PUMA IGNITE FASTEN8 Pro Golf Shoe Review

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The PUMA IGNITE FASTEN8 Pro blends enhanced lateral stability and responsive mobility for an athletic spikeless golf shoe with modern flair.


PUMA  Golf always does a fantastic job hyping their new products, but what captured my attention more than the flashy graphics of the new FASTEN8 line was the tagline “The newest edition of the IGNITE spikeless franchise.”  The term franchise recognizes the fact that PUMA Golf has a widely popular golf shoe – so don’t go messing with it too much.  As someone who has several generations of IGNITE shoes still in play, I’m pleased to see, and test, the FASTEN8 Pro.

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With its thick white midsole and streamlined shaping, the IGNITE FASTEN8 Pro continues with the modern, athletic styling cues of its predecessors.  PUMA brought a lot of elements into play on the uppers, but in a cohesive way.  The white microfiber base material may not be the leather it initially tricked my eye into thinking it was, but it does give the shoe a more premium look compared to the woven non-Pro version.  The grey saddle section is not only distinctive looking but is also integral to performance, which I’ll elaborate on shortly.  The micro-textured, thin TPU film surrounding the toe section stood up nicely to my random run-ins with branches and curbs, helping to suppress those little cuts and scuffs that can instantly make a new pair of shoes look abused.

Grey trim and patterned laces really add to the appealing look.  The IGNITE FASTEN8 Pro comes in five colorways that transition from this white version to darker shades of grey, concluding in an all black version.


The INGITE FASTEN8 were super easy to slip on thanks to generous lacing, a high tab at the Achilles and a long tongue.  Inside the shoes, my feet felt cradled in a comfortable lining.  Tightening the laces was a normal process, but the secure feeling it produced seemed beyond normal.   What I sensed was the PWRStrap system that connects the laces to the midsole via nylon webbing straps.  The straps are hidden behind the grey saddles, with just the loops exposed for the laces to pass through.  The name of the shoe is derived from those eight straps as readers with quick math skills likely already figured out.

The IGNITE foam of the midsole provides that wonderful balance between firm and cushy that makes you feel like you could walk all day in comfort.  The FASTEN8 had the flexibility I favor for responsive footwork during my swing.  Although the PUMA website states “Fits slightly long, consider going down ½ size,” I ended up sticking with my normal 9.5 and was happy with the fit – despite them being slightly on the large side.  For me, going down in size tilted the scale to a bit small.

As comfortable overall as the FASTEN8 were, I was glad I gave them a range session for a little break in time before a full round on the links.  I enjoyed the padding around the ankle for keeping my heel secure, but the cut hit me in an awkward way on the outside front of my right ankle.  Why just one place on one foot?  As one doctor once told me, “You’re a freak of nature.”


I mentioned that the PWRStraps were behind the saddles, but they also work in conjunction with the saddles themselves – in what PUMA calls the PWRCAGE – to add lateral stability.  Notwithstanding the clever naming, I appreciated the stability in my backswing. 

To my eyes, the sole of the FASTEN8 has remained unchanged from the prior generation – which is just fine with me.  The multi-size and multi-shaped lug design has proven quite reliable in various course conditions.  As much as I love the traction when I occasionally find the fairway, I’ve come to really appreciate the firm footing the IGNITE shoes provide in the sand.


If you’re a fan of PUMA IGNITE golf shoes, the new FASTEN8 are going to seem like an old family friend.  If you’ve never worn IGNITE spikeless golf shoes, you owe it to your feet to at least try them on – especially with an attractive price of $120.  With their athletic modern look and reliable performance, the PUMA IGNITE FASTEN8 Pro are sure to get a lot of play from this writer.

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Matt Meeker


  1. Love my current Ignites, perfect decent to good weather shor which can easliy drive home your car in! These seem to be a good improvement – further enhanced support as well as strengthened loops for the laces at top.

    Only downside is the lack of breathe – feet will be soaking after a hot day on the links!

  2. Accilent look

  3. Hi hello very nice shoes

  4. Effendi Abdullah

    Very nice I like the design it look stylist for golfer

  5. One of the best shoes I ever bought 😍

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