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The Puma Biofusion Mesh spikeless golf shoes look cool and are equally functional.  These shoes successfully bridge the gap between golf course and street.

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It seems like all the golf shoe companies these days are trying to convince everyone that they’re making a spikeless golf shoe that’s good as a full performance golf shoe, but is also a good shoe to bomb around in as an every day shoe.  Typically, you will encounter a shoe that’s either a great golf shoe or a great street shoe, but rarely both.  Today I present to you the Puma Biofusion Mesh spikeless golf shoe.  Ever since I first laid eyes on the grey/white/lime (actually “tradewinds”, not grey) I knew I had to try a pair and I finally got that chance just in time for summer.

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My first wearing the Puma Biofusion Mesh spikeless shoes was actually not a trip to the golf course, but just a regular day at the office.  The first thing I noticed when I slipped on these shoes is that they were snug around the foot, but not in an uncomfortable way.  It was just a tighter fit than your average pair of gym shoes.  They fit true to size and do not feel narrow, they just have a nice snug wrap around your foot.  This will make sense when we finally get these out to the golf course.

I was comfortable walking around all day in the Biofusion mesh shoes, so much so that they have become every day shoes.  I was able to be on my feet for long periods of time and do plenty of distance walking in them without having any regrets.  I would feel comfortable recommending these shoes as strong candidates for when you know you’re going to be at the golf course for more than just 18 holes and a driving range session.

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In today’s day and age of internet marketing, let’s face it, looks are typically the first factor to draw you into a product.  In the case of shoes, this isn’t anything new and will most likely always be the case.  Naturally, the first thing I noticed about the Puma Biofusion Mesh shoes was their looks and how well they fit my tastes.  The tradewinds/grey upper with white accents gives a nice streamlined appearance that matches almost anything, but the hint of lime green coming from the sole of the shoe gives just enough flash to show your character and make a statement.  For those looking to make a little louder of a statement, there’s an option with a fluorescent yellow upper that is sure to catch some looks at the course.  You can also buy the shoes in black and grenadine red.

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Hopefully by now I’ve established that I think the Puma Biofusion Mesh spikeless golf shoe is comfortable and looks good, but ultimately these shoes still need to perform out on the course to truly be a two-way spikeless golf shoe contender.  The biggest factor in considering a spikeless golf shoe is grip, and the decision to buy or not buy will often hinge solely on that point.  To be fair, grip in spikeless golf shoes always seems to be a total crap shoot regardless of what the bottom of the shoe looks like because of how important different characteristics like material, shape, nub placement, and torsion seem to be.  For what it’s worth, Puma used a carbon rubber that’s extremely durable and provides great traction.  I’ve taken the Biofusion Mesh shoes out on wet days and days where the course was so dry it was like walking on dusty concrete, and the shoes held up well under both conditions.  I was able to maintain a solid foundation and good balance throughout my swing.

As I mentioned before, the Puma Biofusion Mesh spikeless golf shoes has an interesting snug fit around the foot.  This didn’t just feel like someone tied my shoes really tight, but like the shoe was molded to my foot a little bit.  As a result, during the golf swing, this shoe maintained some of the best stability I’ve ever had in a pair of golf shoes.  It was almost as if I had some straps around the arch of foot keeping me from shifting in my shoes.  You really get a feeling of being totally locked in and able to really get aggressive with your swing.  The Cell Cage on the interior side of the shoe is a rubber that allows the shoe to flex as needed, but is the key factor in maintaining the support in the shoes.

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I read something on another golf site once where one of the reviewers said “you can really tell a lot about a product when you see what reviewers actually pay money for and what they actually use on a regular basis.”  I don’t think truer words could be spoken.  The Puma Biofusion Mesh spikeless golf shoes started out as a cool looking golf shoe, but has turned into my new daily shoe.  This shoe is by far one of the best “street to course” shoes I have tried and would serve well solely as a golf shoe.  Personally, I think the Biofusion Mesh shoe is one of Puma’s greatest statements in establishing themselves as a premier player in the golf shoe industry.

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    Hi I’m wanting a pair Puma bio fusion mesh Spikeless golf shoes (yellow or red) preferable size 8

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