed for outdoor use.  The indoor bases are too light and need to be readjusted every time the ball rolls into them.  Regardless, the gate is an essential part of the process as your smooth stroke means nothing if it’s not starting the ball on line.

In my review of the GForce 7I, I noted that I had concerns about how the feel would transfer from the trainer to my normal clubs.  This concern was even strong with the putter for numerous reasons: the different head shape, the large, reverse taper grip, and the heavy weight (650 grams total and over F6 swing weight).

Just as with the 7I, this trainer surprised me with how well it transferred the smooth feeling to my gamer putter.  I was able to easily recreate that smooth, body driven motion even when looking down at a very different club.  That said, I might suggest changing the grip on the GForce putter to match your own if you’re planning to train with it extensively.

GForce Putter NXT-GEN grip


Rolling in short putts with the GForce Putter NXT-GEN is not a great challenge.  It’s an effective reminder to stay smooth, but that alone would not help it to score high on longevity.  What gives the Putter NXT-GEN it’s strong score in this category is how tough it is on long putts.  Whether you’re trying to make eight to ten footers or lag thirty footers, staying smooth and keeping the ball perfectly on target with this trainer is a challenge.

Need help off the tee?  Try the GForce Driver NXT-GEN HERE

GForce Putter NXT-GEN headcover


The GForce Putter NXT-GEN swing trainer retails for $143.  This is slightly more than the 7I but still in the same ballpark.  While I don’t like the Putter as much as I like the 7I, I acknowledge that may be a result of which one is more needed in my game.  Overall, I think the value is fair but not excellent.

I’ll note that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so there’s little risk to giving it a try.


If you’re trying to smooth out your putting stroke, I don’t think there’s a better trainer than the GForce Putter NXT-GEN.  It works for both right and left handed players, and transfers the smooth feeling to your gamer putter very well.

Visit GForce HERE

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