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The Puma TitanTour Ignite Disc shoe has a new lacing system built into the successful TitanTour Ignite golf shoe.



Puma introduced the original TitanTour Ignite golf shoe with great success in late 2015.  While this shoe was plenty successful, and a great deal, Puma wasn’t done making strides into the competitive golf shoe industry.  By adding the proprietary Disc technology to the TitanTour Ignite, Puma made a great shoe even better.



As mentioned in our original TitanTour Ignite review, the shoe is as comfortable as it gets.  The Ignite Disc improves the comfort levels by giving the shoe a more uniform fit.  Rather than pulling your laces tight in different places only to have them stretch and loosen with activity, Puma’s Disc technology tightens the shoe evenly on your foot and stays tight throughout its use.  I typically have to re-tie my golf shoes two or three times during a round, but with the Ignite Disc I’m good to go.



As Rickie and Puma continue to grow up, so do their shoes.  The TitanTour Ignite Disc “regular” lineup has more subdued colorways with a couple having small dashes of color.  Believe it or not, the range doesn’t have a single hint of orange!  To be fair, there is a bright red and black limited edition version that’s an attention grabber.  For longtime Puma golf shoe fans, the Ignite Disc line shows some resemblance to the old Puma/J. Lindeberg shoes.  Yes, the Ignite Disc’s looks are more toned down, but they are full of class and very smooth.



Unsurprisingly, the Puma TitanTour Ignite Disc is a great golf shoe and performs very well.  The shoe is lightweight, sturdy, and allows for natural motion in a golf swing.  You’ve likely guessed the biggest performance difference from its predecessor is the Disc technology, and you’d be correct.  Having that uniform, snug fit makes the shoe hold well with great stability during the swing.  That stability gives you a good anchor to the ground with the right amount of traction to confidently take a whack at the ball.



Puma first introduced the Disc technology in a limited edition run months before the standard offerings.  I was mostly attracted to the bright red pair because of its colors, but the Disc technology was equally worth the attention.  That Disc technology quickly made my bright red Pumas my favorite golf shoes with their perfect fit and improved performance.  Since you don’t always feel like wearing bright red golf shoes, I was excited to see the Disc technology rolled out across the Puma shoe range.  Now when I head to the course, unless I feel like wearing high tops, I always grab a pair of Puma TitanTour Ignite Disc shoes.

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