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The bunny skull and bones logo brings a mischievous edge to the golf polos from Psycho Bunny.  Diamond knit fabrics provide both a premium look and great performance.  Modern style with a retro vibe.


One of my many talents (that have no value) is identifying the apparel brands pros are wearing while I watch golf tournaments.  Of course this is made quite easy with giant logos and brand names embroidered on the shirts.  Even so, every once in a while a shirt catches my eye and I can’t identify the maker.  That happened the first time I saw Abraham Ancer wearing the skull and crossbones with bunny ears logo on his chest.  With a little sleuthing I discovered Psycho Bunny and their desire to “sail against the sea of ordinary and to never compromise on quality or creativity.”  Although Psycho Bunny offers an array of tops and bottoms for men and boys, the focus of this review is their collection of golf polos.


Trying to put my finger on the Psycho Bunny style, images of Sean Connery as James Bond kept popping into my head.  The cuffed sleeves and trim fit of the polos evoke a cool retro vibe, yet the fresh colors and whimsical logo give the style a modern edge.  A great example is the Woburn polo with its tipped collar and cuffs and larger logo in the unique mineral color.

Those who prefer a more subtle look will gravitate towards the solid navy Chiltern.  If you’re feeling rebellious, the diva pink Belfry will make people look twice.  Trust the color name – my photos don’t do justice to its brightness.


All three Psycho Bunny golf polos have similar trim cuts with sleeves that covered my biceps.  The fit was form following and reminded me I needed to drop a few pounds in the mid-section.  There was some variances in fit, but none of the polos felt tight.

The best fit for me was the 100% polyester diva pink Belfry where the sleeve seam sat perfectly at the start of my arm with just a tad more room overall.  The sleeve seam on both the Chiltern (59% cotton, 41% poly) and Woburn (62% cotton, 38% poly) sat a bit more on the shoulder.  I performed the suggested measurement for the online size guide and landed on my normal medium, which transposes to a Psycho Bunny size 5.  If you like a tailored fit, trust the size chart.  If you like a little wiggle room in your shirts, consider going up a size.


What sets Psycho Bunny golf polos apart from the average polos (other than the fantastic logo) is the fabric.  Developed in-house, the diamond knit pique has four way stretch that kept the polos from being restrictive during my golf swing.  The dimensionality of the fabrics also makes them wonderfully breathable.  The fabric blends performed great in both mild and hot spring conditions, but I anticipate the 100% poly Belfry will be the standout performer when the heat and humidity crank up.


Learning that Psycho Bunny co-founder Robert Godley was schooled in bespoke tailoring, it’s not surprising that the polos have premium details like taped shoulder seams and mother of pearl buttons.  The fabrics have a luxurious look and feel that make them more than appropriate for off course activities.  If you appreciate the “made for mischief” motto of the brand and playful logo, check out their graphic tees.

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  1. Where are they sold, retail or online direct to consumer?

    • Matt Meeker

      I can’t speak for retail, but for sure online. Like always, we provide links to websites in the reviews.

      – Meeks

  2. I can speak from experience, the shirts that are made in Peru are of excellent quality, the ones made in China are OK, but after having some from each, you can tell the difference. They usually say in the description where they are made.
    All in all a good product.

  3. Interested in wholesale mens clothing.

  4. Oscar santos

    Mr. is interested in wholesale price

  5. Tim HOFFMAN

    Currently vacationing in Tennessee, I teach high school in Indiana and plan to purchase a collared shirt to wear. Just wonder from my students what kind of a reaction that I will receive…..

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